Doctor Who Christmas special trailer

By Phil Plait | November 4, 2008 3:00 pm

Just to take your mind of politics for a moment…

I saw this at Comic Con a few months ago, but it’s airing in England now. It’s a one-minute long trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Duh: spoilers!

Two things:

1) Cybermen! Woohoo!

2) I remember seeing a longer version of this at Comic Con. I may be mistaken, but we’ll see if a longer one surfaces. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing new Who!

Tip o’ the TARDIS to Planet Gallifrey.


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  1. PhilB

    All I want for Christmas is for the Who team to finally rewatch Tomb of the Cybermen and remember what they were supposed to be like.

  2. Mark

    I for one welcome our new machine overlord… undoubtedly in league with everything mechanical trying to take over the world: ūüėČ


    Phil Plait, you’re always going on about Dr. Who, but you’ve never mentioned the two Dr. Who movies featuring Peter Cushing as the Doctor: Dr Who and the Daleks and Daleks — Invasion Earth 2150 AD. What’s your opinion of them? Do you, like a lot of traditional Dr Who fans, not consider them ‘canon’?

  4. I don’t mind the new Cybermen, or the current take on the Daleks, but man, they are just being used to death!

  5. Starviking

    England? ENGLAND!?

    It’s the BBC – not the EBC you know…

    (Of course UKBC would be better – but hey, what’re ya gonna do?

  6. KillerChihuahua

    Naked Bunny has nailed it – its not the new Cybermen, its not the Daleks, its that they have used them to freakin’ death already. What, no new ideas? No math planets? No places where physics is slightly different? No new nemeses? (how do you spell the plural of nemsis, anyway?)

    and the Daleks keep getting defeated, the last of them, for once and forever… oh, until the next time.

  7. Starviking

    The New Who needs some Ice Warriorsssss if you ask me!

  8. Bobalee

    you’re all right, Daleks and Cybermen are fun, but they are used too much. Lets get back to the orginal 6 Doctors. We travel all over the universe, in the past or the future and kept running into new adventures. Doctors’ 9 & 10 have barely left the planet. It’s all about the Doctor’s relationship with women anymore.
    Speaking about Rose, in the other dimension that she and the clone Doctor is in. What if Gallifrey still exists and a Doctor exists in that dmension?

  9. John Keller

    It looks like there is at least one oringinal Cyberman (first and second doctor) at time 0.29

  10. Alex

    Were those… Cybermonkeys?

  11. Jimmy Joe

    I’d like to see the silurians personally. The cybermen were alright at first… so were the Daleks but… over kill.

  12. JSW

    So are these real Cybermen or just another batch of Cybusmen?

  13. Naomi

    Yeah – those who keep saying that the Cybermen are overused, no. We’ve seen the CybUSmen twice. We haven’t seen Mondasian Cybermen back yet, and I’m actually looking forward to when we do!

  14. I’m with you guys, how many freakin’ times does the the good Dr have to kill them Daleks?

  15. BigBob

    Woop! Isn’t that Miranda Richardson of Black Adder fame? I repeat, Woop!

  16. It’s even airing in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland! How’s that for a United Kingdom?

  17. Ahhhh, the Cybermen. Or as I like to call them, “not the Borg”.

  18. MarkH

    Cybermen! Snore! Done to death! Move on to something else!

  19. Tolls

    Using the Cybermen is hardly overkill.
    It’ll have been nigh on two and a half years since they last appeared.

  20. I want to see the Great Intelligence (and possibly the Yeti) return. The posession scenes from the abominable snowmen sound great on audio… I wonder what they looked like.

  21. IVAN3MAN


    Woop! Isn’t that Miranda Richardson of Black Adder fame? I repeat, Woop!

    No, it is Dervla Kirwan of Ballykissangel and Goodnight Sweetheart fame.

    Her web-site is:

  22. kroosing 2 '42' via '37'

    “The Return of the Cybermen”? Blimey! I’m just watching “The Invasion” aka “The Return of the Cybermen” from Season 6 episode 3 (#046) aired in November and December 1968.

    In the introductory narrative retired actor Kevin Stoney says: “It had the working title ‘Return of the Cybermen’. The story was however later retitled ‘The Invasion’ to keep the appearance of the adversaries a surprise until halfway through the story.”
    That made good sense! However, the commentator continues: “Unfortunately in some regions, the Radio Times published a picture of a Cyberman alongside the episode listing of part one. This somewhat spoiled the surprise appearance of the cybermen in part 4.” (

    So about spoilers, nothing new under the sun, really. Well, maybe the Cybermen appear very early in this Xmas Special, or the tabloids had already spotted them on the set.
    Funny enough, from this old story parts 1 and 4 don’t exist anymore, like many of the Patrick Troughton episodes. What I am watching is a reconstructed version by Loose Cannon, the production company that reconstructs lost early Doctor Who episodes with in-production photos. In 2006, the missing parts 1 & 4 have been reproduced by the animation studio Cosgrove Hall, who previously created the webcast “Scream of the Shalka”.

    Let’s enjoy the coming Xmas Special though. I’m really in suspense if it will be a rewrite of the old story or a completely new one…

    … Well, no. The old one is a 20th century cold war story and introduction to UNIT, while the d√©cor of the Xmas Special trailer looks more Victorian. Unless of course it is an ‘introductory’ decoy…

    Spoiler for the Return of the Cybermen of 1968: UNIT had a working missile defence system!

  23. IVAN3MAN

    Phil Plait’s response to my enquiry:

  24. Slightly OT:
    Torchwood reference in Knight Rider?

    Watching the new Knight Rider (hey, I got up at 3A to work on reporting the election, needed some brainless viewing), one character “Billy” (played, ironically enough by the same actor who was President Roslin’s assistant on BSG) was asked who he was supposed to be (Halloween episode).. “Captain Jack Harkness”. Response by Bruce Davison: the time travelling bisexual?


  25. Well, given how sad this guy’s fetish for Doctor Who is, I thought I’d share some more pain:

  26. Patrick

    The way the Cybusmen got portrayed, they didn’t have any teeth. Four Daleks were able to completely pwn them and the Doctor outsmarted them too easily. The Cybusmen are only superior in one respect – dying.


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