Death *in* the Skies??

By Phil Plait | October 21, 2008 3:00 pm

OK, I have a chapter about alien invasion, but I never expected this!

Big thanks and tip o’ the crop circle to Joseph Peacock.


Comments (23)

  1. Wayne

    That’s hilarious. If only it had a ray-gun-o-death attached, it’d be perfect.

  2. Robert Krendik
  3. Brilliant!

    I’ve already preordered via – but have to wait until December :-(

  4. Joseph J. Finn

    And it’s still a better video than most UFO “films.”

  5. Adrian Lopez

    They Came From the Library!

  6. Brilliant, indeed!

  7. Dude! You’ve got fans making commercials for you. That’s a special kind of love, right there.

  8. kuhnigget

    Fake! It’s obviously just a book.

  9. Jose

    Is this the official launch of the Bad Astronomer Green Screen Challenge?

  10. Luis Plata

    Are the aliens on-board little green Plaits?

  11. The picture is too clear – if it was an actual extraterrestrial, you wouldn’t be able to read the text on the cover. ūüėÄ

  12. hale_bopp

    I was abducted by the book! I swear, I have been aboard with a strange race of curiously bald-headed men who tortured me with lots of bad puns!

  13. Savino

    I really need this book published here in Brazil!

    Ok, I can read in english without any problem… but in portuguese would be nice!!!!

  14. Nick

    You know, I think that video may have been doctored in some way. maybe Captain Disillusion will have something to say about it.

  15. Lucky I had just finished my coffee. LOL. Nick is right, my familiarity with Captain Disillusion’s video made it a real snorter.

  16. Chris

    Hey, that must be how my copy got to me on time! It arrived today! Yipee! Reading under the covers with a flashlight, oh boy!

    On second thought, I’ll just sit in my oversized Lazy Boy; much more comfortable!

  17. Shawn

    I got mine today ūüėÄ

  18. TheWalruss

    I put it on my Christmas wish-list :-/
    Bad choice! What if we get fried by a GMB before then????

    *chews nails*

  19. spiderblue43

    I’m so glad imminent death is not very likely from outer space. We humans are doing a great job of destroying this planet on our own. We got dibs! However, the Plaitians we come to save us!

  20. DrFlimmer

    Was this from the files the British administration just released? ūüėČ

  21. Sili

    Needs more theramin.

  22. Buzz Parsec


    1) clearly filmed at night (just after sunset) but the bottom sides of the flying objects are brightly lit. Where is the light coming from? (Must be studio lights.)

    2) I don’t see *any* stars.

    3) The shadows aren’t parallel. (In fact there aren’t any shadows at all.)

    4) At least one of the objects has some kind of lettering on it. They must be directions to the prop men telling them where to place them on the set.

    5) The palm trees aren’t waving in the breeze as they should be.

    I think this was filmed in the same vacuum soundstage at Area 51 where the Moon landings were filmed.

  23. I’m about halfway through the book. Its my after work reading. I’m nowhere near as smart as Phil Plait in this arena but I am a degreed aerospace engineer so I’m not stupid, well unless….nevermind.
    However, this might be a stupid question.
    When whatever phenomena (sp?) that blocks our sunlight, would it be possible to increase the greenhouse gasses to increase the greenhouse effect to preclude a global glaciation? Or would that make it worse? I believe I thought of this during the GRB chapter.
    I love the book. I had an ex-girlfriend who freaked out that the Sun was going to explode in like 5 billion years.
    I think I made her feel a little better/silly when O said that we only have 1826244999999 days to live.


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