By Phil Plait | November 8, 2008 1:40 pm

Well, you knew this had to happen eventually.

Obama toast

I have to think it’s fake. I wouldn’t pay $20 for it, but I bet someone will. There are no bids as I write this…

… but I have to say. The toast? It’s Wonder Bread. Too funny.

Tip o’ the strawberry jelly jar lid to BABloggee Brian Hodges.

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Comments (69)

  1. José

    I think it’s actually John McCain wearing headphones.

  2. ABR.

    In the words of my German professor: Ah, Wonder Bread…it’s a wonder it’s a bread! Okay, I’m done. I now return you to your regularly scheduled pareidolic ruminations.

  3. Greg

    Amazing what you can do with a little greed and a blowtorch huh?

  4. Siguy

    Obama? It doesn’t look like him at all! I know it looks like someone, but I just can’t put my finger on who.

  5. Thomas Siefert

    That is so the baker from the local bakery in my childhood town, I always wondered what became of him, heard he became a toastmaster….

  6. theinquisitor

    It looks more like Charlie Crews from the show Life.

  7. Davidlpf

    I thought McCain was toast.

  8. Mus

    Princess Leia Organa Solo of Alderaan

  9. I see it as a woman with a somewhat odd hairstyle.

  10. Damien

    That looks like it could be just about any man’s face.

  11. Gary

    Maybe if Obama would spend his time doing more impressive things than burning his face onto toast more people would believe he existed.

  12. considering the way some of his supporters worship him we’re bound to see more of this.

  13. Looks like Lavoisier to me. I see that 17th to 18th century sort of wig on the face.

  14. tet

    might be the queen mother?

  15. baley

    Is it princes Charles young?

  16. I think it looks like Hal Bidlack dressed as Hamilton.

    Either that, or it’s Christopher Eccelston wearing headphones.

  17. It’s fake. Amusing, though.

  18. José

    Oh my god, I remember where Iast saw him. He was holding a rifle on the wall behind the grassy knoll!

  19. SLC

    Off topic but is Dr. Plait planning to weigh in on the rumor of anti-vaxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. being appointed to the post of administrator of the EPA? The folks over at scienceblogs are up in arms over this rumor.

  20. Nathan

    I see a human face for sure, but I think it’s a stretch to say it’s Obama. There are some 6.5 billion other people it could be! Wish you leave comments on a ebay auction; if you could probably half the stuff on there wouldn’t sell!

  21. 18th century gentleman in formal wig. Clearly.

  22. IBY

    Obama?! Even a cyberman looks more alike to that toaster guy than Obama!

  23. wb

    This definitely reminds me of some 50-60’s era serial killer, and a little of Lee Harvey Oswald.

  24. dhtroy

    Does anyone else see what I see??? It’s kind of spooky, I know, but I swear, if you look closely, that’s French Toast.

  25. aaron

    Not Obama, definitely Princess Leia

  26. Zar

    A person can make toaster art by careful butter placement. The places with less butter get darker when they cook.

  27. toastr

    Why would it be a fake? It is quite easy to make pictures on toast by placing pieces of tin foil on it and then toasting it in an oven.

  28. Siguy

    Oh that’s it! It looks like Tchaikovsky’s cousin/gay lover, Vladimir “Bob” Davydov.

  29. That might be it, Zar, but I suspect it was “fun with a blowtorch” instead!
    Rich in Charlottesville

  30. Greg

    Let’s see!

    1 metal template + loaf of bread + blow torch = mass produced Obama toast with no butter added.

    Selling for 20 bucks a slice.

    Why didn’t I think of that!

  31. alcuin

    If improvements in our standard of living were still allowed, this suggests a great new product–an imaging toaster. For starters it wouldn’t even have to be HD.

  32. mapnut

    Definitely fake, I think it’s the same face as a stencil I’ve seen painted around my train station, supposed to be Obama, but yes, it’s very vague.

  33. LL

    No, it’s the face on Mars, now with hair/earphone/whatever that may be !!!

  34. Speaking of toast art, have you seen the huge Mona Lisa toast replica made by an elderly Japanese man (follow the link in my name or google it)? I saw it on Japanese TV, and the creator showed how he made it by cutting out pieces of tin foil and placing on the toasts before toasting them in a toaster oven and assembling to the complete picture.

    Maybe he’ll do Obama next…

  35. No, I think it’s actually Phil… with headphones… in the parlor.

  36. Yoeman
  37. IVAN3MAN

    I don’t believe it! One person has, at the time writing this, bid $20 for it.

  38. Bo Babbyo

    Looks more like Woody Guthrie to me. . . . . Maybe a young Neil Armstron.

  39. Bo Babbyo

    Oops ARMSTRONG I mean.

  40. Pyroclasm

    Geeze. You’d think it would have been whole wheat, at least.

    Sorry, I just had to say it.

  41. Steve

    It’s Boooooosh, taunting us as he prepares to ride off into the sunset.

  42. It’s the robot guy from Queen’s “News of the World” album cover.

  43. Edo

    The jugears are the surefire giveaway.

    It’s The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, alright.

    Already toast, and not yet in power.

    Apt, somehow.

  44. Mad Hussein LOLScientist, FCD

    The 11th Doctor.

  45. TexasDude

    It looks like George W. Bush, not Obama.

  46. Warner Todd Huston

    Just like Obama himself, this is a fraud.

  47. lars bruchmann

    Actually, a hearty black bread would have been more approprate than wonder bread! and MUS beat me too it, my first thought was Leia!

  48. Dude

    Looks more like Prince Charles.

  49. Obamamama

    Is this the whitebread obama with a suntan?? 😉

  50. John Gault

    Only difference is the toast is smarter.

  51. memomachine


    “Obama? It doesn’t look like him at all! I know it looks like someone, but I just can’t put my finger on who.”

    Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees?

  52. memomachine


    “If improvements in our standard of living were still allowed, this suggests a great new product–an imaging toaster. For starters it wouldn’t even have to be HD.”

    Or a food-based printer that could “print out” pancake batter or, better yet, jelly on toast.

    “I’m feeling a little peckish. I’ll have Sir Issac Newton on toast!”

  53. DGKnipfer

    Looks like Adric right before the ship exploded.

    “Now I’ll never know if I was right.”

  54. Zar

    It would be harder to make toast art on dark bread, I bet. Less contrast.

  55. That’s obviously Princess Leia.

  56. Groak

    Looks like a bagel to me.

  57. ecallaja

    Looks more like Pee Wee Herman.

  58. Sir Gallahad

    Well, the bidding ends in under an hour and it’s up to $207.50.. hilarious.

  59. Looks like Sarah Palin :)

  60. Freddy Krueger

    It looks like Jason or Mike Myers.

  61. Daniel 2017

    Clearly a fraud. The top of the bread is torched because the hair in the image required more heat to create. Of course, anyone who has ever used a toaster, and especially burned their toast, you will remember that you do not get an evenly toasted slice of bread with a torched top.


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