Anomalous Martian anomalies

By Phil Plait | January 6, 2009 12:21 pm

I have to wonder, sometimes, what’s running through some people’s heads.

For example, you see a picture, a famous picture, or at least one that thousands of people have seen. You see something in it no one else has noticed. It’s incredibly obvious, and in fact revolutionary. Incredibly, you realize that you’re seeing not just one amazing thing in this picture, but dozens! It’ll change mankind as we know it! You tell people, but no one believes you, no matter what you do, and no matter how obvious the picture is.

At what point do you think, hey, I wonder if just maybe I’m the one who’s wrong?

If you’re Andrew D. Basiago, the answer is "never".

Mr. Basiago is the founder and president of the Mars Anomaly Research Society, where he digs through pictures of Mars and looks for anything he doesn’t understand, which he then claims is evidence of life on the Red Planet. He evidently has met with some resistance to his claims, because he was forced to send out a press release, which Yahoo! dutifully published. In it, he’s trying to convince the National Geographic Society to publish his nonsense. Reading it is funny, if a little sad:

On December 7th, Basiago made his discovery. “I was astonished by what I found,” he said. “There, on the Red Planet, were beings in blue bodysuits and the abstract artwork of a Martian civilization. I was looking at the first evidence of life beyond Earth!”

In his letter to the National Geographic Society, the lawyer writes that careful evaluation of PIA10214 reveals “a cosmic treasure trove of pictographic evidence of life on Mars, including humanoid beings, animal species, carved statues, and built structures.”

Blue bodysuits. Right. Here’s the picture in question:

Click it to embiggen, or check out the original which has lots more detail. Do you see any Martians? Animals? Humans? Anything at all but rocks, more rocks, and yet even more rocks?

Well, there is evidence of life in that image. You can see parts of the rover in it. But I don’t think that’s what Mr. Basiago is talking about.

What I’m talking about is that this is just more pareidolia, of course, except in this case it’s mixed with a person utterly convinced that what he’s seeing is real. In general, this kind of stuff is harmless (except perhaps to the deluded individual) unless it gets publicity, or someone like Hoagland uses it to throw a monkey in the wrench at NASA, slowing real science down.

But remember the Bigfoot on Mars? Or the Martian log? This kind of stuff is beloved by the media, who don’t understand that they are in fact supporting such garbage, and wind up wasting the time of real scientists trying to do real work.

Isn’t it cool enough that we’ve had rovers traversing across the face of another planet, and they’ve been doing it for five frakking years?

For some people, I guess not. Too bad. They’re missing the actual cool stuff.

Tip o’ the tin foil beanie to BABloggee STUARTATK.


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  1. Molly

    Wow, I have no idea where he’s even looking in that picture to see anything but the obvious. How does he explain why there has been no interference with the rovers from this “civilization”. I doubt that if a strange rover appeared here on Earth that everyone would just leave it alone to do its business.

  2. Count your blessings, there have been people who have claimed to be in regular communication with Martians over the years. At least these Martians are seen and not heard.

  3. I’m sorry, but maybe I lack the mental impairment to see what he sees… I look at that picture, read his claims, and I’m just left with, “HUH!?”

  4. Jack Mitcham

    Can anybody circle or point out exactly what features this nutjob is even alluding to? I can sometimes kinda see where a stain on the sidewalk maybe kinda looks a little like Jesus… but this? There’s nothing.

  5. Why is it that whenever someone mentions the word “anomaly” it seems that douchebaggery must also follow?

    At least this guy isn’t solarizing the picture in photoshop and claiming that it represents reptilian aliens hiding inside people.

  6. Doc

    Two words: nut case.

  7. Steve A

    Since I do look at a lot of media on space news, I have a little quibble. I wouldn’t rant against the media so much when its a PR site, especially in this case. So far, the only ones I can find that reference it are 2 blogs, one of which is this one. (You can get a good idea of how big a story is by looking at

    Had this been picked up by the AP, or other feed sites, then it might have had a chance to be “spread by the media,” entering local papers or TV. I really appreciate the analysis here, especially the chance to see the photo in question, but this post is probably generating as much if not more views on the story than it as gotten since it was released last week. Again, minor quibble.

  8. Steve A

    And to clarify, when I say “do” mean “look at.”

  9. Todd W.

    The “beings” are the Martian bigfoot, who he describes as a female, possibly a statue, and another being a little to the right that is a male, as if fallen down. The bigfoot-like shape is over at the left side of the pic.

  10. greymonk

    Okay… I think I see the problem. The photo is obviously a mosaic of several images stitched together. And when the rover was taking the picture in, say, the upper left, the blue men were in the field of view of the lower right hand image, and they just kept managing to get out of frame.

