By Phil Plait | November 21, 2008 2:10 pm

Perspective. Let me give you it.

I did not know who Louis CK is when I first watched this, but now I love him, for he speaks truth.

Hat tip to Fark.


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  1. Hunter

    Louis C.K. is awesome. His HBO show was… not good, but his standup is brilliant.

  2. Dave M

    Louis CK is one of the truly great stand-ups. And I personally loved Lucky Louie. It was hit and miss but when it hit it had some truly hilarious bits.

  3. MHS

    I didn’t know this guy either, but this is absolutely brilliant! As an aerospace engineer I especially love the last bit.

  4. Manveet

    Decent comedian.

    Usually has some good bits mixed in with some not so good stuff. This bit is great, though.


    Definition of a Comedian: A person (usually male) who says what most people think, but dare not say.

    That guy is great.

  6. MHS

    And why not link to the entire clip (, which includes a bit about the Sun exploding!

  7. You’re in a chair in the sky…


  8. Of course, in the time he’s talking about, there would have been people talking about how spoiled THEY were–In the olden^2 days, they didn’t even HAVE phones or cars or anything like that.

  9. Evan

    Jeez, this video was taking, like, a whole minute to load. I’m not going to sit here for a whole minute waiting for that video to load! I’m outta here.

  10. Viewer 3

    You had me at Conan O’Brien.

  11. tacitus

    One of the best bits I’ve seen in a while — thanks!

  12. I can has relative adaptation?

    Louis CK is one of the more underrated comedians out there. Think inverse Dane Cook.

  13. Philip

    oh my gawd, wow!
    constantly, any flight I get on!

    The world today is so amazing. I envy the kids growing up now. What will they invent and discover?

  14. Yeah, thanks, Phil! I needed that too!

    To really age myself, in 1960 I moved from the town of Lexington, VA (my dad taught at VMI) to a farm just outside town. You could hear the VMI marching band practice on the parade ground from the new farm house. The echoing along the cliffs of the Maury River made it sound muddy, but you could hear it. So we were close to a town of 5-10,000 people, not in the -REAL- hinterlands. There was a radio station and a hospital and 2 colleges (VMI & Washington & Lee University). We had a hard surfaced macadam road, too. Fancy, eh? Ok, maybe not, but adequate…

    This house had a telephone. A crank telephone! Our “ring” was 4 short bursts. When it rang that way it was for us. If it was 1 long and 3 shorts it was for somebody else. This is a real party line, folks! I still have that very phone in my office. I’ll maybe rig it up with digital innards someday and use it again!

  15. Love Louis CK. The man speaks the truth.


    think we all know who was responsible for that, the Godless liberals who cannot stand having their immorality shoved back in their ugly face!! The defenders of free thought, the Big Bang theory and evolution, are not only striking out at me, but at all Christians. . Last night, while I was sitting on my front-porch swing, gazing up at Heaven, President Bush appeared to me in a vision. He told me that my work was not yet finished, there were still many liberals who had not yet seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!! President Bush would not be in the White House right now if God didn’t want him there. President Bush was put in a position of leadership in order to wipe the devil’s religion of Islam off the face of the Earth, so that the Christian God can fill the world with His message of peace and love. President Bush has stated numerous times that he speakes with God in the Oval Office, he even asked God for military advice before the invasion of Iraq. Modern liberalism is the equivalent of atheism, liberals are in favor of killing babies, raising taxes, teaching evolution, and same sex marriage. Jesus is opposed to all of these horrible things.

  17. All right! Two of my favorite things together: BA & CK!
    HIGHLY RECOMMEND everything by Louis CK. Never saw Lucky Louie, so everything but that.

  18. huma

    haha! this guy is hilarious! “it’s going to space”! :)

    and he’s right. we’re spoiled. i can’t imagine how people could live without cell phones back in the day, and actually write letters BY HAND! :)

    thanks, phil.

  19. MarkH

    Louis C.K. is a regular guest on the Bob & Tom morning show and one of my favorites.

  20. Haha. I was confusing him with Andrew W.K., whom I have only seen in an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Excellent bit here.

    I’m working out a thesis that many of the problems of the current “younger generation” (i.e., all you whipper-snappers under, say, 30) can be epitomized by two words: cheat codes.

  21. Isernbreegen

    I approve of what the funny man says. Very much so.

  22. drksky

    I’ll give the TrueChristian troll an 8 out of 10…

  23. bjn

    Loved it, thanks!

