Ganesh garnish

By Phil Plait | October 25, 2008 12:00 pm

So this guy thinks that his "unusual" amaranth planet looks like the Indian elephant god Ganesh:

An amaranth plant shaped like an elephant

Now, maybe it’s just me, but to me it looks like a plain old elephant. But then, I don’t worship Ganesh. Lots of people do, though, and so of course this means the guy is getting lots of visitors, and he thinks it has cured his illnesses. How miraculous that this pachydermic plant happened to grow in the garden of a believer!

… or is it? Amaranths grow into all sorts of odd shapes. It didn’t take me long on Flickr to find one like this:

An amaranth plant shaped like Cthulhu

If you worship Cthulhu, you’re in luck! Though, if you worship Cthulhu, you’re probably never in luck.

When I lived in Northern California, amaranths like this were everywhere, including right outside my building. They would constantly crack me up. Why? Because I suspect they were trying to tell me something:

An amaranth plant with attitude

And as a final snark, let me add something: the name of this particular variety of amaranth? It’s called Elephant Head.

Images from Santa Rosa’s Crescent Moon Farm and pixelviz’s Flickr set. Tip o’ the turban to Hemant Mehta.

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