Savage obsession

By Phil Plait | December 21, 2008 12:00 pm

Earlier this year, at TAM 6, my Close Personal Friend™ Adam Savage gave a really fun talk, where he rapid-fire presented his obsession with creating his own dodo skeleton model and then one of the Maltese Falcon. He gave this talk at other venues, and a video of one has surfaced at

Mind you, this is him when he hasn’t had coffee. It’s really a very engaging talk.


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    Man, does he talk fast! Is he always like that, Phil?

  2. Tim G

    If you played the embedded version, you’d have to click on the “watch full program” in the bottom right corner to view the final two minutes of the seventeen minute talk.

  3. davidlpf

    Take a breath Adam.

  4. Jeeves

    I guess he likes birds :)

  5. Please tell me that someone stole his replica of the Maltese Falcon and snuck it into his hotel room. He deserves to have the full effect of the object.

  6. mus

    I have a sudden urge to sculpt something….

  7. Scott Smith

    Eesh Adam is obsessed! But I must admit that he did some great work. HOWEVER, his assertion that the world can be divided into Chandler people or Hammet people is a little wrong. There are few of us that like both. ūüėČ Just look at my book case… why what do I see, a copy of “The Big Sleep” sharing space with “The Maltese Falcon” Gasp! ūüėČ

  8. Elmar_M

    One just gotta love Adam Savage!
    But gee being on speed like that all the time cant be healthy ūüėČ He is pretty much the same on Mythbusters, fast talking and all that. So I assume, he is like that most of the time.
    I love Mythbusters (who doesnt?)! Both and Adam and Jamie (who is also great!) are hosting the only entertainment TV show (it is certainly educational, but it is also very entertaining) that has never ever upset me (so far anyway). Pretty much every other entertainment- TV show has (stupid scripts, bad science, people acting stupidly, unoriginal plotts, boring, bad acting, etc).

  9. God, he’s like the human personification of SPEED XD

  10. While I am very far from as hyper as Adam I totally get what he’s talking about. When I get into a project I get so obsessed that I will not stop until I’m totally satisfied. I’ve also got GB worth of reference photos on my computer of everything from cuttlefish to fossils to medieval weaponry.

  11. Mike

    Phil – If you are truely obsessed with Adam Savage, you should give him his own category.

  12. konezumi

    Hyper or Caffeine either way his brain works in wonderful circles. I have a new appreciation for him.


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