    (Actually, that’s an idea. Blue Man Group should have a Mars-themed concert.)

    Maybe he just has a really glossy monitor and is seeing reflections from outside his window.

  11. PP

    Also in the press release:

    “There is evidence of camouflage in some of the species. One is transparent in form.”

    That should explain why those weren’t spotted before….

  12. Arrrrghgh….I actually read the whole article and now my brain hurts.

  13. Am I the only one that can see them??? They’re sitting at the picnic table eating a marsburger and drinking a beer.

  14. Nemo

    My favorite part: “The lawyer searched the broad westward expanse of the Martian surface that can be seen in the photograph taken by Spirit for other indications of life after enlarging the photograph on his new HP Pavilion Entertainment Personal Computer.”

    Yes, he thought it was important that he tell you about his PC. And that it didn’t make him sound goofy.

  15. Ok, I just read the first few pages of the paper linked to and I’m utterly convinced that this guy is trying to prank Hoagland. Either that, or it’s Hoagland using a Pseudonym. The style of writing is so similar to RCH that it’s almost uncanny. The descriptions of so many different types of “beings” is very similar to how RCH describes the monuments, right along with the blown-up, pixelated images that he uses as his “proof”. Has anyone actually looked this guy up? Anyone tried looking for anagrams in Andrew D. Basiago? Something stinks here…

  16. Ian

    His “findings” are documented with close-ups at:—andrew-d.-basiago—the-discovery-of-life-on-mars—12-12-08.pdf

    Looks like a bunch of rocks to me.

  17. Mena

    I agree with drksky. The name “Basiago” just seems to be a bit cheesy.

  18. Mark Hansen

    No, I think the name is genuine. Do a quick google on his name and see what else he’s promoting.

  19. HCN

    He needs to go to the eye doctor. He might have floaters, or some other condition that is making him see things that aren’t there.

  20. HCN

    Mena said “I agree with drksky. The name “Basiago” just seems to be a bit cheesy.”

    How very punny!

  21. Law Mom

    OMG, for a second I thought I saw a little hand on Mars but then I realized it was my cursor.

  22. After a quick Google, I must say that the guy is real. Three books listed on Amazon, all dealing the Fatima crap. Now I just think the guy is either seriously deranged or a genius who’s going to make millions off the people who buy this stuff…

  23. aeryn

    Ok. At least the face on Mars actually does look like a face as much as any pareidolia l looks like a face. I can’t see anything that even MIGHT look like people in blue body suits.

    If you were trying to avoid detection on Mars, why the flying fudgecakes would you wear BLUE anyway??

  24. Hahaha, I love the internet.

  25. Davidlpf

    Mars nonsense and no Hoagland,maybey this is whole new era.

  26. Charles Boyer

    I see some photo-stitching errors (mainly tonal ones), some Martian rocks, parts of a Rover, but evidence of life and civilization eludes me.

    Oh, that’s right, Martians are invisible and live in underground caverns that have rock doors. How could I have missed that?

  27. Beelzebud

    Here is a legitimate question I have regarding Mars photos. Why is the color never consistent?

    Some photo’s (such as this one) show a pale blue/green sky and all the rocks have a blue/green hue to them. On this image look at the right handed side to see what I mean about the blue hue on rocks, as well as the sandy area that has a green hue to it.

    I know that the camera sees wavelengths the human eye doesn’t see, and that calibrating them can be tricky. I’m not a nutball suggesting there is fakery going on here by NASA, so don’t go there! :)

    I guess what I’m asking is can you give me an example of a photo calibrated to be “What you’d see if you were standing there”? This photo is beautiful but something tells me the color is way off from what the human eye would see.

  28. Cairnos

    HCN Said “He needs to go to the eye doctor. He might have floaters, or some other condition that is making him see things that aren’t there.”

    That’s the really scary part, all these blue suited humanoids, etc, do actually exist. It’s just that they are really small and hiding in his eyeball. They only become visible to him when viewed against a reddish background colour.

  29. Beelzebud

    And yeah, after looking over the picture I’m not quite sure how any sane person could possibly see “blue suited humanoids” in it. That’s just ridiculous.

  30. Totem

    Ok so I started reading his long essay at—andrew-d.-basiago–the-discovery-of-life-on-mars—12-12-08.pdf

    My favorite so far is at the bottom of page 7, where he states:

    “This being has a big head and a childish grin on his face. If he is a statue, then The Glass Totem on the Boulder reveals the light heartedness with which the Martians craft their artwork. If, however, he is an entity, then we can conclude that some Martians are friendly and have taken delight in the fact that we have landed Spirit on their planet.”

