The Lion and the Lamb

By Phil Plait | December 24, 2008 5:36 pm

Whatever your persuasion…

… this time of year is a great time to forget our differences and celebrate our commonalities. Even a curmudgeonly skeptic like me knows that.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Bill

    It’s “Merry Christmas”, you stupid, evil, America hating liberal.

    Why can’t you secular progressives stop attacking Christianity for even one day??

  2. PG

    @Bill: Christmas troll?

    Ah, well, have a Happy Whatever everyone!

  3. It is Newtonmas in Oz now so let me take this opportunity to wish Phil and family and all the BABloggees a Merry Christmas.

    Best wishes for the holidays dudes.

  4. Happy Winter Break everyone!

    @Bill: Ironic. Can’t tell if it’s sarcasm or just being silly.

  5. @Bill:
    You are a bad man. You just made the Baby Jesus cry….

  6. Happy Holidays to you as well my friend. One of the best gifts I received this year was when Carr & I met you at TAM & the three of us mutually geeked out about David Tennant (along with the picture Carr drew of Adam Savage as Davros).

    When we crack open a bottle of red wine this evening and make a toast to friends, you will certainly be in there. Stay warm and see you at the next event/meetup.
    From your friend up in freezing MPLS,
    ~ “Tim3P0” timothy s. iwan

  7. Colin J

    @Bill. Wow. Just wow.

  8. Wendy

    LOL @ Bill! Hilarious!

    That’s the cutest picture ever….. Makes me wish I had pets.

  9. One more Merry Christmas picture from me and Copernicus. I promise no more cutesy cat pictures from me today… we can’t get Copernicus to sit still to put hats or antlers on any more.

  10. My four dogs, three cats, their humans, and even the seven foster dogs, wish you and yours a Wonderful Life and Happy Elf Watching! – g^2

  11. Scott Smith

    # Bill Says:
    December 24th, 2008 at 5:42 pm

    It’s “Merry Christmas”, you stupid, evil, America hating liberal.

    Why can’t you secular progressives stop attacking Christianity for even one day??

    Because our Puritan forefathers outlaweded it? Shrug. 😉

  12. The Mad LOLScientist

    Cheater. You were suposed to get one of Canis Minor and Dinger.

  13. James

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah, or whatever you happen to be celebrating this time of the year! Hope your 2008 was great, and 2009 will be better.

  14. J. D. Mack

    OK, I don’t know who Bill is, and unless he has a history of troll posts, I think his comment is a joke.

    So we should all lighten up in this season of darkness (at least, it’s dark where I live at 5:00 PM).

    Happy Yalda, everyone!

    J. D.

  15. Isn’t “happy holidays” simply more inclusive? Tonight might be xmas eve but there are a bunch of holidays around this time of year.

    @JD Mack: I suspect you are correct about Bill’s post but I have no evidence either way.

  16. KC

    Happy Chrismukkawannziurnalia! 😉

  17. KC

    Oops left out the Hindus:
    Happy Chrismukkawannziurnaliaganapati

  18. schism

    … this time of year is a great time to forget our differences and celebrate our commonalities.

    I’ll show you curmudgeonly. Your pets are bothering my allergies. Lawn ornaments are both a stupid waste of time and hideous. It’s not cold enough. You damn kids get off my lawn! Bah, humbug!

  19. DenverAstro

    May Santa’s Reindeer Poop on your Roof :)
    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  20. John Phillips, FCD

    From the UK, happy monkey and merry squidmas one and all.

  21. NO WAY!!!!! I’m just looking out of my window, to the northeast, and there is a bright red light flying very low. It almost looks to be about tree-top level. Wait! It’s coming straight towards me… Oh, My… it looks like reindeer…. pulling some bearded guy in red suit… It’s… It’s… James Randi????

  22. @KC:

    Hey, don’t forget the Canadians!
    Merry Christmas, eh!

  23. Gavin Flower
  24. D. Mapache


    Letś god give you what you wish for me.

