Pasadena followup: more photos

By Phil Plait | February 3, 2009 1:30 pm

Just a quick note: Darlene from Science Cheerleader was part of the Hive Overmind team at Pasadena making sure the panel ran smoothly. She’s posted some fun pictures on her site.

Keep your eye on her. We’ve been talking, and she has some good ideas about making science more accessible to the public, and we need a lot more of that.

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  1. Good for her. :)

    Although, science IS accessible already. It’s just that woo is more accessible, and doesn’t really require thinking, thus it’s just easy. [sarcasm] And we all know that Americans are all fat, lazy, and stupid. Hence the appeal to woo. [/sarcasm] That bit of sarcasm aside, the more Americans do by into woo, the less sarcastic that statement starts to become…

    Sorry, been reading some particularly wooish threads over at JREF… I start o hold out less and less hoe for humanity. Darlene, if there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  2. Ugh… need edit function… “I start o hold out less and less hoe for humanity. “ should be “I start to hold out less and less hope for humanity.”…. I need more coffee…


    Larian LeQuella:

    [sarcasm] And we all know that Americans are all fat, lazy, and stupid. Hence the appeal to woo. [/sarcasm]

    Homer J. Simpson -- American Male Stereotype
    “Hey! What do you mean, ‘fat, lazy, and stupid’?”

  4. Thanks, Larian! Don’t ask twice…I’ll be in touch. (And Ivan3Man: I looked exactly like Homer, around midnight following the superbowl game.)

    Most of all, thanks for the shout out, Phil!



    And Ivan3Man: I looked exactly like Homer, around midnight following the superbowl game.

    Hmm… I now have this image in my mind of Darlene, slumped in an armchair, wearing nothing but a vest and knickers, and the worse for drink. 😛

  6. Can’t see the picture IVAN3MAN (CENTCOM blocks Flickr…). Although Homer…. D’oh!

    I look forward to hearing from you Darlene! (Your webiste is “uncatagorized” so I can’t visit it either… All these bloody rules!

  7. Davidlpf

    @Larian, Ha Ha .:-)

  8. @ Larian LeQuella,

    Man alive, CENTCOM treats you service guys like prisoners! 😛

    Just for your benefit, Larian, I’ve linked the picture via my name — you should be able to see it now.

  9. Harder to goof off over there Larian? 😉

  10. Davidlpf

    @Laurian, I know how you feel most of videos and pictures posted here do get to me at work. All I have to do is wait intil I get home.

  11. Quiet Desperation

    I start o hold out less and less hope for humanity.

    I lost mine decades ago. :-)

    Come to the Hopeless Side. We have pizza.

  12. dre

    You guys realize Darlene used to hang out with Charles Barkley, right? Take that as you will, but that makes the Science Cheerleader pretty dang cool in my book.

  13. @IVAN3MAN, I clicked your name, and this is what I got:

    “Important Notice For AUAB-Njan.lundquist

    You are attempting to access a prohibited web site and your session has been restricted.

    Blue Coat Proxy is logging AUAB-Njan.lundquist attempting to browse to

    Please be advised that this web site has been categorized as

    Personal Pages

    and access has been restricted per USAFCENT policy.

    If you do not understand the impact of this statement or need additional explanation please contact your Client System Administrator (CSA) or Communications Focal Point (CFP).”

    Not so much prisoners, rather exceptions to the 13th Amendment. 😉

    @Shane, actually there are other ways of goofing off, but none of them are as educational or entertaining as Dr. Plait’s blog. You can only play so much of the flash embeded games…

    @Davidlpf, “home” is still about 100 days (and 7300 Miles) away…

    @Quiet Desperation, do you have something to go along with the Pizza?

    Darlene was ccool before I knew she hung out with Charles Barkley. Now, if Sir Charles would use his influence with young kids to popularize science, then HE becomes cooler for having hung out with Science Cheerleader. 😉

  14. IVAN3MAN

    @ Larian LeQuella,

    Well, I tried to help. If I were in your place, I would find a way — where there is a will, there is a way — of circumventing that firewall block; however, I would probably end up being court-marshaled! 😛 Which is why I am not in the military — a cat-man is too much of an individual and sneaky!

    So, it looks like you’re on your own, man! :-)

  15. D’oh! Ivan3Man, Larian and dre:
    I’m making it a mission to draft Sir Charles to help make science cool. If the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders can cheer on science (and explain why Titan’s so important in relation to Earth), surely the Round Mound of Rebound can say a few words on behalf of science. A girl can dream.
    see current post

  16. Bah. The Earth could kick Titan’s butt any day of the week. Over twice the diameter, and none of that namby-pamby methane clogging up the atmosphere and blocking the view. If we were born on Titan, we’d never have seen the stars! And we’d be really cold, too!

  17. Begs the question: why aren’t any pro sports teams named after Earth?

    I do have a “scientific” question: how large does a planet need to be to have an atmosphere?

    Phil: This is a follow up to the question that little girl asked at Caltech (“what would happen if Earth were as small as Mercury?”)


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