    Now that’s a scientific conclusion if I ever saw one. Nevermind the fact that Spirit had been there about 3 years or so at that point. That’s a long time to keep smiling about it.

  31. Davidlpf

    It should be maybe.

  32. Totem messed up the link. oh well. Certain ‘dashes’ need to be replaced with three hyphens to get it right.

    between “mars” and “andrew”
    between “basiago” and “the”
    between “mars” and “12”

  33. Cairnos

    OK, just reading through the paper a bit and…
    “Creatures with human heads and the alpine
    complexion of Europeans”

    Ok, WTF is ‘the alpine’ complexion in ‘Europeans’ ?

  34. Greg

    The only thing I see is that Rover needs a bath.

  35. gruebait

    My god! It’s full of rocks!

  36. Totem

    Sorry gang…I’m new to posting to this blog, and just figuring out what gets moderated, etc. So my posts are probably appearing out of order. And of course now I see that the link was already posted by Ian above.

    I’ll try not to look like such a dolt down the road :)

  37. Kathy A.

    Thanks for the link. Now I understand why I can’t see a darned thing in the picture — even his “closeups” are the lousiest pareidolia I’ve seen in a long time. But I sure would like to know what recreational drugs he’s taking… 😉

  38. Cairnos

    “The fact that many of them have bodies camouflaged to look like boulders suggests that
    these creatures are indigenous to Mars”

    Damn good camoflage I have to say, would have fooled me anyday.
    Exceept for the Glass Totem, so far the transparent one is the only image I’ve been able to see anything in.

  39. # Molly Says:
    I doubt that if a strange rover appeared here on Earth that everyone would just leave it alone to do its business.

    Most likely in my neighborhood, it’d be stripped in twenty minutes.


  40. Cairnos

    “If it
    proves to be real, and not the result of a hoax by or within NASA,”

    “These embeds were then enlarged at 500%
    resolution and stretched to fit the margins of the text of this paper. Besides horizontal
    and vertical stretching of each embed to achieve page justification, no alteration of the
    form or color of any of the images was performed.”

    This HAS to be a wind-up!

  41. Cairnos

    Hey Totem, YOUR not made of glass by any chance are you? 😉

  42. Definitely see one Martian there. It has two large flat gray shoulders, a big gray head in the middle, and… Look there, that black vertical thing. That’s its middle finger. It’s flippin us off – Go home Earth robot! Man, it must have really got right in front of the rover to get this picture. The Martians are PO’d at us now.

    @BA “throw a monkey in the wrench at NASA”

    So someone had already thrown the wrench at NASA and now we have a monkey to go with it? Or maybe the monkey was thrown and it was carrying the wrench with it?

  43. Arlo

    Just another Mars/Moon quack.. nothing to see here.

    I checked out his site and his most recent postings appear to be obsessed with “artifacts” and “evidence” that appear on multiple photos that simply appear to be artifacts of the analogue film based developing process showing up as they did multiple prints.

  44. Gary Ansorge

    Ah, pareidolia and tin hats, how well they go together,,,

    I thought tin hats just turn ones head into an antenna,,,

    GAry 7

  45. As an artist, I envy this man’s imagination. I really do.

  46. Beelzebud:

    I guess what I’m asking is can you give me an example of a photo calibrated to be “What you’d see if you were standing there”? This photo is beautiful but something tells me the color is way off from what the human eye would see.

    The picture posted above by Phil Plait is a false colour picture of the original that was featured as the Astronomy Picture of the Day on 29th January 2008 — click on my name for the link — which also has the “Little Bigfoot” feature.

  47. Richard

    This guy may be on to something. Just now, looking at the hi-res version, I spotted a face that looked like the lovechild of Charlie Brown and Stewie from “Family Guy.” (On the right side, just above the solar panel.)

    Just think, Mars is populated by same-sex cartoon couples. And they reproduce.

  48. Loaf Of Bread

    Sure you didn’t see the two Martians in the blue body suits? The ones near the top right corner sitting in the lawn chairs next to the pool and having drinks? Just kidding.

  49. Cairnos

    Hmmm, any one want to find a picture of death valley, false colour it a bit and anonamously leak it to this chap as a NASA suppressed picture of the Valles Mortis and see what he can find. We may already have been invaded! :-)

  50. @Beelzebud,

    The rovers use a black&white camera and color filters. This from Phil’s link to the original:

    “This view combines separate images taken through Pancam filters centered on wavelengths of 753 nanometers, 535 nanometers and 432 nanometers. It is presented in a false-color stretch to bring out subtle color differences in the scene. “


  51. Nyx

    Wouldn’t it be fun to give this guy a Rorschach test? There would hours of entertainment, no doubt.

