Two DEATHLY reviews

By Phil Plait | November 24, 2008 3:00 pm

I got two very nice reviews today for my book, Death from the Skies! These in particular mean a lot to me, because one is from my brother, and the other is from webgod Chris Pirillo.

Chris’s is in video form, and has a pretty good opening shot. And hey, I can make moving pictures magically appear here! Let’s see, what’s the incantation? Ah, yes. Videus opticantum!

Supposedly, there are reviews coming in some major market dead-tree media, but I’m still waiting for those to go to press. I’ll post ’em here when I find out more.

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Comments (15)

  1. BILL7718

    Curse my YouTube filtering workplace!

  2. You’re the number one science blogger? I thought that was Pha-

    *Book flies out of nowhere and knocks The Chemist unconscious*

  3. zeb

    I like how at around 3:35 Chris says that a black hole colliding with us would “kind of suck” while you spell out in graphic detail what would happen in your book. He’s in for an interesting read.

  4. I love contextual ad algorithms – they often lead to unintentionally hilarious results – as of the posting of this comment, the inline Adsense ad is for “Death records search”.

  5. Bill7718 – solidarity, my brother.

  6. I need this book! Sadly there’s no plans for translating it to portuguese, looks like I will have to buy the english one from Amazon. ūüėõ

  7. quasidog

    Looking forward to finding the book on the shelves at my local book shop. That however was the worst review (Chris) I have ever heard/seen. The stereotypical ‘geek’ thing is unsettling. I didn’t bother with the other one. A review from a sibling is gonna be biased. I am certainly going to buy it however, when I see it on the shelf.

  8. Biased or not, Sid’s review was a lot more informative!

  9. bloo

    Sid’s review definitely explained the obvious. Phil learned the use of footnotes from HBB*.

    *His Big Brother

  10. Tim G

    The paperback edition will be less painful.

  11. Gary Ansorge

    I’d just like to say, your book is a pretty good, quick read. It has one major failing however,,,it’s about 300 pages too SHORT.

    One of the reason I like being under employed is because it gives me lots of free time to just think and read. All that time goes to waste if what I’m reading slides by too fast. So, Phil, could you make the next one 600 pages???

    GAry 7

  12. kroosing 2 '42' via '37'

    Did you see Kate Pickert’s comment on a similar book “The End” by Marq de Villiers in Time of December 1, page 14? Her choice of Read-Skim-Toss?

    I’m looking forward to receiving my copy of Death, though, and I will Read-Read-Read it!

  13. Davidlpf

    Only in chapter 2, but dffently know the hard cover is hard.

  14. I’m amused that Amazon lists your name as “Ph.D., Philip Plait (Author)” for “Death from the Skies!: These Are the Ways the World Will End . . . “, as opposed to just “Philip C. Plait (Author)” for “Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing ‘Hoax'”. I think someone at Amazon doesn’t know how to correctly list Ph.D. after a name. B^)

  15. Chris is such a professional geek ya gotta love it!
    just busting a gut here laughing at the crooked glasses after the book hits him.

    Looking forward to buying & reading your book when it comes out in paperback Phil .


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