Lab Out Loud interview

By Phil Plait | January 16, 2009 12:30 pm

I have been tremendously busy this week with JREF stuff, so I’ve been letting some news and other things slip behind me. I’ll try to put down my thoughts on the gassy Mars news soon, but until then, please feel free to comment on my Pope article, find out how far away the horizon is, or listen to an interview I did with Lab Out Loud, the official podcast of the National Science Teachers Association. Here’s the direct link to the MP3. We talked JREF quite a bit, as well as IYA 2009.

More later. Promise.


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  1. Quatguy

    Thanks for the update Phil, I knew you were not asleep at the switch.

  2. Quatguy

    Just listened to LOL podcast. Great work. Educating teachers about astronomy, skepticism and science has got to be one of the most direct and impactful ways to improve the US education system.

  3. Nicholas

    Thanks for the update!


    Phil Plait: “… but until then, please feel free to comment on my Pope article…”

    Well, as I’ve already stated on the “Vatican’t” thread, I tried to post an amusing cartoon, but your bloody stupid anti-spam filter “spammed” it!

    Ah… sod it! It’s Friday night, I’m going to the pub!

  5. Steve

    Hey BA:

    While you’re working on this gassy Mars article, you should take a look at the fuzzy hologram news.

    Apparently, someone named Dr. Hogan said in New Scientist magazine that objective reality doesn’t exist, and the universe is a hologram. Not only that, but a grainy hologram, since the number of the “pixels” in the area of the sphere of the universe must equal the number in the volume, making the ones inside bigger, and, thus, fuzzy.

    They’re saying that it explains how subatomic particles can interact at distances instantaneously, and that, because holograms can’t be cut into 2 half images, the universe can’t be dissected in a certain way.

    Check this out:

  6. Poor busy. Phil!

    Well, just don’t go and step down yet… we just lost Lori Lipman Brown to that fate today! :(

  7. Nemo

    It ain’t right to read Mars news on Pharyngula before I read it here. :)


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