Program notes for the Pasadena panel tomorrow

By Phil Plait | January 29, 2009 12:31 pm

The Hive Overmind sent me the inside page from the program for the astronomy panel I’m moderating tomorrow. It has bios of me and the four astronomers on the panel:

Click that for a version with enough resolution to not burn out your retinae.

I’m pretty excited about this; all four astronomers on the panel are fun, smart, engaging, and doing incredible work to further our understanding of the Universe. This will be a blast!

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  1. me

    Dude, are you ever going to review another movie again? It’s been 3 years without updates already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111eleventy1111!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kirk

    You’re going to have to get a color photo of yourself for these things, it appears.

  3. Sili

    Boulder has done nothing for your complexion, dr Plait.

    You look like you’ve stepped straight out of the fifties.

  4. Ginger’s have complexions? ūüėõ

  5. Matt

    “all four astronomers on the panel are fun, smart….” Smart? Uh, yeah. Understatement of the decade. Man, I’d be seriously intimidated to be a part of that. Good luck!

    No, no, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine. After all, there’s only one MacArthur recipient…

    (Have I psyched you out yet?)

    Oh, and Prof Perlmutter’s whiteboard wins today’s intertoobs.

  6. Just look both ways when you cross the street. I’ve heard about those little old lady Pasadena drivers.

  7. Hoonser

    You’re gonna need to start dressing up like a Victorian scientist if you want to keep using that photo. Also get yourself one of those smoke machines and some flashing lights, so whenever you come into the room it looks like you’re getting out of a time machine.

  8. My my, a veritable who’s who of astronomy! :) I wish I were still in sunny Pasadena right about now (not just because of this panel but also because New Haven’s “wintery mix” outside is anything but pleasant!).

  9. Can’t attend. Consumed with jealousy.

    How every unbecoming.

  10. Drew

    What a wonderful event. Just look at what human beings can achieve. Not sure about the bald guy with the glasses and beard though. Never heard of him…….

  11. Yoeman

    Man, too bad I’m broke and live in OH, would love to attend.

  12. pontoppi

    @Matt, Adam

    There are a lot of smart astronomers around. Some are prize winners. Generally, however,
    astronomy is not made possible by individuals. Discoveries depend on people building telescopes, hordes of students you’ve never heard of, several groups competing for the same long-expected prize etc.

    Conversely, there are only few who are able to engage the public, make kids want to become astronomers, who can excite and inspire. Without those few, there would be little astronomy funding. I think the panel will have a lot of respect for Phil.

  13. I have to feel bad for Dr. Brown. Here he discovers the largest object in the Solar System in 150 years; and, instead of being famous as the discoverer of Planet X, Pluto gets demoted.


  14. Gary Ansorge

    Beard? That ain’t no beard.
    (as Jerry Garcia look alike rolls eyes and gently strokes extensive facial fur,,,)

    I try to teach tolerance for children, dumb animals and cerebrally challenged humans but there are times when I’m glad I’m not Santa Claus,,,(ever had a strangers kid on your lap that obviously hasn’t been bathed in a week? Yuck!!!)

    Dr. Andrea Ghez reminds me of my youngest daughter,,,brilliant and beautiful,,,just goes to show, one can be smart and still not look like a stereotypical nerd.

    Gary 7

  15. I would be more than pretty excited.

    @ Matt said: ‘ ‚Äúall four astronomers on the panel are fun, smart‚Ķ.‚ÄĚ Smart?’

    Considering the last two posts I would’ve said “Smart ass”.

  16. Actually, while researching everyone, I found out all five of us have one thing in common: we all have Wikipedia entries.

  17. You’re not really worthy of stalking unless you have a Wiki entry!

    Is that a restraining order Dr. Plait? ūüėõ


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