I can haz Uri?

By Phil Plait | October 25, 2008 8:25 am

Happy Caturday!

Uri Geller may have set critical thinking on this planet back a decade or two, but at least he inspired a LOLcat:


I have a few bent and broken spoons on my shelf; one was from The Great Skeptic Spoon Bend-Off, and another was bent by Randi himself. So yeah, I can haz bendy spun.

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  1. Now -THAT- is funny!
    Looks like our cat, too, named Lord Featherbreath of Albemarle.
    Rich in Charlottesville

  2. My cat, Copernicus, has serious mind control powers. As we speak he is compelling me to get up and fill his food bowl…

  3. harpe éolienne

    that’s a ridiculously adorable cat!
    cats tend to fall into a hypnotic trance with their intense curiosity it seems.

  4. Uri Geller has a new upcoming TV-show in german Television called “Uri Geller live – Ufos & Aliens: Das unglaubliche TV-Experiment” (Uri Geller Live – Ufos & Aliens: The incredible TV-experiment). There he plans to use a radio-telescope to send signals to Aliens and will then try to receive their answers mentally… This stupidness will be on TV during prime time! (Co-Host of the show is Erich von Däniken).
    I am curios if he intends to explain that radio signals “only” travel with the speed of light and that it takes years to reach a star. Or probably he wants to contact aliens living on Jupiter 😉 (The scheduled duration for the show is just long enough for a signal to reach Jupiter and its moons).
    You can find more infos on the show here (in german).

  5. mln84

    BA: “So yeah, I can haz bendy spun.”

    You misspelled “spune”. :)

  6. Wildride

    There is no spoon. No, wait, there it is.

  7. On the subject of funny things then, I’ll add that Cake Wrecks today is covering badly done Dalek cakes.

  8. Chip

    Its tha space around tha bendy spun that haz tha light bending. Big massy that spun haz! 😉

  9. [He is] More like broken then bent. LOL!

    And very good news, Apple gives $100,000 to fight California gay marriage ban.

  10. Utakata

    I prefer Yuri; it’s bent, but much more plausible.


    (Sorry…I don’t know how to embed links.)

  11. Utakata


    Edit: Need Copy & Paste that link.

  12. Gary Ansorge

    Comment from a cat loving friend,,,

    “When you feed a dog, he thinks you’re God,,,but when you feed a cat, it thinks IT’S God,,,and wonders why its human servant didn’t serve steak,,,”

    GAry 7

  13. I saw that one a day or two ago and it did make me chuckle. I recommend starting every day with a dose of LOLCats.

  14. Pop

    Back when Uri was BIG all over the world, he put on a TV show in Sweden, or maybe Norway (one of them scandalnavyen countries), bending spoons and other such esoterica. Some months later he received civil law suit papers from a woman who claim he caused her to get “pregos” because his super powers of mental metal manipulation made the little silver metal Intrauterine Device come out while she watched the show while making love to her boyfriend. I never heard if the case had a successful outcome. Just shows that there are a lot of us crazies out there. Even when we think in critical ways, we can still come to wrong conclusions. Example: I once thought a critical thought. I expressed it to my wife. She took offense to my critical thoughts that her backsides was getting big. I got a whack out of that critical thought. Shoulda kept my critical thoughts to myself.

  15. Mad Hussein LOLscientist, FCD

    “Lord Featherbreath of Albemarle.” bestest. kitteh. naem. evar. eevn betr den “Petronius the Arbiter” & “Old Deuteronomy.”

    @ Jewel: YAY! LOLcats is maded ov WIN. ad sum ky00t ovrloadz & zooborns & is waaaaay moar betr den eevn cookies 4 brefkis. iz maek kittehs & peeps happee al dai!


  16. Mike

    I think that’s a common stainless steel gravitational lens


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