Kids returning to the Hall?

By Phil Plait | December 7, 2008 9:09 am

Oh man, let this really happen (semi-NSFW videos in that link). We saw Kids in the Hall live a few years back, and it was hilarious. Some of their skits are legendary. Chicken Lady still kills me.


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  1. Bigfoot

    One of my favorite KitH moments was this brilliant twist on sarcasm:

  2. TDL

    Presentation first… Then the whores!!!!!

  3. Kathy A.

    I’m crushing your head! I’m crushing your head!

    Some of the funniest TV ever. Can’t wait. :)

  4. Zar

    Fantastic! I love the Kids in the Hall. Saw them live in NYC a few years ago. I love the office workers. And Simon and Hecubus.

  5. I’ve tried to like it. Just like i’ve tried to like all the sketch comedy shows that are supposed to be good like Mr. Show and old SNL. I haven’t found any of it more than tolerable.

    What i’d really like is for a return of the Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, the band that does the Kids In The Hall theme song. But I don’t think that’ll happen since their bassist Reid died.

  6. Dave Foley of KitH co-starred on a recent episode of Stargate: Atlantis! The same episode also had Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson. ūüėÄ

    They even mentioned Pluto.

  7. Rob P.

    Why do you hate America?

  8. wright

    “Sir, this firm cannot afford to employ an arsonist. We’re an INSURANCE COMPANY!!”

    Ah, the Kids. Hilarious, often surrealistic stuff. It would be great to see them together again, but not in a movie. Brain Candy would’ve worked much better as a series of linked sketches, too.

  9. kurt_eh

    I remember the assassination attempt on Cabage Head. Coleslaw was flying everywhere!

  10. I still maintain that our best exports are softwood lumber and the Kids in the Hall.

  11. Brian

    You’ll get little argument from this American.

  12. sdrDusty

    Great! I miss Buddy!

  13. Chip

    Top notch! To me they’re among the greats: Kids in the Hall, SCTV, Monty Python, Seinfeld. ūüėÄ

  14. Steve Ulven

    This news makes me happy! KITH have actually had a couple shows here in the Twin Cities since I moved here and I missed both of them because they coincided with me being broke. The same thing happened with George Carlin’s yearly appearance here, he would always show up when I was broke, and now I will never have that opportunity.

  15. Have you seen their alien abduction sketch, Phil? I’m sure you’d particularly love that one, so you’d probably have mentioned it if you’d seen it. I had a link to it, but unfortunately the video has gone down since I last saw it. If I find it, I’ll drop you a link.

  16. Dave

    As soon as I saw the title I was excited. I remember coming home and practically getting chills when I heard that Blondie opening song.

  17. jest

    I saw them live once as well.

    One of my all-time favorites is their short film (which was simply inserted into one of their episodes) “Sausages.”

    A warning though, it’s strange. lol. I just loved the cinematography and the concept.

  18. Malachi Constant


    CBC dropped the ball, Phil. They didn’t interview you on Quirks & Quarks for “Ten Ways the World Could End”

    Any comment on their accuracy?

  19. Charles Boyer

    I loved “The Radicator” — the weasely kid talking junk in the locker room. Good, good stuff.

  20. Blondin

    These are the Daves I know…

  21. w_nightshde

    Welcome to the Pit of Ultimate Darkness! I’m your host, Sir Simon Milligan…

  22. JimF

    Favorite lines…

    “fresh out of my body and onto your plate”

    “he’s having some dif-fiklty with the salt”

    “evil! impolite and evil!”

    “you made the coffee naked!”

    Ahh, the memories.

  23. Sarcastro

    It left him scarred. Scarred for life!

  24. GQ

    Head-crushing, The Drag Queen Uprising and the secret of Jack Nicholson’s sex appeal. (hint: its a demon)

    Love the kids, bring ’em back and bring ’em back NOW! :o-)

  25. Ginger Yellow

    Oh, awesome. And eerie. I watched Brain Candy just two days ago.

  26. My-Name-is-Kenneth

    Ever see the 2005 Disney film Sky High? That has two KitH alumni in it.

    Very funny film and unlike High School Musical, underrated.

    Gwen: I’m a technopath. I can control technology with my mind.

    Will Stronghold: Wow. All I can do is punch stuff.

    Mr. Medulla: Yet he’ll be the one on cereal boxes. Show me the justice in that.


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