    Happy season.

  25. D. Mapache


    To make the above comment to have any sense I’d say that I’m a stupid, evil, Spaniard liberal, that I like to attack Christian as I was a Roman before. 😉

  26. StevoR

    Michael L Says:

    @Bill: You are a bad man. You just made the Baby Jesus cry….

    Nah, Ithink he justneed shis Holynappy chamged ! Holy Sh—-! 😉

  27. StevoR

    Gosh durnit one line & istill get toomany flippin’ typos .. :-(

    —— TAKE II ——-

    Michael L Says:

    “@Bill: You are a bad man. You just made the Baby Jesus cry…”

    Nah, I think he just needs his Holy nappy changed! Holy Sh—-! 😉

  28. StevoR

    PS. Merry Christmas, Xamas, Hannukkah, Chanukkah, Sol Invictus, Saturnalia, Atheist day, Winter / Summer Solstice celebration, Yule Norse gods day, & whatever else folks! (Apologies to any holiday / faith I’ve missed.) 😉

    Ah heck can’t we just call it Xmas, say its secular enough if we want it to be (orreligious for those so inclined) & let things go at that?

    Do the Jews hafta spoil everyone else’s holidays just coz “Santa Claus hates ’em?” (see video on the Dreidel-Santa Holiday Fail thread thingy.) :-(

    Hmm .. Perhaps we should ban Hannukkah or whatever its called because *it* offends non-jews (a.k.a. 95 % of Humanity if not more) eh?

    Oh well. Happy holidays & to all a good night! 😉

    (Yes even grinch-ly Jews!)

  29. Kate

    Merry Chirsmakwanzahannusolstisaturnfestivus!

  30. Daniel Snyder




  31. DrFlimmer

    Merry Christmas!

    Maybe for some guys it would be better if we call it the “celebration of love” as it is also done in Germany (das Fest der Liebe). That’s always a reason to celebrate, even for atheists ( 😉 ), love and peace!
    I wish that those who call themselves “Christians” will start to behave as they are supposed to do – or at least will try. The world would be a better place, defenitly!

  32. Gary Ansorge

    As an agnostic, mystic, rational, materialist, Scottish, German/Jewish progressive, here’s wishing everyone on the planet a hopeful new year, from the “deep south”, where we have no a priori prejudices,,,we’re just glad it has finally become cold enough to freeze the cajones off those danged mosquitos.


    GAry 7

  33. Ryan

    I got Death From the Skies for Christmas, along with The Demon-Haunted World. It’s a Very Science Christmas!

  34. Andrew

    Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
    Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes!
    The dead rising from the grave!
    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

    (It had to be said)

  35. Jarrad T

    Happy Festivus everyone! Let the feats of strength begin…

  36. sailor

    Well the cat looks like a small lion, but the dog is nothing like a lamb. Where are your glasses?

  37. Mena

    From my experience, a cat and a dog sharing a sun spot on a bed isn’t too odd. Two cats together, forget it! Oh, and poor Copernicus. The fuzzy one, not the astronomer one. Cute but poor kitty!

  38. Alan Haggard

    As a current agnostic (pantheist to be precise) and former atheist, I cannot for the life of me help but to feel the least bit nostalgiac, not to mention optimistic, during this winter solstace/christmas season. It could just be the booze and ambiquitous amount of food stuffs talking, but most likely not, as this is something that has been lingering on my mind for some time now. While others choose to obsess over the negative aspects of humanity, I choose to look forward to what is to come and to what we (and I) are capable of. A new year is drawing near, a year of political upheaval and idealogical reformation, a process that is long overdue, and I will personally be pursuing both my own goals & objectives without hesitation. Here’s to to a New Year. Perhaps even, a new beginning. Cheers.


  40. Mick

    If differences can be worked out, that should generally be done regardless of christmas. But if they are insurmountable, then there’s the eternal vigilance bit far as I’m concerned.

    F’course since I spend the holidays with my family I really don’t have time to butt heads with my enemies anyway…


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