By Phil Plait | December 1, 2008 9:53 am
Jesus in the dog door

It is the first day of December, and that means it’s a month of miracles. Just ask Roger Bowman, who is claiming the face of Jesus has appeared in his doggie door.

Yes, I’ll let you catch your breath after that one.

He claims that this must be real, because 1) it appeared when he was thinking of "getting rid of" his dogs (he’s now going to keep them), and 2) the ice machine in his refrigerator suddenly started working again.

I thought Jesus turned water in to wine, not ice, but hey: with global warming, maybe He’s just keeping up with the times.

New Humanist has another photo of the doggie door, including the doggies who don’t appear to think much of it either way. But you know Bowman must believe it’s true, because he put it up on eBay. That’s right, you can now own this slice of flapdoodle ("flap", because it’s a doggie door! Oh man, I kill me!), though it’s now over $1000. But wait, there’s more! If you buy the door, this devout devotee will actually make an appearance at your house for the unveiling! And he’ll bring his dog! If you pay for all expenses, of course.

Sigh. I expect to see more nonsense like this rather than less as Christmas approaches.

And speaking of which, this guy has made a huge mistake. Given that it’s the present-giving season, and what the face in the door really looks like, he should have used it to promote the Iron Man DVD.

Iron Man in the doggie door

Tip o the flea collar to Dave Pearson.

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  1. Ben

    You have got to be kidding.

  2. PG

    I seriously don’t see that one at all.

  3. And, let’s not forget, it’s so lucky that he’s only selling it because he’s lost his job. Errr….

  4. It only has one eye… Cyclops Jesus?

  5. Adrian Lopez

    Just looking at the crud on that thing makes me feel like I’m about to contract some kind of disease from it.

  6. Sarg Bjornson

    I can’t see Jesus there… at all

  7. Cheyenne

    I don’t understand why we’re even talking about this at all. What on earth is the point of it?

    OK- I’m a crudge. I just saw Yoko Ono in my bagel. Can we blog about that?

  8. Sam Slagle

    I totally saw Iron Man before scrolling down too! I think Mr. Bowman needs to more open to the Stark reality or pareidolia.

  9. msmith40

    Let me get this straight….
    We’re talking about the deity that created EVERYTHING.
    But people lose faith over time, so the deity has to do something to get their attention….to amp-up their level of faith.
    To make them go: “WOAH!!!!”

    And this is it?
    Some lame pattern in woodwork?
    THAT”S what rejuvinates your faith?

    Not galaxies?
    Not the vast universe?
    Not the human circulatory system?
    Not babies being born?

    Your ice-making machine starts working….and THAT convinces you of a higher power?

    …..this is why the saucers don’t land….

  10. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Ouch, this is just so stupid it burns!

  11. Annette

    Looks like a sprite from “Reboot” to me…. with an eye patch. Maybe it is just the future pirate robot overlords trying to contact us so we keep hope in order to keep advancing technology.

  12. Didac

    Who needs miracle, when today we have had the opportunity to see the Moon occultation of Venus!

  13. Thomas Siefert

    Looks like his dogs have been going backwards through the door for years… :-)

  14. John Ellis

    Someone is selling a piece of cheese with the face of Zeus on it at the moment.

    Doesn’t seem to command the same price as cheesus though :-(

  15. $990 starting bid? Wow- no low ballin’ there.

  16. Bruce Almighty

    The first thing I saw was “Alf.”
    Wonder if the doggie door is made of Melmac?

  17. John Keller

    This is probably the worst likeness of Jesus yet.

    It looks like Baltar to me.

  18. Arthur Maruyama

    I guess it is vaguely face-like, but personally what I first saw was that the “mouth” looks like a London Underground logo like the ones seen on this Google images page:

  19. davidlpf

    It is better a doggie door then well then what comes out the back of a dog.

  20. Jim Shaver

    See, that’s why I don’t keep dogs. They’re always leaving nasty stains on everything!

  21. Actarus

    Does I hear $1000 to the right, $1500 to the left, One time , 2 time
    3 time …. Solde to Mme Sara Paline. Yes Mme Paline it will go well
    beside your moose head hanging in your living room. Yes its alot better then the grilled cheese that you bought. No No don’t eat it. it will not give you special power and it will not call your name for next election.

  22. Travis

    I think Muslims are smart to not have a picture of Allah so to avoid ever seeing his ‘likeness’ appear randomly.

  23. Nemo

    Who bids on this crap? Are there pareidolia collectors out there?

