Penn & Teller on TV tonight!

By Phil Plait | January 16, 2009 4:13 pm

Tonight at 9:00 (8 central) Penn & Teller will be on Don’t Forget the Lyrics, a music game show… and they’re playing for the JREF! I already know how it turns out (it’s good to be the king) but have no idea how they get there, so I’ll be watching. Even though it’s on Fox.

FOLKS: Please watch the spoilers for this show and Battlestar in the comments! Don’t give anything away for those who still haven’t seen them.


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  1. Michelle

    Actually I saw the episode on ASN yesterday night. ūüėõ

  2. Adrian Lopez
  3. Ross R.

    Phew. I thought this was on at the same time as BSG, but a quick check of the website confirms that I’ll be able to watch both my favorite skeptical magicians and my favorite sci-fi drama tonight!

  4. Radwaste

    I was surprised to hear from Jerry Doyle that P&T were rude to the regular cast of B5. But, Jerry is pretty crude, himself – this based on just ten minutes of talking to him at Dragoncon – so maybe it was tit-for-tat.

  5. Flip

    Same time as “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” on Cartoon Central… Bummer.

  6. From the photo, Teller has let himself go



  7. Steve Ulven

    Wow, $25,000 right off the bat with a possibility for $1 million to the JREF. I really hope they win this. I wonder if he is using any mentalism tricks to figure these lyrics out. I am only a couple minutes in and have never seen this before so that could be a baseless curiosity.

  8. Miranda

    um, BSG premiere!! What to do … what to do … :)

  9. $25,000 is won! So far so good…

  10. @Miranda:
    The choice is obvious! Sorry, but BSG wins over Penn… :)

  11. Steve Ulven

    The BSG that is on now is from the first half of the season. The new episode comes on after this. I was concerned about this as well, but checked on it. 64 minutes tonight (I assume the extra 4 minutes is unveiling the final Cylon).

  12. $50,ooo for the JREF…

  13. Steve Ulven

    Ouch! I was really hoping for $1 million, but $25,000 is pretty great. So what are you gonna do with the money, Mr. President?

  14. [Darth Vader]NOoooooooooooooooo!!![/Darth Vader]

    Busted down to $25 grand. D’oh!

    Oh well. Maybe Penn will kick in some of his own cash.

    Still, it’s $25,000, which is nice and there were a few mentions of the JREF.

    It’s all good, baby.

  15. It was a bummer that he lost it on the Doors song, but I have to say I’ve never seen logic and reason used in such a PIMP manner as when Penn worked out the lyrics to The Who’s Magic Bus.

  16. Miranda

    Steve Ulven –

    One can hope… FYI, the extra 4 mins is going to be posted on the SciFi website after the episode airs on west coast time. Oh, and if you are interested, there’s an awesome 2-part mini-recap titled “Catch the Frak Up”, also on SciFi but can also be found on Youtube. Truly excellent!!

    Michael L –

    There really was never any doubt … :)

    And sorry all for hijacking the Penn/Teller post to push my BSG agenda, but it’s been a loooooooong wait :)

  17. Steve Ulven

    Yeah, PeeJay, that part was absolutely brilliant. My favorite part of the whole thing (well, besides the JREF getting cash).

  18. Steve Ulven

    I’m all for hijacking this discussion for BSG. It’s Phil’s own fault for not responding quick enough about the extra money the JREF got and directing the discussion (so there, ha!).

    I’m not very happy about the final Cylon. I much preferred the red herring Cylon (trying to avoid spoilers) in the 1st 20 minutes. That was my #2 choice for the final Cylon.

    Anyway, BSG was pretty great tonight and it was awesome to see the JREF mentioned on national TV by the brilliant Wayne Brady and to see that the organization gets $25,000.

  19. I did not see that coming (BSG) final cylon. The whole 13th tribe thing caught me off guard as well. It was a great episode!

  20. Apologies to the West Coast (and beyond) viewers if I spoiled anything.

    I temporarily forgot that the Earth is round and has several time zones other than mine.

  21. erin

    Anyone know who the silver haired man is next to Carrot Top?

  22. Yikes!!! Sorry Phil!!!!!!!!

  23. Miranda

    PsyberDave, you did spoil it, actually, but I watched and enjoyed it anyway. No worries!

