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By Phil Plait | October 22, 2008 10:29 am

Just a quick note: due to personal circumstances, I’ve had to postpone the interview in Second Life on Friday. I’ve talked to Mike Stackpole and we’re trying to find a better date for it. I’ll post about it when we get it under control. Sorry about this, folks.

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  1. Quiet Desperation

    I’m sorry, but I can’t go there. Too many furries.

  2. dan2

    I only caught a hour of c2c last night but apparently the whole show is free now(i thought it subscription based?) each hour under full show downloads.

  3. Aww. Hope to see you some other time, Phil. Hope nothing bad came up.

    *sticks his tongue out at QD, but smiles playfully and waves before hustling his fuzzy butt off to lunch*

  4. :(

    Sorry to hear that, I hope everything works out well for you!

  5. Windyshrimp

    Well can’t wait to see you there, I am such a nerd I go on there almost daily… Been IMing skeptic and atheist communities on SL :)

  6. Tommy

    Yiff in Hell Furries! (not you BA ūüėČ )

  7. I do quite a bit of educational instruction in SL so I’d be happy to put the word out to the variety of teaching, science, and science fiction groups I’m affiliated with to promote your talk.

    In the meantime, might I suggest the following places to visit in SL (NOTE: make sure you have Second Life running when you click “Teleport”):

    Also when you get a chance, search for “Doctor Who Cardiff”. Make sure you pic up your free sonic screwdriver and scarf when you get there.

    Also if you’d like, look me up under the avatar name TheDoLittle Galicia.

  8. Aaaaw, another case of first life getting in the way of second life. And we were so looking forward to it. Oh well, on a personal note making the talk a friday evening will suit your Aussie fans – it will be almost midday on Saturday (not during the work day and not at some ungodly hour of the morning).

  9. BTW, if you want to see where some of us hang in SL, including the aforementioned Michael Stackpole, go to the Third Life & Farpoint Media Castle here…

    All sorts of fun stuff related to SF and SF writing.

  10. Phil, I’m sorry that I’ve been too glib when talking about first life getting in the way of second life sometimes and I apologise for being insensitive under the circumstances. Sometimes I should wait a few minutes before posting.

  11. peter

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have an interview at some place that is not near-dead, not irrelevant, has visitors and traffic?

  12. peter, why would you go out of your way to post something so obviously insulting to me, my readers, and Michael Stackpole on my blog? I mean, honestly?

    Give my commenting policy a read, please. it’s linked in the blogroll in the sidebar.

  13. shane, it’s OK. No harm done.

  14. Sarg Bjornson

    Every time SL is mentioned some *censored* has to drop by and tell everyone else how much it sucks. Their loss. I have been selling amusement parks for 3 years there and it makes up for a significant part of my income.

    I’ll certainly keep an eye on this and try to be there when you give the interview, as long as it is in European friendly hours, of course :)

  15. You and Mike are cool and all, but you’d have to pay me to set foot in Second Life. Or hold a gun to my head or something.

    It’s not you. It’s not Mike. Second Life sucks, and I don’t ever plan to set my virtual foot in there again.


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