  52. Scopeslinger

    If you actually read the link provided above, the so called “paper” is clearly tongue in cheek.

    “On Mars, humanoids and plesiosaurs extinct on Earth co-exist (left), as snakes slither
    across the ground and a humanoid confronts an odd entity with a cobra-like torso”

    Believe me, I deal with people who are serious about this time of stuff on a daily basis. This it too fake to be real, so to speak.

  53. JoeSmithCA

    Very funny stuff. If you swapped that out with a color adjusted shot of the Haughton Crater in Canada during the summer and I’d bet he’d be spotting aliens all over the place there too.

  54. To paraphrase Dave Lister in Red Dwarf

    (Imagine the two Mars Rovers talking to each other for this)

    “Look, there’s just you, me, a smashed Beagle, and loads and loads of smegging ROCKS!”

  55. IVAN3MAN


    A man goes to a psychiatrist. To start things off, the psychiatrist suggests they start with a Rorschach test. He holds up the first picture and asks the man what he sees.

    “A man and a woman making love in a park”, the man replies.

    The psychiatrist holds up the second picture and asks the man what he sees.

    “A man and a woman making love in a boat.”

    The psychiatrist holds up the third picture.

    “A man and a woman making love at the beach.”

    This goes on for the rest of the set of pictures; the man says he sees a man and a woman making love in every one of the pictures.

    At the end of the test, the psychiatrist looks over his notes and says: “It appears that you have an unhealthy preoccupation with sex.”

    Well, look who’s talking!”, the man replies, “You’re the one showing me the dirty pictures.”

  56. Totem


    nope… I was gonna say that I [i]do[/i] have a bulbous, elongated head, though… but something seemed so wrong with that statement.

  57. Levi in NY

    Reminds me of all the time I wasted looking for “anomalies” that proved 9/11 was an inside job.

    Man, I’m glad I grew out of that.

  58. TN

    I just love to see these large resolution images from an another planet. I just stare the horizon and think.

    Not a single human being on that planet. Nobody.
    Nothing to breathe, nothing to eat, nothing to drink.

    And the universe is full of worlds like that.

  59. Richard Smith

    I like how he’s very specific about the forms of life that exist on Mars, “a variety of animal species that exist, that once existed, or that have never existed on Earth.” Pretty much ticks all the boxes.

    Interestingly, “[r]eptilian species predominate”. I wonder if they live in a magic village..? ‘Scuse me, I’m off to have some stew while enjoying the music.

  60. «bønez_brigade»

    Jeez, that sounded like an Onion™ article, though sadly it wasn’t in Yahoo!’s humor section (if they even have one). The parts about “his new HP Pavilion Entertainment Personal Computer” and the camouflage/transparent species were just too much. A mini-laugh-riot ensued.

  61. Richard Smith

    Just spotted this little nugget, where he, as “keen observer finds himself cast in the role of the aboriginal shaman, who could not only see the arrival of the Spanish ships that others could not see but discern that they were not sea monsters”. Somebody was a big fan of What the [bleep].

  62. kuhnigget

    Nah, here’s my favorite:

    “When I analyzed PIA10214, and saw what was there, I felt like Charles Darwin encountering the animals of the Galapagos Islands for the first time, except that my Galapagos Islands were on the Internet and my animals were on Mars.”

    But I’ll cut him some slack, seeming as how he’s from Vancouver and all. Not much going on there this time of year.

  63. Gary Ansorge

    I think I’ll have to start selling smooth, round, tin hats on the ‘net, you know, the kind that are so good at attracting lightening,,,no repeat customers but at least they won’t have to worry about aliens messing with their heads,,,

    GAry 7

  64. @Scopeslinger: Google the guys name and you’ll find that, if he’s not serious about it, he’s very good a faking it. He’s got three books on Amazon about the whole Fatima stuff alone, which puts him right in the middle of the Coast 2 Coast crowd, along with RCH and Maj. Ed Dames.

  65. Eric TF Bat

    I have a theory that all the creationists and moon hoaxers and paradoolallyacs and all the rest of the loonies you write about here are really just trolls, making up stories they’re sure nobody will believe, going to great lengths to come up with something so utterly bonkers that people are SURE to realise it’s a joke. So there aren’t really any people who believe this stuff really. The human race isn’t going to hell in a handbasket, and the web isn’t populated by mentally ill gibberers. It’s all OK!

    And then I remember the Christians I’ve met, and the school science teachers, and the ignoramuses… and I realise it’s all real, and we’re lost. The human race is sunk.

