Que, Sarah?

By Phil Plait | November 3, 2008 10:30 am

My brother sent me this picture, taken by the blogger Edgy Mama at a Sarah Palin rally in Asheville, North Carolina:

Guy at a Sarah Palin rally

Pssssst. Hey dude! Too late: some people stopped evolving a long time ago.

But not everyone. Evolution is change over time. It’s time for change, so make evolution happen. Vote.

Photo courtesy photo by Anne Fitten Glenn at Edgy Mama.

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  1. billsmithaz

    Wonder who’s behind the mask?
    Pat Robertson? James Dobson?


  2. Ken


    Obama & his key supporters & strategists are using magic charms.

    According to the latest article, “Obama likes to say he’s superstitious” and, “Aides say Obama isn’t showing any more superstitious behavior than usual.”

    So just what kind of silly woo-woo nonsense is the Senator & our likely President-elect applying (and this is “normal”):

    – whiskers (going unshaven),
    – a pink quartz crystal from an anonymous donor who was radiating an aura,
    – a lucky poker chip (Obama’s charm),
    – an eagle pin (Obama’s charm),
    – a Monkey King statute (Obama’s charm),
    – some pre-election basketball play (Obama’s ritual), and
    – blue jeans & boots (charms which are, presumably, “better” than J. Carville’s dirty underwear [worn in Clinton’s campaign] as Obama’s staff are bathing [so they claim]).

    Presumably he’ll win…which makes one wonder if/what soothsayers will gain Whitehouse employ?

    Recall Ronald Reagan got a lot of abuse for having a wife that consulted with astrologers — now we’re on the verge of a new president that’s actively using & believing in sorcery … and one that’s endorsed by the JREF President … it doesn’t get any better than this.

    Full article at:


  3. I guarantee that he was out “postered” 100 to 1. Asheville is a bastion of liberal thought.

    It’s a great town.

  4. Yoo

    That’s a pretty nice idea for next Halloween, dressing up as a creationist.

  5. Cheyenne

    Well, to be fair- is there the possibility that it’s an Obama supporter? The sign says “Evilution” (Repubs would be “Evil”), and, of course, the person is wearing a mask. Or maybe he/she is just completely opposed to the German Industrial band “Evil’s Toy”?

    Both parties play these lame games with each other. The general rule of thumb is that if a guy is in a mask, with an obviously stupid sign, he’s probably doing it on purpose. Like the “carve the backwards “B” in the face pyscho- but, well, the dude above ain’t that pyscho).

    Just throwing that out as a possibility.

  6. Doc

    I suppose that extermination of all living creatures on the planet would stop evolution.

    I guess that kind of makes the Republican stance on Global Warming make sense.

  7. Corey P

    Well, that settles it. The REAL demons are creationists.

  8. serenity

    Hey, don’t miss this (Sarah Palin being pranked; she thinks she’s talking to the French president):
    Transscript: http://www.dailykos.com/comments/2008/11/1/151958/557/577#c577

    It’s both hilarious and fricking scary how she acts when talking to a country leader.

  9. Molly

    I always thought those “real” Americans were pretty special. Thanks for providing evidence.

  10. Lawrence

    It is truly a sad day when we begin to consider that there are “Real Americans” vs. “Not-Real Americans.”

    There are enough bad things going on in the world for us to begin to turn on our own….

  11. Peptron

    I personally think that stopping evolution would have short term advantages, especially about antibiotics that keeps getting outdated. I am not too sure about the longer terms advantages, but eventually it would lead to the death of all living things before long.

    Now what I wonder is what would be required to stop evolution. And how much difficult it would be compared to stopping another natural process, like gravity. I know that some people seem to overestimate the legislative power of the federal government, but I think that this is pushing it.

  12. Fruit Fly

    Maybe they should use that image for the next Church Sign Generator


  13. RL

    Based on the fact that almost all of the other pictures are anti-Palin in nature, I strongly suspect that this picture is also mocking her (unfairly since she does state that evolution should be taught as accepted principle – but go ahead and continue to ignore that fact if it makes you happy).

    So, who’s behind the mask? A democrat is my guess.

