What does YOUR candidate think about science?

By Phil Plait | October 6, 2008 3:45 pm

Are you a conscientious voter, and do you care about science? Find out what your duly elected United States politician thinks about science at the Scientist and Engineers for America website, where they have helpfully listed this info. They have the House, Senate, and Presidential opinions there, including candidates for the upcoming elections. You could, for example, read what candidate Hal Bidlack (D 5-CO) has to say on issues of innovation, energy, and climate change.

This is an interesting site to peruse, especially with the elections now less than a month away. Arm yourself with knowledge.

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  1. Thanks for the link – it’s nice to know there’s a handy repository of information like this.

  2. Phil D


    We have awesome campaign bumper stickers: “My congressman IS a rocket scientist!”

  3. Voltaire

    Thank you for the resource! This just confirms that my congressman (Jim Jordan OH-4) cannot leave office soon enough.

  4. And, at the state level (at least in Arizona) I am happy to report first-hand familiarity with at least one scientist/candidate for public office:


    Anybody in District 12 STILL undecided?

  5. @Phil D — I am completely jealous.

    Thanks for the link Phil! Knowledge is power and it’s important to know who we are electing.

  6. I was looking at Palin’s page (I am no fan) and wow, does she go against everything McCain is for or what? I’m not referring to the items listed only on that page (although there is one on there (embryonic stem-cell research)) but it just got me thinking. Every time I see an internet site, an article in the papers or clips on the news she seems to be a total opposite of McCain on several subjects.

    It makes me wonder why she was chosen as his running mate.

  7. Grand Lunar

    Excellent link, Phil!

    I like most of what Obama and Bide say.

    I wonder about the plan to have all cars after 2017 being able to run on E85 gas is really feasible.
    I have read methods of making more ethenol more efficently, and I hope these canidates know about them and take action.

    I also hope Obama stands by with what he says about NASA; they could use more money. And I don’t think it’d be a big loss for us to get out of the ISS. I say give it to China.

    I really loved what Biden said about ID. I hope he really means it.

  8. Daniel

    Well let me see…one says that global warming is the natural part of the end of days (with apologies to Tina Fey) and the other says we need change…I vote Ralph Nader.

  9. John Keller

    I looked up my Congressman and its all lot of spin.

  10. Quiet Desperation

    OK, the double animated Igor ad is going to make me hurt someone.

  11. IVAN3MAN

    AH, NUTS! Err… that didn’t quite turn out as expected. Some sort of preview facility would be useful, Phil.

  12. Quiet Desperation

    I don’t have a candidate. I am candidateless. Hur hur.

    And now: the perfect DVD player on which to watch the movie Religious.


  13. Thanks for posting this. I had not found a good source for info on the local candidates yet…

  14. Gary Ansorge

    Latest lies from the Grand Old Liars Club (aka Repubs) is that Barack isn’t qualified to be Pres. as a native born citizen. Took all of 30 secs. on the web to find Baracks birth certificate. He was
    1) born of a US citizen (His Mom) and
    2) born on US soil (HAwaii)
    ,,,either of which fulfills Constitutional requirements for a citizen to be Pres.

    I predict the Right wing will put out every lie they can think of between now and Nov 4th.

    GAry 7

  15. DGKnipfer

    @ Gary Ansorge: Old news. The Spin Doctors even tried using that “Not a Natural Born Citizen” crap on McCain last summer. He was born on a US military base in the Panama Canal Zone. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. The only people who buy in to that crap from either party are the nutters who had their minds made up before they even hear the issues. You know them. The same nutters that buy into the Obama is a Muslim rumor or the Palin Incest rumor. Face it; they’re all liars from both parties. I’ll follow the issues and make up my mind based on candidate performance and let the rumor mongers stew in their own crap.


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