    Except… one of the reasons we know that snuff films don’t really exist is: why provide documentary evidence of a crime in a form that the authorities can use to prosecute you? In the same way, all of this stuff is ample evidence to get these people committed to some kind of institution. These people are sick, not stupid. Someone needs to find them, put them under observation, and get them some help. And then maybe the trolls can have the game to themselves, and the sane majority (?) of the human race can breathe a large sigh of relief…

  66. Eric TF Bat

    @drksky: Fruitbat’s First Law of the Internet: if you’re faking stupidity so well that everyone is convinced, then you’re not faking.

  67. Man, I look at that picture, and the most interesting observations I have were:

    1.) Look at those rocks on the lower left… they look sedimentary! Well, that’s interesting. I wonder what the process was…
    2.) I love the depth of field in this image. You can see for miles!
    3.) Spirit looks filthy!
    4.) Well, that’s got to be false color. Even the sky looks bluish.

    That’s it. No Martians. No pictographs. My brain simply is incapable of working like this fellow’s.

  68. bjn

    Fffffffffffffffffftt! I’ll take a hit off whatever he’s smokin’.

    The beings are rock shaped, wearing skin tight suits…

  69. Beelzebud

    @IMForeman: yeah it really is a great panorama. With a large widescreen monitor you almost get the sense of what it would be like to be standing there looking out over the horizon. Amazing stuff. :)

  70. So Mars has so many bipedal humanoids running around that the probes just keep stumbling over them, yet no other noticeable biosphere. Uh huh.

  71. Why is it always the lawyers?

    Anyway, in the big jpeg version:
    (864, 2222) is the standard alien
    (8435, 1820) is an armed, spacesuited alien advancing on the rover
    (10965, 1845) is either a power plant or the alien’s mother and
    (11847, 2342) is a casualty of the imperialist efforts at Martian regime change.

  72. I don’t see the body suits. Where are they?

    Maybe they’re invisible and you need a magical invisible decoder ring to see them.

  73. Invisible Blue Martians? I smell a new religion!

  74. Hax Or

    So you’re impressed with rovers that have been running for 5 years. That’s your opinion. Why do you insist on trying to change someone else’s opinion of these events?

    Maybe one of these days you’ll ‘lighten up’ about science. Or perhaps you’ll remain emo… er… passionate.

    Either way… your books are great, but your blog is too condescending to take seriously. You should start a religion.

  75. @Hax Or: Wow. Usually I have some idea what people here are talking about, but you’ve completely lost me. What do you mean by “lighten up about science” (and why would that be good?) or “emo” (??) or “trying to change some else’s opinions” (where?)? And what sort of religion would you even envision Phil starting?

  76. Richard

    @Hax Or

    Fact: The Mars rovers had a mission plan of 3 months. They weren’t expected to last a year.

    Fact: The rovers have been running for almost five years.

    Opinion: “Isn’t it cool enough that we’ve had rovers traversing across the face of another planet, and they’ve been doing it for five frakking years?”

    I’d say that Phil’s opinion is educated and he came to that conclusion by looking at the available evidence. In fact, it’s a logical opinion.

    Fact: The image in question came from the rover, Spirit.

    Fact: There are numerous rocks of varying sizes.

    Opinion: “I was astonished by what I found. There, on the Red Planet, were beings in blue bodysuits and the abstract artwork of a Martian civilization. I was looking at the first evidence of life beyond Earth!”

    *crickets chirp*

    You can see here were the logic is, well, thrown out the window. From looking at a bunch of really interesting rocks (because they’re martian rocks, and it’d be interesting to know how they were created and what caused them to be there, whatnot) Basiago has presumed that a civilization exists.

    Although it may be true that if we found alien life, we may not be able to recognize it. The reason being that life on another planet would evolve within the confines and influences of its host planet. The chances that a intelligent species would be humanoid in form are very, very slim. So, maybe life could resemble rocks.

    However, Basiago makes the claim that the life forms he sees look very much like life forms that are or were living on earth. Except for the life forms he said may not look familiar. (Such vague specificness, no?) And the ones described as intelligent look like “grays” of Ufology fame, which in turn are strange, infantile humanoids.

    I bet if Spirit took another picture like this those “animals” would have stayed in place.

    So, Hax Or, science relies on logic, evidence, and the scientific method. These are things that most religions reject. Therefore, it’d be useless for Phil to start a religion because his “disciples” would start pointing out where he was wrong on points trivial to monumental. (Yes, his readers do that currently.) A spiritual leader can’t have his followers question him, that defeats the whole “leader” aspect.

    My opinion is, judging from the article, Basiago has a better chance at starting up a religion since you have to be quite credulous to believe that what he says he sees is the truth.

    As an aside, I also spotted a head that kinda looked like “Johnny Bravo.”

