Shoot the meteorite!

By Phil Plait | October 14, 2008 3:14 pm

Speaking of Alan Harris, he just sent me this picture he took a few years go of an advertising sign at the Meudon – Val Fleury train station in Paris.

Chute de meteorites!

It translates to "Falling meteorites". It’s an ad for a museum exhibit! Which is good, because I don’t think holding a folded newspaper over your head will help much.

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  1. Well, considering that most of the stuff that hits the Earth and actually makes it to the ground (numberwise) is just dust, maybe that newspaper is effective. Or am I remembering an old science class incorrectly?

    Please correct me, but as I remember from my science class, there are numerous particles that do survive the trip through the atmosphere. As you commented in an earlier blog, atmospheric resistance slows them down quite a bit. And most of this is just dust sized… Hmm, maybe I ought to research that myself? :)

  2. haate

    Well…the newspaper WOULD help keep the blood splatter off of the rock…

    For a few picoseconds.

  3. Maybe ot, but U just read on i09 that NASA is going to attempt to fix Hubble remotely. Report says that they are going to put it in safe mode and send up a program to bypass the problem and it could be up and running as early as Friday. Do you know anything more about it Phil?

  4. Thomas Siefert

    Everything is possible with a newspaper, the next time you are in the UK I’ll show you how to open a beer with a wet newspaper.


    The estimated amount of meteorite dust that accumulates on the Earth is:

    1.5 x 1011 gm/year (Ceplecha, 1996)* or ~150,000 tonnes/year.

    *Source: — Meteorite Dust and the Age of the Earth.

  7. Crux Australis

    IVAN3MAN: I thought it was interesting.

  8. Davidlpf

    sorry Ivan3man, waiting for elections results here in Canuckland.

  9. Shouldn’t it be “falling meteors” instead? I thought they weren’t meteorites until they reach the ground. ūüėÄ

  10. IVAN3MAN

    Well, I’m glad that some found it interesting! :-)

  11. Davidlpf

    Hey Ivan3man it could be worse Nathan Myers might have found it interesting.

  12. IVAN3MAN

    Davidlpf, the only thing Nathan Myers would find interesting is the sound of his own voice!

  13. Davidlpf

    @Ivan3man I was just being smart@$$.
    (I know more @$$ then smart.)

  14. Speak of the devil.
    click my name,

  15. IVAN3MAN

    Davidlpf, I understood that you were “just being smart@$$”. I should have placed a :-) at the end of my last comment to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Yeah, I see that “the devil” is back — again!

  16. Gary Ansorge

    David: Shouldn’t that have been

    “Pull my finger,,,”??? ,,,snark,,,

    GAry 7


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