WMMR interview revisited

By Phil Plait | November 12, 2008 7:00 pm

I found out that the reason I got invited to talk on Philly’s WMMR radio station this morning was because Suddenly Atheist had sent them a note about me. So in thanks, I’ll send y’all to his site, where he took the audio and set it up on YouTube with a bunch of dorky pictures of me from Flickr.

… and it suddenly occurs to me that with those call letters, I should have talked about vaccinations. Oh well.


Comments (16)

  1. Phil…you’re awesome.

    I have to buy you a cheese steak the next time you find yourself in Philly.

  2. I wondered how long it’d take you to get on the Measles, Mumps & Rubella angle. It’s low hanging pun fruit, but it’s still delicious!

  3. PJE

    My invitation to visit my high school in Toronto still stands, Phil :)


  4. DG

    Or you could have talked about What is a Mean Motion Resonance and made all the planetary dynamicists very happy. /dork

  5. Parker Thomas

    Yeah, good job on the show, but, try explaining how my beloved Phillies finally won the friggin’ world series!!! No science there…it almost makes me believe…seriously though, nice job on the show, btw their classic rock library can’t be beat.

  6. Swordfish

    That comment about the Eagles, not cool, Phil, not cool!

    Kudos on being able to put up with those guys, though.

  7. Windyshrimp

    I thought the Eagles joke was quite funny, as I am from Philadelphia and know how badly most of the teams can such here. No need to apologize, it was in good humor. Just don’t screw with Ben Franklin!

  8. TAG! Excellent, now I can see you in all your phillness.

  9. SLC

    Since Dr. Plain brought up the subject of vaccinations in his post, is he planning to comment on the Robert F. Kennedy to head up EPA rumor sometime. Numerous bloggers over at scienceblogs have been pontificating about this for several days.

  10. Tony

    It figures. Phil was on MMR, and I was out of town. I didn’t even know until today. I’ll have to get a podcast of it.

  11. Tony

    Oh, and ah GADZOOKS!

  12. DaveKan

    Phil: Great interview! You should do a 50 state phone tour of all the Morning Zoos and you can bring science to the masses!

  13. Malachi

    I’ve said it before, but you should get on the Adam Carolla show out of L.A. He’s an atheist and a friend of Penn Jillette. It’d be a great place to promote the book and the JREF to like minded folks.

  14. Malachi

    Also, I just listened to the WMMR interview. You’re really great on these kind of shows. You give a great mix of real science and playing along with the hosts.

  15. I can’t believe that I missed it. The ONE day that I don’t turn on the radio on my way to school… How typical.
    For anyone else who wants to hear it, they’ve got the podcast up.


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