  24. Law Mom

    First of all, I was not aware that Jesus had goat ears. You learn something new every day. And second, the ice machine works because Mercury is no longer in retrograde, duh.

  25. IAmMarauder

    Ah, gotta love typos. In the paragraph about his dog, there is this line: “Once he saw the imagine, things changed.”

    I wonder if they meant “Once he saw it, he imagined things changed”…

    But I am hard pressed to make a face out of that image. I thought that if it looked like anything it was a bit Cylon-ish, and I can see a resemblance to Iron Man. But honestly, it looks like a dirty bit of something with marks from where the dogs scratched it.

  26. Rivi

    If this is what the dogs do to his house the one thing the guy really needs is a brush and some soap. Should be less than 1000USD, though.

  27. TheBlackCat

    @ John Ellis: Wow, that is probably the second-best pareidolia I have seen, after Lenin in the show curtain. All hail Zeus!

  28. SplendidMonkey

    Proof positive that Dog exists.

  29. Bob the Owl

    It might just be me, but I see a large bird flying over a world heavyweight championship belt. I’ve never had much of an eye for pareidolia though.

  30. SplendidMonkey

    More than that, it’s definitive proof that Dog Exits.

  31. AJ

    I have tried and tried to see a face in there, but it just looks like a beer bottle to me.

    Then again, it’s 4:51pm on a Monday after a 4 day weekend and everything looks like a beer bottle to me ūüėČ

  32. Scott Smith

    If the Son of the Creator of the universe needs to put His face on something to help bolster the faith of His followers, why in His name can’t he make it be a clear picture? You know… maybe 12 M/Pixels or so clear, with maybe his signature and a note to the person in question. Why is it something that i have to squint at through an alcohol induced haze before i can even barely begin to see what it is purported to be?

  33. Davidlpf

    Maybe dropping a word or 2, maybe like “the bird is the word”.

  34. MKR

    I see one of those fancy belts the folks on pro wrestling wave around.

  35. Nemo said “Are there pareidolia collectors out there?”

    Yep. One of the on-line casinos has a sizeable collection of this sort of crud.

  36. Blizno

    Sam Slagle Says:
    “I think Mr. Bowman needs to more open to the Stark reality”

    Stark reality is what religion was invented to cover over with comfortable padding.

    Excellent pun, Sam, by the way.

  37. Nasikabatrachus

    I don’t see Jesus so much as I see Rasputin.

  38. I see a wookie with a WWF championship belt around his mouth.

  39. Who cares about Jesus? When will you blog about the celestial Smiling Face last night? :)

  40. mmDonuts

    Definitely Robot Satan from Futurama…

  41. kurt_eh

    Arthur, I also get the underground.

    This doggy door brings new meaning to “Mind the gap!” ūüėČ

  42. Evan

    … looks like remnants of a bikini wax.

    But if you squint real hard you can see a man reflected in Iron Man’s helmet with arms raised in praise!

  43. k9_kaos

    Arthur Maruyama said:
    ‘I guess it is vaguely face-like, but personally what I first saw was that the ‚Äúmouth‚ÄĚ looks like a London Underground logo…’

    I think the “mouth” looks more like the galaxy Centaurus A. Truly a sign from the heavens!

  44. josephdietrich

    When I read “doggie door,” I thought it was a reference to this miraculous appearance. Which, by the way, is a much more convincing image IMHO.

  45. Pouria

    I see a Storm Trooper helmet…

  46. Matt

    “suddenly started working again” Suddenly as in two years later…

  47. Unspeakably Violent Jack

    “I think Muslims are smart to not have a picture of Allah so to avoid ever seeing his ‚Äėlikeness‚Äô appear randomly.”

    Not so much…
    Remember the case not so long ago about the word Allah ‘appearing’ in a piece of dried beef?

  48. Grand Lunar

    From the photo on the site of “New Humanist”, it does look a bit more like Iron Man!

  49. Tracy M

    I see a baboon with an eye patch. Pirate primates rule!

  50. BlondeReb3

    I don’t see anything at all. I see nastiness.

  51. AndymanEC

    At first glance to me, it looked like either the Predator’s mask, or a Protoss from Starcraft.

  52. beagledad

    So Iron Man is really Jesus! Who knew? The Crimson Dynamo is really in big trouble now!

  53. Eric the baker

    And I see none of those things. I see Magneto!

  54. ndt

    Honestly, if I had an object in my position with markings on it that vaguely looked like the face of Jesus (as imagined by popular culture), I’d sell it on eBay to credulous morons too. Easy money.


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