  24. tacitus

    “President Bush would not be in the White House right now if God didn’t want him there”

    I know it’s from a troll, but I’ve heard this sentiment expressed a thousand times over that past few years. How refreshing is the thought that they will have to insert President Obama’s name in the beginning of that sentence every time they say it for at least the next four years.

    Of course, they will rationalize it as some sort of punishment from God for America being a sinful nation — but then, oops, isn’t that exactly the same thing that hateful Rev. Wright was saying in that famous clip from his sermon?


  25. Davidlpf

    I give the troll 5 out of 10 too much of the same old
    same old.

  26. Gary Ansorge

    drksky: A TROLL? No way dude. He’s gotta be a satirist. Nobody could be that,,,er,,what’s the word again,,,oh yeah,,,intellectually deprived,,, and still be able to use a computer.

    Very funny man, Phil. It takes a lot of cahonnes to do stand up comedy and to be able to tie that in with the speed of light is just awesome cool.

    Gary 7

  27. Davidlpf

    If God gave Bush advice on the war, I do want God as a general.

  28. Davidlpf

    sorry that was suppose to be, I do not want god as a general.

  29. Oded

    I get constantly re-amazed by the internet every few days. Here I am, sitting in bed, holding a black klunky thing which is not physically connected to anything – and I can transfer information at light speed with a **BILLION** other computers in the world.

    I actively attempt to do this with many other technologies I use daily. Cars being another big one… It is truly a joyful event every time.

    I love technology. I love science. It works

  30. Davidlpf

    Oded completely agree but sometimes I think internet usage should be regulated like driving cars.

  31. Oded

    I tend to disagree because information is intrinsically different from physical movement/damage. And although misinformation can cause severe damage (see: religion), I tend to think freedom of information is far too precious to let it go for potential damage…

    Anyway, this is about celebrating technology. :) Medicine is another awesome one. Buildings. Phones. Pluming! Grocery stores! (and everything they imply – agriculture and transportation of food)

  32. Davidlpf
  33. Oded

    Oh, sorry :) Got all serious there…

  34. Davidlpf
  35. The search for other galaxies and the exploration of different types of stars (suns) that are not hydrogen based (metaphysically primitive). One possibility (I believe) is a chlorophyll sun where fusion takes place without enormous heat reactions (furnaces) by a process of photo-synthesis into creating fusion, light and heat energy.

    In addition, the exploration of photons (light) from the Big Bang (singularity) should be directed back into it inceptions (origins) by following (along and onto) the reverse path of light (photons) with optical induced (shot from an accelerator in space) photon energy particles (with subatomic quarks, muons, tachyons, leptons, etc.) into its inception (singularity). On neutrinos and quantum theory, neutrinos may be the quantum equation for all the universe and the Big Bang (or Big Bounce) singularity, and our own subconscious mind (pineal gland), heart (fourth center) and soul.

  36. Quiet Desperation

    Am I the only one who knows to fly small airlines out of small airports? From my couch in my living room to sitting in the terminal? 15 minutes.

    Sadly, for my work, I have no choice but to fly into Logan Airport (Boston) and drive through the Big Dig tunnels, which I suspect might be a network of infinite connectivity. I think you can wind up anywhere in the universe if you just make the right (or wrong) sequence of turns. A coworker swears he thought he took the exit for 93 North and came out in Ulan Bator.

  37. Davidlpf

    Did he take a left Albuquerque?

  38. Louis CK rocks!

    I’ve been a fan of his ever since I saw this video.

  39. Chuck S.
  40. Chris

    Phil – HBO special called ‘Shameless’ – must watch!

  41. Quiet Desperation Says: “Sadly, for my work, I have no choice but to fly into Logan Airport (Boston) and drive through the Big Dig tunnels, which I suspect might be a network of infinite connectivity.”

    I last drove through the ‘Dig three years ago when it was about 80% complete. Compared to the previous way of getting from south-of-Boston (Quincy, actually) to Logan, it was absolutely amazing. Just getting from the Logan car rental areas to the Mass Pike was one stoplight,one toll booth and your on. As much as a pain as it was for the locals over the (two?) decades of construction, it’s a phenomenal civil engineering achievement.

    – Jack

  42. Bill

    “Sadly, for my work, I have no choice but to fly into Logan Airport…”

    If you have the time and have Amtrak service where you’re comming from, you can wind up at South Station on the other side of the Big Dig.

  43. yumenoko

    I wants to be in his fan club. That is how much awesome he is made of.