    The BSG episode is over on the west coast. We should almost be in the clear, but we can keep it cryptic to be safe.

    Steve U – I agree, I preferred the red herring option as well. Speaking of which, that leaves a couple of major questions on that front! I’m intrigued to know who your #1 choice was.

    It definitely was a great episode, and full of surprises! And now, only 9 left :(

  24. My number one choice turned up in the bones of the people of earth!!!! Wow! So many ways to go with this! What about that Viper pilot!???? What about that fifth cylon, and how it relates to the other discovery on “earth”?

  25. Maybe the last episode will end with the original Apollo (Richard Hatch) waking up next to the original Starbuck (Dirk Benedict)…. ala Newhart!!! (Honey.. I had this weird dream…) :)

  26. fred edison

    I detest the shaky cam (zoom in! zoom out!) they use on BSG. It drives me insane. I don’t watch it for that reason. P&T are cool and Bullpoop! is a good show, but I still think they’re wrong about second-hand smoke. Nice the duo played for JREF.

  27. This god-awful show has just started up in the UK and I’ve managed to avoid it so far. I would definitely tune in for a chance to see the big fella sing though, that’s make my night :-)

  28. HAL's Dave

    Missed P&T :( , but did see BSG, talk about INTENSE. Edward James Olmos should get an emmy for his performance, heck they all should.

  29. Sman

    Wow! 28 comments and no mention of Edgar. he was good, but I wish that he had of performed something a little more blusey.

  30. Gary Ansorge

    The revelation of the FIFTH Cylon was a surprise but it still leaves a mystery as in, who/what IS that pilot?

    Darn! No more SG-1, no more Atlantis? Well, Friday nights are now left to BSG, Psyche and Santuary (which I would watch just for our gal Sam) and BSG is still one of the most humanly oriented SciFi shows ever(as in, “These are HUMANS, with all their frailties and foibles intact).

    I’m glad it’s back,,,

    GAry 7

  31. M

    There is a free BSG episode (The Face of the Enemy) plus Catch the Frak Up (also free) on iTunes. I have not watched any of the new BSG, so I am downloading these on the above recommendations. I will definitely let you know if you are wrong ūüėČ

  32. “Face of the Enemy” are the Webisodes that occur at a point after the premiere of Episode 4.5 1

  33. Charles Boyer

    Yep Gary, enjoy BSG whilst you can — the story that I consider a hundred act movie has almost come to its end. I’ll miss it when we leave everyone behind, because the writers did such a great job of rounding all the main characters out it is almost like we know them.

    Hopefully Caprica will meet that standard of excellence, but I have my suspicions that Caprica will be the Deep Space 9 to BSG’s Star Trek TNG. Good, but different.

  34. Gary Ansorge

    A long series such as this is a great venue for humanizing the characters, the kind of detailed development you just can’t do in a two hour movie.

    That’s the up side,,,on the down side, it also makes the actors into icons and that has the definite disadvantage of limiting their personal freedom. Jerry GArcia even had to move from Mt Tam. because DeadHeads were training telescopes on his back yard and watching him run around nekkid,,,(???)
    Being a celibrity is definitely a two edged sword but I certainly enjoy a series when it lasts long enough to get to really know the characters.

    Thanks SG-1, ST-TNG, Atlantis, etc.

    Hope they keep on coming,,,

    GAry 7

  35. Chris

    I think I am going to catch up with the “Catch the Frak Up”, and wikepedia. I did try watching it with my husband, but I lost interest when it started to become like a soap opera.

  36. Come on, who thinks they really know who the 5th cylon is? I reckon until we get an unambiguous so-and-so is the 5th what we have so far is a red herring. It’s Boxy btw.

    I’m loving BSG. Charles Boyer I agree with you with a subtle difference. A movie is like a short story. Something like BSG is a long novel. It is something to be savoured.
    I had the… misfortune I suppose you could say, of watching the first episode of Sanctuary straight after this latest episode of BSG. The contrast couldn’t be greater. The flaws of poor Sanctuary were made even more glaring after watching BSG. I might give it another chance but I won’t watch it the same day BSG is on.


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