  14. It might be a Brit who is writing it the way they pronounce it. Phonics!

  15. Calli Arcale

    What would it take to stop evolution? Well, for Halloween, I watched the Dr Who serial “Ghost Light”. (The last one filmed for the original series, third-to-the-last to air.) There’s an alien known only as Light who came to Earth to catalog all living things. He finds evolution very frustrating, because it means he’s never done with his job. When he is awakened from a long hibernation, he realizes that life on Earth has gone on evolving, and so determines that he should destroy it so that he can finally be done with his job and move on.

    Excellently creepy story for Halloween, and also a good one for the evolution debate.

  16. Wonder who’s behind the mask?

    Mask? You mean that isn’t Fred Phelps?

  17. RAF

    I know I’m not the only one who will be glad when tomorrow is over and Palin can move back to Alaska.

  18. Like the “carve the backwards “B” in the face pyscho

    But that situation is the opposite of what you’re suggesting. Ashley Todd shows that the Republicans can grow their own nuts quite readily without Obama supporters having to bother infiltrating their rallies.

  19. @Ken:
    Quit nitpicking. So what if there is a little superstition. It doesn’t mean the guy is a lunatic. I used to play goal on a Hockey team when I was younger. My superstition was this: Have a lousy pre-game warm-up by letting every shot get past me, and I will have a good game. Silly? Yes. Did it work? Probably not, since we lost almost every game!

    I would not call any of that stuff sorcery.

  20. kuhnigget

    I think the two other gentlemen whose faces are apparent in the picture are much more frightening than the clown in the mask. But then, that’s just my stereotyping of pasty-faced roundheads.

  21. Ken you do realize that McCain is as or more superstitious than anything you listed there.


  22. Cheyenne

    @Naked Bunny- Yeah, I probably should have used a better example than Ashley Todd. But I still think that both parties play these dumb games, there is ample evidence for that, and by the looks of the pictures I’m fairly certain I’m right. Just look at all the other pics for that rally on the “Edgy Mama” site- they are obviously anti-McCain/Palin.

    I’ll stick by my earlier post and just say that I respectfully disagree with anybody that would try to portray this example as just another “dumb” Republican who doesn’t believe in evolution. But kudo’s to Mr. Masked man if he pulled that trick off.

  23. Cheyenne

    @Ken- Yeah, Obama has some lucky trinkets that are probably more for fun than anything else. Reagan re-scheduled cabinet meetings around what his wife’s Astrologer came up with.

    At best, another example of where both sides do goofy things.

  24. Even though I’m a skeptic, I still “will” the ball to hit the pins when I bowl, I still rub a smooth stone I carry when I want something to happen badly, and I still jerk right in real life when turning quickly in Halo 3. These things are a world of difference from consulting an astrologer. They reduce stress and help focus.

    A game of basketball or a good jog will do that, as well as clutching something familiar, or wearing clothes you find give you confidence. Does this mean that Obama believes in the monkey god Hanuman? Doubtful.Even if he did, how is that any different from believing in an Abrahamic God? Or does it mean he worships basketball? Maybe he does, but so does my brother- and just about anyone a little older than him who remembers Michael Jordan in his heyday. Does it mean he relies on the mystical powers of denim and leather? Hell no.

    Now if you told me he was consulting astrologers for economic issues or actually believes he can determine the thoughts of foreign heads of state by looking into their aura- then I agree, we have a problem.

  25. Reminds me of that t-shirt with an outline of North America, a giant nail driven into the middle, and the caption: “STOP Continental Drift!”

  26. Rickard

    That was a democratic plant, or the whole photo-op was staged.

    We all know that there are no odd people at Obama rallies, or if there are, no one seems to photograph them..

  27. Logan

    People who spread silliness, as pictured above really bother me.

  28. CurtisP

    RL Said: …(unfairly since she does state that evolution should be taught as accepted principle – but go ahead and continue to ignore that fact if it makes you happy)…

    A reference would be nice. What she actually says is “Teach both.” http://dwb.adn.com/news/politics/elections/story/8347904p-8243554c.html Sorry, but to me that makes about as much sense as teach both the Holocaust and Holocaust denial in History class.

  29. Craig

    <Soapbox Rant>
    Will you Americans just ELECT A DANG PRESIDENT and then SHUT UP ABOUT IT? We Canadians do it right…less than 60 days to hold debates and then elect a Prime Minister. This US electoral marathon is ridiculous!