  44. Ryan

    That was interesting. Did anyone notice the irony though that he complains about the people with 0’s on the rotary phone but before that you had to do something like the Pony Express?

  45. amz

    I love what he has to say about the Catholic Church:

  46. Was it George Carlin who talked about people who tried to call 911 and died while waiting for the 9 to go all the way around?

  47. Celtic_Evolution

    QD, I had no idea you were a Bostonian (or near thereabouts, anyhow)…

    Greetings from a homesick Bostonian (Weymouth and Charlestown) now living in freezing cold, snowy upstate NY.

  48. IVAN3MAN

    @ Harold

    Here in the U.K., it used to be that you had to dial “999” for Emergency Services — imagine that using the old rotary-dial telephones!

  49. HP

    Did anyone notice the irony though that he complains about the people with 0’s on the rotary phone but before that you had to do something like the Pony Express?

    Wow, Ryan! That’s precisely the definition of irony.

  50. Autumn

    I had to explain to my oldest stepson a couple of years ago what the giant black box on all the side tables in Tom and Jerry cartoons was. He didn’t believe me at first that talking on the phone meant being attached to the wall.
    “So you pick up the handle and take it with you?”
    “No, the reciever was attached to the phone with a cord, and the phone was plugged into the wall”
    “But you could take the reciever with you, like a real phone?”

    Until he was seven, he thought that my Atari 2600 was darn cool.

  51. I bought the XCD shirt “Science, It Works B*tches”. I was at my local super-mega-Wal-Mart shopping and was cornered by a gentlemen who skoffed at the shirt and proceeded to tell me how science was the tool of Satan. He had a cell phone on his belt clip. My uncontrollable laughter was enough to make him leave. Just like Louie CK (whom I love, he had a show on HBO for a short time), I’m just 33, yet I remember the days of wired remotes for the VCR, no cell phones, no video on demand, nothing like that. I appreciate what science has brought us and I don’t even have to go as far back as he did.

  52. tacitus

    Here in the U.K., it used to be that you had to dial “999″ for Emergency Services — imagine that using the old rotary-dial telephones!

    Yep, and I remember the public information films on the BBC that showed you how to dial 999 when you couldn’t see the dial (because of smoke or darkness) by placing your middle finger in the 0 hole (next to the bracket at the bottom of the dial) and finding the 9 hole next to it with your index finger — and voila! the day is saved.


  53. zeb

    Fortunately, I’m not one of those young people who gets easily bored with modern technology. I’m 23 years old and I’m a futurist. Even though I spend a lot of time thinking about how the future is going to be, I am constantly amazed by modern technology.

    I think cell phones are the most awesome things. I mean, I can talk to anyone else on the entire planet from practially any location INSTANTLY (provided I know they’re phone number). I mean that’s just so beyond awesome I can’t even comprehend it.

  54. Bernd

    “haha! this guy is hilarious! “it’s going to space”!”

    Well, yeah, except: It isn’t.
    Or at least: The part of the mobile phone signal leaked into space isn’t what is used. If you don’t use Iridium. Which hardly anyone does.
    Yeah, yeah, I spoil all the fun, sorry… 😉

  55. Hannu Siivonen

    The part about phone ringing alone was somehow very sad.

  56. David

    Wow, I didn’t expect anything quite so conservative and playing the ‘old fogey’ card would be given such a great reception here!

  57. Wildride

    Hmm — Maybe the reason people aren’t busy pretending that the engineering feat of powered flight is somehow a “miracle” is because they’re thinking about how expensive said flight has become due to fuel costs, and how the last thing they need is to be paying for the built in cost of a service, in this case high speed internet, whose benefit they aren’t receiving.

  58. stopgap

    Enjoy the cheap fuel prices while they last. They are expected to shoot back up in a few months.

  59. Wow! Never heard of him before, but that guy is just GREAT! I’d hope we had some guys like this on my side of the big pond.

  60. Hey amz, you should warn about NSFW content when you post something like that.

  61. I still have my BETAMAX (1982) with the 12′ long wired remote! There are some great tapes I made that I still watch, and the video on it is better than any VHS machine I ever had or saw.

    And the bit about banks – I remember when banks closed from noon until 2PM for lunch, and closed at 4PM If you couldn’t get to the bank before lunch or 4PM, you either had to get your spouse to pick up money for you or you tried to cash your check at the grocery store.

