Get some Death, help some JREF

By Phil Plait | October 20, 2008 2:05 pm

Update: Well, that’s the power of the intertoobs: the JREF is out of copies! I’ll get them to order more, but it may take a couple of weeks; I’ll make an update when I find out.

Update 2: The JREF plans on getting more copies. I’ll let you know when they come in.

Just a quick note: I’m getting some incredibly generous requests asking me how people can buy my book in a way to maximize the money I receive for it! That’s really very nice, and I appreciate the sentiment. The best thing you can do is simply send a box full hundred dollar bills to–

— wait, sorry? Oh, that was Mrs. BA yelling at me not to be a jerk. OK then. In reality, if you follow the link in the right-hand sidebar and click it to buy the book, I make a few extra pennies. But tell you what– the James Randi Educational Foundation bought a case to sell online. If you buy the book through that store, then the JREF makes some extra money, and they need it too.

Death at JREF

Not only that, the books are already signed! I took some JREF stickers and signed them, and mailed them down to the foundation where they were placed on the title pages of the books.

For those who prefer, I found out it’s available on Kindle, too.

Tip o’ the dust cover to Sean McCabe for taking that picture… and to the owner of the hands in the picture: James Randi his own self!

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  1. Celtic_Evolution

    I’m so glad you made me aware of this now that I already went and purchased your book locally…

    Grumble grumble… :/

  2. Snarky Karth

    Aw, and I just ordered it through Amazon.

  3. Great…. I already bought the book!

  4. Thomas Siefert

    Well I bought it from Amazon UK last week, if it arrives tomorrow or the day after, I might slip it in between Morality for Beautiful Girls and The Kalahari Typing School for Men.

    Not sure what to do with that box of hundred dollar bills now.

  5. Mike Dwyer

    Well, that suks! I already bought from Amazon. Sorry

  6. Okay, I’m getting the signed version for myself, and I’ll give the Amazon one to my daughter’s school.

    Keep pimping! 😛

  7. davery

    Man this blog has become pimptastic. To bad I already bought my book via Amazon pre-order. Just started it this weekend.

  8. DGKnipfer

    Just ordered mine from JREF. I was just going to wait till it was in my local book store but you got me on helping JREF out.

  9. Spunk-Monkey

    Now i’m glad my local bookstore didn’t have it in stock yet! I get the book cheaper, and i get to plug it to the store.

    Strange, i’m usually the one who misses out… ordering mine now.

  10. E Craig

    And it’s on Kindle now!


    I love my physical books but they’re seriously taking over the house!

    Buying the Kindle edition right now!!

  11. Michelle

    Well thanks for telling us now that we already bought the thing!!! 😛

  12. Luckily I haven’t bought one yet (although I had it in my wishlist)… lucky for you I was on travel all weekend at a conference and didn’t have time to buy yet… so now I can order through JREF…


  13. Steve Ulven

    Well… I tried to get it from the JREF. I got as far as putting it in my cart, but I think you crashed the JREF store. There were 21 copies left, so hopefully when it’s back up I can snag myself a copy. If not, I guess I’ll just pick it up at my local bookstore or from your link.

  14. Yeah, ordering from JREF is a bit of a pain if you haven’t done so before. My very forst order with them involved a lot of emails and clicking. Once you are signed up with an account (and have PayPal) it should go easier. Hang in there Steve.

  15. Can I get the Kindle version signed? 😉

  16. elgarak

    Sheesh, great….

    Just so you know: I just bought a second book (“Damn you, old man!”)!

    Guess I just found my emergency Christmas (ummm, year-end-family-celebration) gift.

  17. Mike Rondeau

    I wish I knew this before I got it from Amazon lol

  18. Steve Ulven

    I was able to get in. I haven’t ordered with them before, but it was seriously crashed for about 20 minutes. I couldn’t even get into the home page. Once it was finally up again, I messed up a bunch and had to start the order process all over a few times (hitting the backspace to erase my Paypal password ended up paging back one of those times). I luckily was able to get in and get it paid for after a few tries. Last I saw there were 12 copies remaining so I cut it pretty close. I also bought the TAM 5 DVD set which I’ve been eyeing for a while now.

  19. Huzzah! I got my order in via the JREF website, and in the nick of time, too. “Death” seems to be selling like hotcakes. :) Now the wait for international shipping *sigh*. At least it’ll be here in South Africa by Xmas… I hope.

  20. Azdak

    I, too, was going to buy a copy locally, but a signed JREF copy was too cool not to jump all over. When I first put one in my basket, there were apparently 18 copies, but what with having to set up an account and all, there were only 8 when I went through the process as a ‘legitimate user’ — JREF might need a few more cases of books…

  21. bkallee

    Figured it’d be available thru JREF so I waited to order. They need the money more that you Phil, Right?

  22. bkallee

    Just realized, I got the last one.