  77. Hal's Dave

    gruebait Says:
    My god! It’s full of rocks! :)

    I spy with my lil eye something that starts with “R” lots of them too.

  78. @Richard: Actually, if you check out the article on Universe today, , you’ll see where they have a breakdown of how that image was constructed from several images taken over a space of about 1/2 hour. As hasbeen said previously, these are false-color images constructed of several black & whites taken through different filters. So, the fact that all these creatures’ capering and covorting doesn’t show in the least in this image pretty much puts to bed any claims this loony has about life on Mars.

  79. ndt

    Fixed that for you:

    This kind of stuff is beloved by the media, who don’t care that they are in fact supporting such garbage

  80. Archie

    Brain 1: 50 quatloos that the newcomers will have to be destroyed.
    Brain 2: 100 quatloos that Basiago is cleverly trying to prank Hoagland.
    Brain 3: 500 quatloos that Basiago is serious.

    Kirk: I’m so

  81. Bandsaw

    You can’t see the blue-suiters because they’re hiding behind the grassy knoll on the right side of the picture.

  82. Daffy

    I love all the media bashing…face it, gang, the media are nothing more than a reflection of society; if they tend to be sensationalistic, low brow, gullible…well, guess why? Because that’s what our society is. They aren’t separate…they are US.

  83. Sandra

    martians in blue body suits…*checks again* nope, don’t see them. I see the rover, and i see rocks, and hills and more rocks…no blue martians. I must not be wearing my martian spotting goggles.

  84. eddie

    And this is why I love this site and comments. After reading the original post and following the links, I was ready to throw my hands up and bemoan the gullibility of the human race (again.)

    But after reading through the comments, the now-obvious struck me; this is farce and satire, and if RCH is involved – admittedly one of my first conclusions – he’s probably not aware of it and serves as nothing more than a target, which is exactly what he should be anyway.

    Yes, Mr. Basiago may have authored books on Fatima and such, but this appears to me to be over-the-top satire of a subject that’s been so debunked it can’t possibly have legs anymore. I personally think this a is a guy with a vivid imagination, a warped sense of humor and way too much time on his hands.

  85. mark

    I dont think “Frakking” is a very suitable word to be using in any blog let alone one which kids read.

    It’s not big or clever, I would ask you to refrain from using such horrible slang.

  86. Daffy

    “I dont think “Frakking” is a very suitable word to be using in any blog let alone one which kids read.”


  87. Archie

    Well, um, we should actually be either challenging Basiago on basic principles or trying to test the assertion that what he presents is satire or even a somewhat clever anti-hoax. 50000 quatloos that the newcomers will have to be destroyed.

  88. Frakking is perfectly acceptable according to the FCC, so it must not be offensive. Just tell your kids to go play some more GTA and CoD4 instead of reading the naughty blog. 😀

  89. Michael

    Many of our moms made a lesson of it that when we saw strange people it was impolite to point and laugh. Mr. Plait apparently missed that day in class. Or perhaps the internet just brings out the worst in people.

  90. Gary Ansorge

    Fraking: a euphemism for that fine old Anglo Saxon word derived from:
    Fornicate Under Church Kanon,,,(ie, “it’s ok to do THAT now because you’re MARRIED”).

    We’re not making fun of STRANGE people,,,we’re making fun of STUPID people,,,there is an, admittedly limited, difference.

    Gary 7

  91. Archie

    When did this all turn into a socio-linguistics forum? Back to the subject at hand: If he were working with real science, or if his claims were not anti-hoax, Mr. Basiago would step forward to defend his claims in a suitable. rational manner.

  92. MindEcdysiast

    You have to excuse me but as far as I’m concerned, for at least part of the last millenium I understand that martians are not just little but green too. So what happened here? Are we really on Mars? Blue bodysuits sounds more like Venus to me… Hmm.

    I read his whole dissertation(big word – Wow)some days ago, when it first posted on THE ANOMALIST. To tell you the truth I believe he didn’t show pictures of the reptiles and or fauna he mentions. I take my Fringe science seriously, but this is not even within the realm of fringe.

    The thing that hurts the most is that in order to become a Lawyer you need to have an extremely high IQ and extremely sharp sense of logic. I can also see what happened. Canada plus winter equals every bodies favorite, (drum roll please) CABIN FEVER.

  93. Gary Ansorge

    Perhaps we have somewhat different views of “extremely high IQs”.

    The average IQ of all college graduates is only about 120(top 10%).,
    and for all PHDs it’s only about 140(top 1 %). I hardly consider that “extremely high”.
    Granted, the practice of law is an application of logic and precedence however, anyone can learn the rules of logic and precedence is merely referring to dogma(established way of doing things).