    How many schools, how many clinics, how many planetariums, libraries, or small businesses could you build with the cash spent during a US election?

    …counting the hours until it’s all over…
    < /Soapbox Rangt >

  30. Davidlpf

    You know it is faked because you can’t see stars.

    If you take the $600 million for Obama, $300 million for McCain, the money the other candiates spent and the money the networks spent you probably around the 1.5 billion amount which is a lot of money but this is the United States where it took a court case that resulted in $2 milion settlemnet to prove you can not teach religion in schools.

  31. Davidlpf

    Oh another thing less then 14 hours and the polls open in the eastern time zone.

  32. Hugo

    I’m leading a similar campaign against photosynthesis. It’s about time these lay-about, sun-loving plants learn that free energy from the sun is practically socialism!

  33. Will

    It could be an Obama supporter as some have suggested… but considering how many real creationist protestors I’ve seen with signs that say “Stop Evilution,” I have no reason to doubt the person in the mask is sincere.

  34. space cadet

    Rev. Chimp made my point several entries ago: McCain’s superstitions are well known. If I recall correctly, Dr BA blogged about it in this very forum. I don’t remember the details, but I seem to recall something about a lucky feather, among other amulets. Kudos to Phil for being even-handed and pointing out the foibles of both candidates.

  35. Utakata

    …or it could be a troll. There’s plenty of those crawling the interenet…perhaps one decided to get out from its mother’s basement for some fresh air. Being Halloween it could afford to mix within the crowd without being too noticed. However, being the troll it is, could not afford to go least without bringing its fishing pole ‘n bait.

  36. @Craig:
    How much you want to be the 2012 run starts Wednesday… :(

  37. Davidlpf

    @ Micheal L
    they will start fund raising for 2012 on wednesday but the campaign will not start until thursday.

  38. Craig

    @Michael L
    OMFSM – I forgot about doomsday! This will probably be 100x bigger than Y2K! I wonder if Virgin Airlines, erm, Spacelines will be flying to the moon by 2011? I better start saving up for a ticket! One dollar down, 99.999999 million to go…

    I just hope that when we go, it’s a black hole or a mega-gamma ray burst or a New Zealand-sized meteorite that takes us out. Dang I wanna see that light show just before I return to the stars from whence I came.

  39. First of all, Phil, it’s “Que, Sarah, Sarah”. Don’t you know your music? just ask Robert Goulet.

    And Craig, most of us in the U.S. are just as tired of it as you are. I voted on Columbus Day (in October), and tonight I have gotten 9 calls from political candidates wanting to tell me, 22 hours before the actual election is over, why they are better than the person they are running against, and how the other person is just plain evil and ignorant of what I want.

    How the hell do ANY of them know what I want??!! They never ask me!

    I took my home phone off the hook. If you need to reach me, call on the cell.

    The process is WAY too long, and WAY too much money is spent that could go to better causes.

    BTW, @Craig, Tina Fey (as Sarah Palin) this past Saturday evening was on Saturday Night Live selling “Palin 2012” shirts.

    I recently read a short story, written many years ago (in the 50s, I believe) by Isaac Asimov where ONE person in the U.S. is selected to elect the President. Multivac, the all-present, all knowing computer, selects the person who bests represents the entire country, and s/he chooses. I think we might be headed in that direction.

  40. Tuco

    Its a luxury indeed to have this farce of a race, 2 years of kindergarten level quasi putdowns. The media, so taken by the story of this event to change nothing or at best barely anything. Fools following a horse drawn carriage full of manipulted lies. Pathetic!

  41. llewelly

    How many schools, how many clinics, how many planetariums, libraries, or small businesses could you build with the cash spent during a US election?

    Obama could have bought about 200 planetariums with the $600 million he’s spent so far. McCain could have bought about 100 overhead projectors with the $300 million he’s spent.

  42. John

    An overhead projector costs a few thousand dollars. The $3 million dollar projector is no ordinary OHP. What now you want democracy but not to pay for campaigning, get real!

  43. Richard

    Sure we can stop Evolution. All we need to do is convince the sun to go red giant on our Earth-ass and totally melt the crust.

    Of course, that means the death of all life, but, hey, you want to stop Evolution. Ain’t no free lunch, buddy.