  23. Trevor

    Well, I ordered through JREF! Hopefully they don’t run out of signed copies! (I’m looking at YOU Phil… :-) )

  24. Oh, snap. JREF is sold out.

  25. ChazInMT

    Hey Phil,

    Thanks for the tip on the signed copy thing, Hopefully I get one as well. Had to sign up for an account and in the time it took me to do so “Availability” went from 8 down to 1 @ 3:37 MT time. Just checked again and it appears to be fresh out.

    So it looks like you’d better get more stickers & books headed their way…Wouldn’t want to disappoint your adoring public too much.




  26. Quiet Desperation

    Did you see there’s a Discovery channel special along similar lines thisa week or next week? Although from the commercial it looks like a more general look at how mankind can become extinct. Looks like they will cover epidemics and our own damage to the biosphere.

  27. Davidlpf

    QD it is a conspiracy all created by the BA to drive up sells of his book.(I wish he announced the book sale at the JREF earlier like having the announcement before I left for work.)

  28. The Grey Monk

    Looks like the JREF no longer has any. It’s not even an option now.

  29. GODDAMN YOU, MR PLAIT, I just placed my order on Amazon!

    This means whenever I get around to meeting you, you are required to sign my man-boobs.

  30. Jim

    “Sorry, but the Product you’ve requested wasn’t found!”


  31. Steve Ulven

    Looks like it was a good thing I was able to order it at work. I just got home and it looks like people are saying it is out. Hopefully you guys will get your copies signed somehow.

  32. Trent1492

    I am getting the following error message.

    “Error: Sorry, but the Product you’ve requested wasn’t found!”

  33. Tim Miller - Raleigh, NC

    Drats – sold out.

    Since the Fine Mr. Plait teased us with a signature, I think he should sign every book we send to him (with return packaging and postage included when we send it, of course).


    (Hey – a guy can hope, can’t he?)

  34. bigjohn756

    The book is not available at JREF. I’ll just buy it from and get you to sign it at TAM7. You will be there won’t you, Phil? 😉

  35. E Craig

    Fluffy: I plan to, if I’m lucky enough to meet my favorite authors!, bring a metallic paint pen to a signing and have them sign the kindle ‘holder’ dust-jacket thing. =)

  36. Crux Australis

    Darn exchange rates.

  37. Cindy

    I would like to order it from JREF, but they appear to be sold out. Will they get more copies?

  38. Rasputin

    Quick Question: Any plans for an audio version?

  39. sandswipe

    Dang, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy my plain old amazon copy. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but in a few weeks I’m going to be stuck in a car for a long drive to fermilab, and that’ll be a perfect time to dig in and read about the end of us all.

  40. Steve Ulven

    Rasputin, great question! Phil, you have to do an audiobook. Actually, you should’ve already had it recorded by the time this came out, if you were thinking. Even after I read the book I will want a copy to listen to at work. I read Richard Dawkins’ “The Ancestor’s Tale” (my favorite book ever) a couple years back and I listen to the audiobook very often.

    If there is an audiobook, you better be the voice. I won’t double-dip if it is not you.

  41. Esmitt

    Get some more copies to Jref Phil. It’s that or I have to tote a bunch more books to TAM7

  42. Those of you who end up with two copies, donate the unsigned one to a local school! I just got the Amazon version (wonder why it took so long) and spoke to a teacher friend of mine. She was ecstatic about the prospect of a brand new book on science in the school.

  43. I wouldn’t mind having one of the stickers! I could put it next to the NASA sticker on my Honda Element. They’re not shown on the JREF Store pages…

  44. Rahne

    FINE fine, I’ll buy another copy Phil. Just for you and JREF.

  45. Ryan

    Crud, and I wanted an autographed copy. Already bought mine via amazon.

  46. Pac

    Let me add my voice to those asking for more signed copies at the JREF!

  47. Chris

    If JREF get some more I’ll also happily buy one there.

  48. Mrs.Schaarschmidt

    It’s at the Sony e-book store too! Yay!

  49. glittaChris

    Bummer, no autograph for me. I just walked out of Barnes and Noble with my copy about ten minutes ago.

    Where can I get one of those cool JREF stickers???? I don’t see them list on their website.

  50. Davidlpf

    just ordered a copy from the jref store and bought a membership as well.

  51. blurayven

    well thats nice to know now that ive allready got my copy from pre-order on amazon

  52. Davidlpf

    I do not have credit card but I have paypal and the J offer allowed me to order with paypal.

  53. I ordered a copy from JREF a week ago and it arrived today, that’s with the cheaper/slower shipping option and to all the way over here in Sweden! :)

    Good start, I hope the book is of the same standard. 😉

  54. Larry

    I’m not able to find the Kindle version of Death, the Amazon link says the link is not available. Will it be available for the Kindle?


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