    When I post on other blogs and my own, I often talk about entitlement and how this time in our lives is so based on selfishness. Louis CK says it so eloquently in this clip, that it actually shocked me (a little – I’m not easily shocked) when I saw some of his other clips. He definitely pushes/stretches/breaks boundaries with his stuff.

    As to the “troll”, whether or not s/he believes what was written, there are others who DO believe it. And I agree with tacitus. The religious will always spin what happens, just like astrologers and moon landing deniers and anyone else who wants to push their “reality” on us all.

    The good news is, they can say whatever they want and I don’t have to agree (or even listen, should I so choose).

    I might have to try Louis CK’s “OMG” moment when the plane takes off this Thursday as I go to Baltimore for turkey and family. I’ve always (even today!) wanted to try Bill Cosby’s “Hope the plane don’t crash”, but never had the nerve.

  62. Starviking

    I am British (and Irish) and I must say that most of these ‘hip’ American comedians are really not my thing.

    But this gentleman – I must have his babies! 😉

  63. Freelance Escapologist

    Here in the U.K., it used to be that you had to dial “999″ for Emergency Services — imagine that using the old rotary-dial telephones!

    Used to be? I emigrated to the US about 5 years ago… did they change 999? I can’t take it any more!! I don’t think I can ever return…

  64. PJE

    I also watched his bit about playing hide-and-seek with his daughter. I showed it to a friend who has kids and he nearly died laughing. I can’t wait ’till my friend’s wife sees it!


  65. Ibeechu

    Louis C.K. has been one of my favorite comedians since I saw him, like, 8 years ago. Shame that a lot of really good comedians aren’t that well known. And, yeah, I agree with him 100% on this.

  66. @Ivan3man: it’s still 999.

  67. Jim

    With regards to the comments about how amazing flying is, there’s a great bit in Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files book Summer Knight where the hero says pretty much the same. It’s the start of chapter 30 and ends with the lines “Hundreds of millions of man-hours of work and struggle and research, blood, sweat, tears and lives have gone into the history of air travel, and it has totally revolutionised the face of our planet and societies.
    “But get on any flight in the country, and I absolutely promise you that you will find someone who, in the face of all that incredible achievement, will be willing to complain about the drinks.”

    *Think that qualifies as fair use…


    I don’t see what George Bush has done wrong, he’s destroying a bunch of people who shouldn’t be in the 1st place. I say the Iraqis are just here to take up space on this planet. They’re not doing anything to benifit us. George Bush is doing a great job where he is. I hope he sends a nuke to Iraq and just wipe that country out of the map. The only thing the Iraqis know how to do is terrorize countries, they’re all terrorists.Ok, I’m going to say it, I think George Bush is good. He’s one of the greatest president ever.. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! he attack Iraq and many Iraqis died.. so what? I hope he bombs Iraq again, I seriously don’t give a crap if the Iraqis die, I hope bush kills them all, bomb the hell out of Iraq. serioulsy I think the Iraqis are nothing but terrorist and George Bush is doing the world a favour by bombing them and killing them. they just like to bomb the hell out of each other, so the Americans attacking Iraq doesn’t really make that much of a difference, they’re just speeding up the process. So I solute George Bush

  69. RE: Freelance Escapologist & Pieter Kok

    Yes, Pieter Kok, I know it is still the usual “999” for Emergency Services here in the U.K., but now, in line with the European Union standard, you can also dial “112”. I should have clarified that point in my post above.

    Click on my name for further information.

  70. Mad Hussein LOLScientist, FCD

    @ TRUECRISTIAN: You’ve got to be the lamest excuse for a Poe I’ve seen in a long time. :-)

  71. freelancer

    At the beginning of October, I was house-sitting for my parents while they went to visit my mom’s aunt in Maine for a few weeks. While there, I DVR’d Louis’ special on Showtime, being a fan of his comedy. 5 days before Halloween, I’m driving home from work on the Interstate, when a deer jumps out in front of me, and I obliterate the poor beast with my car. $6200, and almost a month later, I still don’t have my car back yet, but I can vouch to you that This was the first thing that popped into my head. (NSFW, language)


  72. ConanFan

    Louis CK is brilliant. Conan is brilliant. When they’re both in the same room, which has happened numerous times over the years, the brilliance meter in my brain reaches critical mass — and I begin to mix metaphors.

  73. huma

    bernd: i had a feeling someone is going to jump on that :)

  74. lol! Truecristian, you really should put a bit more effort into it if you want to Poe us.

