Schedule of DEATH!

By Phil Plait | October 21, 2008 10:30 am

Today is a busy day for me, promoting the book: I’m doing a TV interview, a talk, and then a loooong radio interview tonight. I have a couple of new things coming up, too, so here’s my updated schedule:

  1. TODAY: Tuesday, October 21: I’m doing a live TV news interview at Denver’s KUSA (Channel 9) at 12:20 or so p.m.
  2. TODAY: Tuesday, October 21: I’ll be at the Boulder Bookstore tonight at 7:30 to give a short presentation with a dramatic reading from the book. I’ll have a meteorite to show people, too.
  3. TODAY: Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, October 21: I’ll be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory from 2-5 a.m. Eastern time — check your listing. Lots of radio stations broadcast the show (it has 10 million listeners) and many stream it live as well.
  4. NEW! Friday, October 24: I’ll be in Second Life, doing an interview with my friend and fellow skeptic Michael Stackpole! I’ll have more info on that a bit later in the week. I’m a n00b there and I’m not sure how to promote this just yet.
  5. NEW! On Sunday, October 26 at 8:30 p.m. Mountain time I’ll be on the radio station KMOX out of St. Louis, talking about the book.
  6. December 11: I’ll be giving a talk at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, time TBD.
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Comments (35)

  1. Navneeth

    And all this assuming the Earth will not be destroyed during the time.


    I’ll try to catch the radio interview.

  2. drksky

    Man. I wish I had one of those XM receiver/recorders. I’d really like to hear the Coast to Coast show, but I just can’t stay up that late. Maybe I can work something out to pipe my home receiver into my computer and record.

  3. Vernon Balbert

    Woo hoo! I look forward to the radio stuff.

    Will you be in the Eugene, Oregon area?

  4. National tour! National tour!

    BTW, those blurbs from Adam Savage and Daniel Wilson on the side are priiiiceless…

  5. I’ve already pulled up my pew for the Second Life appearance – I’m pretty sure I know where it will be but I won’t steal your thunder. I’ll be there with bells on… and assorted other junk.
    *wonders if he should wear the dalek costume… hmmm*

  6. temur

    2-5 am Tuesday? So it was this morning?

  7. Paul

    Darn, I was rather hoping that you would appear on our local radio show to pitch your book. Unfortunately, I will not be able to stay up to listen to C2C either – bummer. I am looking forward to a great read though and only wish I could get it autographed (I already bought it). Someday..

  8. Michelle

    …Second Life? Whoah boy…

  9. Yep. You need to tour. Be sure to include DC.
    If you can, you should include Wichita, too. Nobody ever goes there.

  10. I’ll be in Second Life, doing an interview with my friend and fellow skeptic Michael Stackpole!

    I hope hope hope this won’t be during office hours so that I can attend. I’ll even dress! Well, kinda…do leaves count?

  11. tacitus

    So, someone has to ask….

    When do we get to see you on The Colbert Report?

  12. Mike Rondeau

    I hope you find your way to the East Coast. Like say…..Rhode Island

  13. J. Greer

    C2C will actually be worth the time and effort to listen. Be careful BA you might enlighten some of the whacos.

  14. bridget

    I hope Noory on coasttocoastam will ask you – if you are aware of the contents of each vaccination and how each may interact with various individuals? Also, do you perhaps support the existing pharmaceutical industry and its advertising practices and lack of ethical self policing?

    food and liquid consumption is essential for all health and woes of a human body – HIgh fructose corn syrup is the toxin of this 21st century. You claim to exhort critical thought? How about looking at the larger picture of all the variables that affect the injection of foreign matter into our bloodstream. Not sold on your critical thinking abilities.

  15. Mike O'Connell

    Ooo, KMOX is a great station to be on, it somehow covers almost the entire Midwest up to the Rockies and on a good night to the Appalachians.

  16. When ever you mention KUSA, as you have in the past, I am immediately reminded of a favorite dish.

  17. DF

    you should talk to your showbiz connections, at least one of Penn, Teller, Adam Savage, jamie Hyneman or James Randi must have Jon Stewart’s number.

  18. Mark

    Okay, I’ve created a SL account ONLY for that friday thing. If you’re too busy to do the good old Sunday evening chats… maybe SL will offer a badly needed BA fix :)

  19. Greg

    Phil, any east coast love on your publicity tour? Maybe you should come over to Charlottesville, or perhaps Politics & Prose in DC, or some other such book store near the nation’s capital.

  20. Stop by my place, Mark. Hehe, just kidding…you’d be bored.

  21. Zach

    Any plans to do something at say, Colorado State University?

  22. Are you going to be in the Chicago area to promote the book?

  23. Daily Show? Stewart always reads the book, and I think the two of you would make a smashing combo on air!

  24. Ekhodust

    Way to go Phil! I saw your article at and on 9 News. lol I was like, whoa… I forgot that Phil was in Colorado.

  25. Tommy


    I’m gonna ask for you book for Christmas! And.. oh wait.. Second Life!? 😀 😀

    Anyway, Good luck Phil!

  26. MarkH

    Is this the same Michael Stackpole of the Star Wars novels?

    If it is …. squee e e…. He has been one of my favorite sci-fi writers for a very long time. Again congrats on the success and to continued success on your book.

  27. One Eyed Jack

    What, no spot with Ira Flato on Science Friday? That would be a great show!

  28. One Eyed Jack stole my comment! What’s up with the lack of Flatow love?

  29. ioresult

    So Mr BA, when are you coming to Montréal? 😉

  30. unit 01

    Great talk last night at C2C!
    Greetings from Mexico

  31. Denver Museum of Nature and Science? I might even pull the kid out of school for that one (either that day or the next, depending on the time).

  32. “I’m a n00b there and I’m not sure how to promote this just yet. ”

    Email me :)


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