Astronomy Cast …of DEATH!

By Phil Plait | October 28, 2008 8:00 am

This weekend, I had the pleasure of talking with my dear friend and excellent person Pamela Gay, who interviewed me for Astronomy Cast. We talked Death from the Skies! of course. It’s always fun talking with Pamela (and not just because one of the two best radio voices ever — if she ever does a podcast with George Hrab, the mega-sonorous tones may melt me down to my component molecules), and it’s fun talking about cosmic disasters, so this was fun2. Hope you like it.

And I don’t seem to have a picture of Pamela and me together, even from DragonCon where we hung out a lot. So instead, enjoy this: one of my favorites pictures of Pamela, featuring her hanging with fellow awesome skeptic D.J. Grothe. Update: the equally awesome Space Writer has a picture of Pamela and me from last year. I remember that being less awkward than it looks.

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  1. So that is DJ? Well there you go. Another bloke with a great voice from another favourite podcast (Point Of Inquiry). Doesn’t he look a bit like Wil Wheaton? I shouldn’t give Pamela any compliments. Might be accused of sexism, but that voice… *quiver*

  2. GregW

    Pamela’s voice is the whole reason I’ve gone back to finishing up my astronomy degree (sorry Phil, you’re a great writer and all but that voice…..:-) )

  3. Heh… I HAVE a picture of you and Pam together… at AAS….

    heh heh…

  4. OK, C^2P, have at it. I wanna see it. I have a couple of shots of Pamela and me from a few years back, but they aren’t good enough to put up here. Someone had a picture of us from DragonCon at the Skepchick meetup, but now I can’t find it!

  5. I have to say she really does have a killer radio voice. If ever she fails at astronomy (about as likely as our sun becoming a black hole) she could always find work doing voice-overs and cartoons.

    I remember the first Astronomy Casts I ever listened to was when WMAP first came out. That was more than enough to hook me. Fascinating stuff.

  6. Clarification: When the data from WMAP first came in

  7. Phil,

    I tweeted you with a link — didn’t think you wanted links in comments here. Instead I’ll send you a pic ūüėČ and you can decide if you want to post it.


  8. Andrew

    Pamela is absolutely gorgeous. The guy’s not bad either……..

  9. Phil,

    thanks for teh “awesome”…


  10. DJ Grothe should be Wil Wheaton’s stand in…..the stand in for the eeeevil (Criminal Minds) Wil Wheaton. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

    *dances off, confused*

  11. Buzz Parsec

    Ohs noes! The italics are backs! Doooooom


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