    Lawyers don’t HAVE to be really smart but as in all endeavors , it does help.

    Physicists, on the other hand,,,

    GAry 7

  94. beagledad

    I TOTALLY see the little guys in blue body suits. What’s the matter with you people? I will admit, though, that they’re not necessarily of extraterrestrial origin. They look like they could be a committee of Oompa Loompas, or possibly a Blue Man Group road tour.

  95. Tina

    Ha! You said ‘frakking’! I think I love you!

  96. Badger3k

    Can anyone please post a pic with the “aliens” marked. Even given the directions people have given here, I still see nothing but rocks. This is like those damn images that you’re supposed to be able to see but I never have been able to.

  97. In the first place anyone suggesting that if anythng landed on our planet a billion years in the future after it was devestated like Mars usuing these tiny little robots should have have bumbed into somthing so far is a fool. How far do you think we have taveled in those little things. If they landed in the deasert what do you think they’d find. Or in the Polar Caps.
    Many of the photo that are over at Mars Anomaly Researhed web site are interesting I don’t agree with all of it. But some desearve futhur study. I ask people make up your own mind like at some of them. You may be surprised.
    How many scienstist have said rediculous and had to eat those words.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  98. kuhnigget

    The loons have landed.

  99. Nes

    I see Jesus!

    Okay, seriously, I can kinda see a torso with arms and a head laying in the sand in front of the rover, just to the right of the left solar panel looking thing. It’s wearing a brownish shirt and has blue skin and guts. But any of the other stuff mentioned… not so much.

  100. Ron

    Achems Razor. He is colorblind!

  101. MPJ

    Actualy there is loads of very interesting stuff on the rover pictures suggesting this and that but unfortunatly we will never know for sure without manned expeditions i guess.

    if your interested in “mars optics” watch my “Mars Wonderland” video on youtube :)

  102. bill

    You know what amuses me about all this? The fact that people are soberly saying “oh this guys crazy” and that anyone who looks at this stuff is a tin foil hatter, to me you sound like a bunch of schoolyard bullies or a cliche of gossips, personally I don’t think there is anything worth looking at in this photo but I have seen some very compelling artifacts such as the vegetation orbital shots incidently Carl Sagan expressed great concern about the possibility of plant life before he died. If you presume to put yoursel up here as “forts of reason and sanity” then try not to act like children.

  103. Jack

    Oh ye of little faith. Yes, and No that is always the answer. Yes there might be life, no there is no life. Well, when the photos are released you
    will have your answer, but until then believe the paradime you choose. You
    will never see what you do not want to. And some see what is not there. I will tell you both the reason you can’t see is because the facts sometime can be a rather upending experience. I did not believe what I was seeing until I gave up my desire not to see it, but it was still disturbing. A lot
    different than what I thought the reason for obfuscation would be.

    Thank your lucky stars that you are blind.

  104. Hardcore debunkers are no better qualified than than those who want to believe.

  105. Sanmyaku

    I read lots of people comments here and most people dont believe or wont believe Mr. Andrew and should not. You should investigate yourself. Unfortunatly it is not that easy you have to go trough 1000’s of pics (data) . And ya’ll know ya’ll did not do that. If there is life like he describe, small puddle of water, or artifacts most people wont reconize it even if is in front of them.Mars is completely a diffrent enviroment from earth ..Anyway,cut this short I looked through 1000’s of rovers pics . The best pics are in color. I do believe Mr. Andrew did see something extraordinary. Is it life?artifacts from a long ago civiliztion? or jus rocks? I dont know im not a geologist,but i could tell u this mars rocks are pretty peculiar. If ur serious about looking u have to be ready for long hours in ur computer ,educated urself about geology, mabye biology if u think theres life u never know, and photo imaging.The best pics are in color. There are many websites that have already done the work for you jus use ur search engine true color of mars but if you want u can do it urself through Nasa or JPL website download there raw data. u have to watch out nasa calls there infrared raw data / red which is u have to do ur own homework how to make true colors . Nasa or JPL will never tell the public if they are multicelluar organism in mars it has to do with national security.Well, If u have the time check out spirit rover images sol 500 to 700. Ya’ll might change your mind. Anyway its fun even if its jus rocks.

  106. Crazy Harry

    I would be interested in knowing how many members does the “Mars Anomaly Research Society” has. Would it be possible to count them on the digits of 1 finger?
    I have looked very hard at the pictures the society refers to and all I can see is rocks. In fact the only place I image that there are more rocks is between the ears of certain self-publicizing individuals.
    Get a life (or a wife) pal – either way you will find much reduced opportunity for staring blankly into space until your eyes start to play tricks on you.

