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By Phil Plait | November 16, 2008 9:05 am

A little while back I did an interview with Stephen Goss at WABE in Atlanta about my book, Death from the Skies!, and they have posted a podcast of it. We talk about why people are fascinated by scary disaster scenarios, how this all started, alien bugs and asteroids.

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    Since no one has commented yet, I thought that I should do so to let you know that there is somebody out there reading this.

    You mentioned in your radio interview that aliens could take over Earth with self-replicating robots. Were you thinking of “von Neumann machines” or the Berserker?

    A think a more simpler way for aliens to take over the Earth would be to place concave mirrors, angled at 45 degrees to the Sun, in polar orbit around the Earth, which would then focus the Sun’s energy in a ‘ring of fire’ as the Earth rotates, and fry our collective asses. ūüėź

  2. SF Reader

    Does anybody have an .mp3 of this interview? I couldn’t see one on the site…




    The third paragraph in my post above should read: I think that a more simpler way for aliens to…

  4. You sure that shouldn’t be: “I think that a more simple way for aliens to… ūüėõ

    SF Reader, I haven’t heard an MP3, but I don’t mind reading it, although Dr. Plait has a great vocal presence!

  5. Tim G

    I read a science fiction novel that had an invasion by von Neumann probes as its central theme. It was The Forge of God by Greg Bear

  6. Phil! I’m sure you mentioned this, but I probably missed it – imagine my pleasure and surprise to open the latest Scientific American book club mailer and see your book featured on the back cover page, with a checkbox on the member reply card!

    Sure, I bought my copy, retail, on day-one (actually day-one-minus-two), but wow! That’s some good marketing coverage!


    @ Larian LeQuella

    Yes, you’re right, that’s what I meant to say.

    *Slaps forehead*

    Note to self: First, drink strong coffee; second, proofread comment; then, finally, post the bloody comment!

  8. gopher65

    SF Reader: You should be able to bipass their ugly little featureless flash player and get the mp3 directly with this link.


    Both of these rock‚Äôn’roll albums, “Today Mars, Tomorrow The Stars,” and the EP “Fomalhaut b” (the entirety of which can be downloaded at the previous link in mp3 form)(for now…) are hereby dedicated by their creator to the Kalas et al. team, and to Champions Of Science Phil Plait and Allyson Beatrice.
    Thank you ALL for your hard work and creativity.
    But most especially, for giving the rest of US a reason to go on.
    Please forward to relevant parties.
    Thank you.
    ‚ÄďAdam Etheredge (Cloan)
    (correspondance and lyrics upon request at:

  10. @ SFReader

    Or you can download realplayer and use the automatic (and surprisingly useful) little feature that lets you pull almost anything from flash.

  11. But… being on WABE, did you talk about vorpal swords?

  12. CCP: good on ya. I almost made a momraths outgrabe comment on the post, but got snicker-snacked.

  13. Well, as long as you don’t go galumphing back too hard. Beware those bandersnatchi!


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