  44. @Richard:
    Well you could elect two Mavericks, one know for going rogue, who trigger the Apocalypse and unleash 10,0000 nukes… I think that would stop evolution in it’s tracks, unless you are a cockroach… or Kieth Richards

  45. @Craig:
    Yes, 2012… If Sarah Palin runs, he may want to rethink his stance on 2012 woo…

  46. yy2bggggs

    Ah yes… another cretinist vs evilution rally…

  47. Great… Torchwood goes on vacation for a few weeks and now the bloody Weevils are voting. Someone call up Jack to take care of this.

  48. Richard

    The only “maverick” I’d vote for is James Garner. Mel Gibson is too unstable to be considered “weird.”

    Seriously, how in Galaxy’s name would two “mavericks” get along.

    McCain: This is the way we should cut taxes….
    Palin: Hold on, buddy, that’s the wrong way.
    McCain: Listen, I’ve studied the situation and….
    Palin: That’s your problem. You were thinkin’. A real maverick don’t think, no-how. A maverick does, not think. Thinking is for, those, such as, thinkinging thinking things.
    McCain: You mean “Philosphers”
    Palin: No, siree. I ain’t going to Pennsylvania.

  49. Daniel

    Yeaaaaaaa…from the experience of living there for 4 very long years, you kind of see and hear this crap all through…It aint the best place to live for the open minded (but it rules if you want to retire…HA!).

  50. Grand Lunar

    This sets me to thinking; why do people think evolution is evil?

    Sure, it does mean that viruses, bacteria, and pesky organisms like roaches, fire ants, fleas, ect, can become resistent to our efforts to control them.

    Is it the teaching of evolution that is considered evil by such people?

    I find evolution quite lovely.

  51. Don Snow

    I don’t think evolutoion is evil; but I think evilution is stupid.

    People are good or evil; activities like evolution are natural. Generally, the natural world is innocent.

  52. Craig

    Dude, your math SUCKS!

  53. Siri

    Phil wrote: Too late: some people stopped evolving a long time ago.

    Phil, you mean, evil-ving? or evil-uting?


  54. Gary Ansorge

    Don Snow:
    Good? Evil? How about the supposed reason humans are superior to angels,,,ie,
    choice and consequence,,,

    Evil is anything you really wish you didn’t have to experience due to that choice you just made.

    Good is , consequences that allow us to say,,,”wow! That was sure fun,,,”

    Calling humans or any other natural process good or evil is just simplistic fodder for children,,,like Santa Clause.

    GAry 7

  55. tom

    Say what you want, Palin has more integrity and brains than Obama has in any way, shape, or form.

  56. Will
  57. The gene pool needs more chlorine.

    I’ve got Nomad from Star Trek in my head now: “Sterilize! Sterilize!”

  58. Wanglese

    I hope People like Charles, Zombie, Michelle Malkin, Joe and anyone at all who dares to oppose the One remains safe.
    Seriously, I’m not sure how this is going to pan out over the next 4 years.
    I just hope the USA is as great a society as I have seen and come to believe it is. That’s the hope I have.

  59. Spelling Nazi

    How can the Creationist / Intelligent Design mob possibly think we’re going to listen to anything else they say when they can’t even spell the word ‘Evolution” properly!? 😉

  60. Joker

    Actually Spelling Nazi I’d think the mis-spelling may be a deliberate wordplay – except I’m not sure the (un)”Intellingent” De-sign bunch are smart enough to think that up for themselves .. 😉

    As they say : We all sprang from monkeys but some of us didn’t spring far enough! 😉

    At lerats the dude’s got ahandy halloween costume .. or maybe stole it form someone who did! 😉

    Hmm … Hang on a sec! Looking closer I think I see the dudes problem -Reptilian skin, therapodial posture, covered to hide his real nature .. GOT it!

    Now I understand – this guy is actually a dinosaur! Y’know one of the last rare unfossilised one’s that had just gained their intelligence level when the KT impactor hit! He hates evolution because it ended the dinosuar world he was in and led to us evolving as dominant species in their place. He wants to stop “evIlution” & turn it back to before when the Dinosaurs went out. Sorry buddy. No dice. Us mammels are here to stay! 😉


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