Happy Birthday Genie Scott!

By Phil Plait | October 24, 2008 1:35 pm

Genie Scott in 2007I saw this on her Facebook page but almost missed it. Happy birthday Genie!

Genie is one of my heroes, fighting creationism tirelessly at the National Center for Science Education. She is thoughtful, well-spoken, and, well, nice. Show her some love and befriend her on Facebook. And if you want to give her a birthday gift, I bet you can find something nice.


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  1. Dylan

    I think you mean ‘Show her some love’*, Mr. Plait? I hope you do, as I for one don’t have enough live to go around!

  2. She is one of my heroes, too :-) Happy Birthday, indeed!

  3. Steve Ulven

    I saw this on Pharyngula. I was pleasant surprised that I share a birthday with someone very cool! Last I looked I didn’t share a birthday with many cool people. Happy B-Day Eugenie!!!

  4. Diego

    Hurray! I’ve met her a few times, and have always been impressed with her. The first time was at an Evolution conference where she was manning (“womaning?”) the NCSE table. I bought a t-shirt from her and didn’t realize who she was until I attended a talk she was giving later on in the conference. That’s how down-to-earth she is.

  5. She is now my hero too!!

  6. Trebuchet

    I recently watched, on a local university channel, a lecture she gave a couple of years ago about the Discovery Institute. She’s great — lots of humor even though the topic was quite serious.

  7. You had me worried there for a minute that you were honoring Gene Scott. Phew! B^)

  8. PhilB

    I probably caught the same talk as Trebuchet. She does such a wonderful job presenting. Between that and I think it was an interview she did with Swoopy that she achieved hero status with me.

  9. Genie

    Well, the power of the blogosphere is awesome. Thanks to Phil, and bloggers PZ Myers and Greg Laden, over 20 people joined NCSE in the last few days. Thanks, guys — I appreciate the good wishes and NCSE appreciates the new members and renewals.

    Actually, when I taught at California universities years ago some students would ask me “are you on television?” getting Eugenie Scott mixed up with Eugene Scott. Lately, however, I find more people confusing me with the quite wonderful Eugenie Clark (http://www.sharklady.com/) You’d be surprised how many people come up to me and say, “I love your work! Thanks so much for what you do” which makes me feel pretty good. And then they say, “Do you still dive?”

    Oh well. It beats being confused with Dr. Eugene Scott. Even if he had cool horses.

  10. DingoDave

    Happy birthday Genie.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Speaking as an concerned Australian, I’m grateful for your efforts to help keep the barbarians away from the gate.


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