  75. Rich

    Bernd… If you’re using a Blackberry it does… 😀

    Used to do IT support for the Headquarters AF, and all the bigwigs got Blackberries when they were the really, really new thing. Having to explain to some technology loving yet tech-stupid colonels, generals, and SES types why their e-mail took several seconds longer to get to their Blackberry than to their desktop became a chore. “Well, you see Sir, the e-mail goes from your device to a cell phone tower to a region link up to a satellite to RIM in Canada back up to a Satellite back to a cell tower and then to your device or another device and to our network through our e-mail servers etc, etc. When the mail is only on our network it only has to travel through our servers and routers right here. Even at the speed of light the message will take fractionally longer to get to your device because it has to travel farther.” Or something to that effect – “Yeah, but it takes longer… why should I have to wait an extra 3 seconds? Can’t you fix that?” Unfortunately, “Shut up and listen you moron… you only have this device for prestige – you never even leave the building!!!” wouldn’t have done much for my career as a junior officer. No kidding, at the time I worked there we had a Secretary of the AF who timed with a stopwatch the difference in time and would send really nasty messages down if it exceeded his desires.

    So, I love Louis C.K.’s bit here. Been a big fan of his for a while. Tried to love his HBO show, which did have it’s moments, but it just didn’t translate his comedic point of view very well. It may have been a bit before it’s time in uncomfortable squirmy comedy too. Maybe now that we’ve all been primed by The Office, it would do better.

  76. Tony Smit

    Seems to me that TRUECHRISTIAN is a TRUE-LONELY person who has no one to talk with so he came here to start an off-topic argument.

    and Jasonpacifico – a science-fiction-fantasy troll. Way off topic.

    Louis mentions a VCR with wired remote. I never saw one of those, but I remember in 1976 visiting a college friend at his girlfriend’s house, her TV had a wireless remote – you pushed a button and it send a sound wave to the TV set. Now that’s a clicker !

    Zenith ultrasonic remote

    About 10 years ago my mother was visiting a friend of hers, the TV set was on, a commercial came on too loud, so she picked up the remote and began clicking … nothing happened … she looked at the calculator in her hand.

    I personally can’t further back in time than CK but my great-grandparents supposedly never had electricity at their farm and no tractor – just horses to pull a plow. And they never paid income taxes, never had enough income to do so. And no Social Security either – but one of their daughters took care of them in the city when they could no longer take care of themselves. I’d like to see CK make some hay, er, funny stuff with the pre-1900s lifestyle (we have automobile exhaust, they had horse farts).

  77. Gary Ansorge

    OK! I’m ignorant of that particular slang (POE) . Huh?


    Explaining that there are actually physical limitations to what we can do in this universe to people who understand nothing of physical law is like trying to walk uphill on ice,,,while wearing teflon coated boots,,,but thanks for trying.

    Gary 7

  78. Mick

    But I love the amazing world of technology! I’ve become much happier the more technology advanced!

    Life before the internet was far more boring, and life with early modem internet wasn’t as fun as current fast internet!

    I want to keep my amazing technology! In fact I want more!

    If I’m unhappy at any point its not about technology, I’m very fond of it. I want more! Where’s my biochemically vastly extended life and youth?

  79. Gary Ansorge: “OK! I’m ignorant of that particular slang (POE). Huh?

    Poe’s Law states:

    Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.

    Click on my name for more information.

  80. JB of Brisbane

    You think 999 was tough with a decadic dial phone? Try here in Australia, where the emergency number has always been 000! Imaging how long that took to go around. Thank God (or somebody) for tone dialling.

  81. Greg

    Talk about timing, I just saw Louis CK live Saturday night here in DE, and he absolutely killed. One of my friends was wiping tears from his eyes for half the show cause he was laughing so hard. Considering he did around a solid hour and a freaking half or so, preceded by a 20ish minute opening act that was also very funny, it was worth every penny of the 40 bucks for the tickets. I highly recommend going if he comes to your neck of the woods.

  82. bartkid

    >Until he was seven, he thought that my Atari 2600 was darn cool.
    Lesson learned: Stay cool; stay away from seven-year-olds.

    >I still have my BETAMAX (1982) with the 12′ long wired remote!
    I’m so old I remember a time before videotape machines.
    If you missed an episode of your favourite show, you had to wait until summer to see it again.
    And, if there were two good shows on at the same time, well, I don’t want to even talk about that.(hat tip: an old Bizarro cartoon)

    >So I solute George Bush
    In my best Inigo Montoya voice: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
    See, solute is the substance that a liquid solvent dissolves to create a solution.


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