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By Phil Plait | September 25, 2008 2:05 pm

Trying to keep up with the blogs at ScienceBlogs is like trying to dig a hole in water, they have so many. But still I was surprised that I didn’t know about Science Woman. They just posted a very cool link of their blogroll which contains a zillion links to science/tech/engineering/math (STEM) blogs written by women.

It’s pretty good, but I noticed they are missing a few, so I sent them a comment about it (awaiting moderation as I write this). Here are the ones I read (or listen to):

I bet I’ve missed some. If you know of more, send them to Science Woman! And let me know, too, because I have sooo much spare time to read more stuff added to my feed reader. :-)

Tip o’ the lab coat to ScienceGeekGirl.

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  1. changcho

    Yeah, good links; I’ve been a regular reader of Astropixie’s, great blog.

  2. >>science/tech/engineering/math (STEM)

    So you’re saying they have nice STEMs?

  3. Don’t forget about the elegant and awesome Emily Lakdawalla.

  4. Oh criminy! Emily, of course!

  5. Instead of digging a hole in water, try going to the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand (North Island). There’s a beach there where you can dig down under the waterline and find some nice, warm water (heated by geothermal activity).

  6. Oh my! How about the most awesome Kristen (Kiki) Sanford?

  7. Fritriac

    Yes, & Emily. Came here to say that, now i can leave pleased that i’m not the only one who noticed it.

  8. Come to think of it, I only knew a handful of female-run blogs, and they’re all up there already.

  9. I forgot an important one!
    NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale!

  10. Yikes! I forgot Kiki too. That’s what I get for brainstorming for a few minutes and posting. And she’s a fellow Skeptologist! :) I think I’ll wait and see what others come up with, gather them, and add them in.

  11. thanks a bunch, phil!

    enjoy the night skies for me! doesn’t look i’ll be seeing too many astronomical phenomena with my naked eyes over here in the UK :( thats why i’m scurrying to finish some telescope proposals – tall, dark, and handsome mountains, here i come!

  12. Oh – that should be – resources for the podcast that will help teachers and students who wish to use issues we raise in our show Skeptic Zone, with extended links to the ones we’ll post on the blog. :)

  13. Did my earlier comment get through regarding spelling? It’s Dr Rachael DUNLOP.

    My blog was included in the Women in STEM – Behavioral and Social Sciences section (probably more for my Psychology and Education research), but I must point out that all of the women in the Skeptic Zone have blogs.
    Dr Karen Stollznow –
    Dr Rachael Dunlop with
    And Amanda has

  14. Oh, the talented co-star (who was interviewed by Skeptic Zone along with Dr Plait at Dragon*Con and will feature in a forthcoming episode) is the wonderful Dr Ginger Campbell, who has her own site (and a blog!) – that’s at

  15. Oops. Thanks PB. I corrected it.

  16. Hey~! I’m a female mangaka with a new blog I just started called “There Are Four Lights”. I don’t think it counts as a science blog, but it might pass as sciencey, lol. My goal is to combine manga artwork with posts about science, skepticism, and geekalicous topics (maybe lure some anime fans to interests that don’t involve magic ninjas).

    So I supposed it’s a science appreciation blog with geekdom thrown it–and an attempt to show that not all us artist-types are woojuice drinking new agers.

  17. You’ve left off Jennifer Oullette’s Cocktail Party Physics.

    She rocks and is one of my favorite reads. (next to you, of course.)

  18. Davidlpf

    well not maybe sciencey but skeptical
    Skeptics guide to the universe(rebecca)
    actually got a mp3 player so listening to some of the back episodes for both.

  19. Davidlpf, Rebecca is the skepchick.

  20. madge

    As an aside my 9 year old daughter had to perform a weather report as part of her geography project. The Headmaster told her she should be a Weather Girl when she leaves school. She looked at him scornfully and told him “No thank you. I’m gonna work for NASA!” ( me beams with pride )

  21. Phil,

    Thank you for the link… I also didn’t k now ab0ut that site…

    small nitpick: my last name is spelled PetersEn… common error to do it with an O, I know…

    cheers and thanks again, badAstro…

  22. Davidlpf

    Ooops forgot about rebecca at skepchick.

  23. “Note to self: add Noisy Astronomer.”

    Aww yay… thanks!

    Posting will resume post-thesis-proposal…


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