  107. LoneQQwolf

    What Basiago claims is true, the problem with most people when viewing or looking is they are looking for people with arms and legs and heads with big smiles on their faces. This is not what to look for as most humanoids appear not to have arms or they are hidden under many layers of clothing.
    You can laugh and make fun but soon the truth will come out, as life both past and present do and have existed on Mars.
    I have building structures to prove that and have shared them with Mr. Basiago, I have photo’s of both humanoid and animal and let me tell you life on Mars is very hostile.
    The many regions of Mars harbour different kinds of life and at sometime in it’s history something went wrong and changed it’s life pattern forever.
    In PIA10212 one has to zoom in and then let your imagination run free and you will find them, look for them this way as if you were looking for a chipmonk as they are small. Way to small to do damage to any of the Rovers. In this region anyway.
    Who made the building structures that I have found would be I think a way different story. History is in the making here and were lucky enough to see it unfold.
    Open your eyes and see the wonders of Mars as it’s truely meant to be seen, believe in the unreal and you will see the truth. To those that only see rocks, I feel sorry for you as you are missing life at it’s best.

  108. Mike

    It’s a publicity stunt orchestrated by Hoagland for the new edition of his “book.” It’s shameful that these people continue to make money from the gullibility of an uneducated, conspiracy obsessed cross section of the American public. There comes a point where this crap is damaging to impressionable minds. It’s like giving a child pornography.

  109. LoneQQwolf

    Remember your comments when the truth comes out, as we the true believers will have the last laugh.

    For those who can’t see the wonders of Mars I feel sorry for you as you are missing something so wonderfull.

    Your eye’s aren’t closed, your mind is.

  110. LoneQQwolf

    Let’s see if I can change a few skeptic’s minds here.

    My Discovery.


    Google Earth-Mars

    1. Go to Google Mars.
    2. In search type in Crommelin Crater.
    3. Select orange box if satellite image hasn’t opened.
    4. When box opens select Load This Image.
    5. In search type this and please use spaces between numbers where shown,
    4 50 25.58N 10 31 56.60W
    6. Screen will zoom out and location will appear on screen.
    7. All Google maps show North at top of screen, rotate view so South is at top.
    8. Bottom of screen shows elevation, zoom in to Elev -8237.
    9. What if anything do you see below #5 cords?

    Now zoom in and out for a better view, rotate screen and what do you see.

    If all you see are rocks then I feel sorry for you, as this is one of the many wonders I have found on Mars. Does it show life at present time, maybe and then again maybe life past. If the winds of Mars can form this, then were missing something here on Earth. One more thought, examine this entire crater and see what else it holds for the searcher, as yes there are more wonders to see here.

  111. Thetruthseaker

    To all who think this is bull. You will find out soon enough that 99% of his findings are accurate! Of course you can believe that we are alone in the universe. Mars is inhabited now & we are there also. Truth is stranger than fiction !!

  112. Jack

    Let me see now, I look at the picture and see nothing, therefore there is nothing! I am also the foremost authority on everything, so, I am right, there is nothing.

    Folks, arrogance gets you nowhere. First thing is that you do not know what you are looking for, much less what you see. I can show you artifacts in this photo that are definitely anomalous, and they are not the human shaped figure. Now, am I correct in what I think the objects are? Well, who knows, I just know they are there, and until I could put my hands on them they will just be anomalous artifacts. So before you judge based on your limited knowledge, look for things that would not easily fit natural phenomena.

    What about the photos with objects/dirt on the lens. Or, are they objects in the sky? If photos have a sequence, look and you might find some plumes that become points. You cannot and will not ever find anything when your mind closes your brain to seeing something that might shake your view of Life. Life is not going to hurt you, even if it does not fit your design.

  113. LoneQQwolf

    When one see’s something that opens one’s eye’s wide, then that something that one see’s must truely be there. Open minds when searching for the unknown are needed to the far senses of one’s mind in order to see what the mind wants one to see. Or what you see, is what you get.

    I have been gifted by God to see the many wonder’s of both this world and other worlds in our solar system and I am thnkfull to him for this.

    If you believe in yourself, then that is all one needs. I can’t tell another what they should see, it’s up to them to decide as to what they see or believe.

    Ross Curley
    Chief Photo-Analyst
    Mars Anomaly Research Society

  114. Michael

    Wow, never seen so many smug, arrogant comments in one place.

    Minds made up before even looking at the evidence, anyone?
    Not saying I agree there is evidence but at least analyse BEFORE jumping to conclusions.

    And just for the record, sometimes when you perceive patterns or shapes it’s because there are actually patterns or shapes. Citing pareidolia is just an easy and lazy way to try and finish an argument.


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