Pepsi FTW

By Phil Plait | February 11, 2009 12:30 pm

Hmmmm. Why did I bother writing up a whole chapter in my book about moving Earth-impacting asteroids out of the way, when instead I could have had an ice-cold refreshing carbonated beverage do it for me?

Tip o’ the thorax to BugGirl.

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  1. I didn’t even notice the logo had changed…

  2. Crux Australis

    Wow, I haven’t LMAOed at something internetty for a while! But seriously, “This will cause the asteroid to bounce off of the Earth because of science”?!?! HAHAHAHA!

    And the pepton; it may not be The Real Thing, but I love it!

  3. Considering the loss of life that will likely be due to cola wars fought in future, asteroids will be the least of our problems.

  4. Crux Australis

    BTW, some really NSFW language in the last picture in Phil’s link.

  5. Todd W.


    Some NSFW stuff on that link.

  6. Quiet Desperation

    Pepsi haz teh eVil.

    Coca-Cola, *the* symbol of the free West, rules!

    If you search your heart, you will know this to be true.

  7. Bleah. Coke tastes like malted battery acid ūüėõ

  8. Spencer

    excuse me, Quiet Desperation, but wasn’t it Coke who took our precious Surge away from us? I’m think Coke it teh evil here

  9. tastes like malted battery acid

    I take it you know this because lost a bet. ^^

  10. @Bunny: No, I just have a vivid imagination…

  11. T.E.L.

    Coke is the finest artificial beverage in the Universe. Pepsi, as a passing acquaintance once said, “Tastes like detergent.”

  12. Bill

    Ha. From my workplace, the whole site is blocked.

  13. Well, I can’t see the link because Uncle Sam won’t let me, but I have to say I hate Pepsi. Too sweet. If I was an innanimate object, I suspect I would avoid Pepsi at all costs. Hmmm, repulsor beam technology in the making?

    To Pepsi fans out there; to each their own! :)

  14. This is purportedly a parody of the presentation by the designers of the revised Pepsi logo. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to see the mind-mangling stuff there. I’m wondering if this isn’t a joke on those of us outside the advertising and design communities, in the same way Alan Sokal’s “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity” was a joke on those gullible lay folks who assumed that as long as a respected Physicist was saying something, even if – especially if – they couldn’t understand it, it was probably true.

  15. DaveR

    For context, see the original here:

    It gets funnier and funnier as you go through it.

  16. cuggy

    does the F word really make something NSFW? man, standards have changed.

  17. cuggy

    when I was a boy we had goatse to worry about

  18. steve

    “because of science” someone is going to turn that into a catch phrase very soon.

  19. Charles Boyer

    Goatse was a repository of the most vile information anywhere…and hours of entertainment that consisted mostly of squirming and going “ooooh yuck”

  20. Davidlpf
  21. “Coke tastes like malted battery acid”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  22. Ha. From my workplace, the whole site is blocked.

    Bill wins the Suckiest Workplace Of The Day Award!

  23. Adrian H

    “Bleah. Coke tastes like malted battery acid”

    and Pepsi tastes like coke with more sugar.

  24. Pepsi is delicious and is obviously primed and ready to save the world. Now, what is Wal Mart going to do about the LHC, that’s what I want to know!

  25. I think Coke with Menthos would be an effective deterrent.

    BTW, any other West Coasters here in Canada, Vancouver and area see that strange yellow glowing ball in the sky? I just called the Air Force. They’re on it.

  26. Not to threadjack or anything, but can we talk about the atrocity that is the new logo? They may as well have asked a two-year old to design it with a Spirograph set and comic sans.

  27. Sir Struggle

    @ Cuggy

    Gotta agree with you on that one, NSFW used to mean something that was blatantly obvious from across the room. 2 f’s on 1 page and a reference to sodomy doesn’t make it nsfw. Kids shouldn’t read it, yeah, but if THAT gets you fired, you need a new job anyway.

  28. Sir Struggle

    @ The Chemist

    The old school Yin-yang logo was kind of cool, and actually i was kind of digging the user-generated cans they were making last year. Some of those were great. Looking at the new one, I’m guessing they decided to go with simplicity which is usually a good thing. I think that would have been easily accomplished without messing with the logo. That logo has been around longer than any of the execs at pepsi and they just change it at will… No respect for the past.

    I started on Pepsi back in college because it was always cheaper than coke. I’ve had so much over the years that now coke just doesn’t taste good anymore. I’m not one of those annoying people that belittles the server at a restaurant because the owner decided to have coke in their building (Coke drinkers can be ridiculously annoying about this, to the point that i won’t go out in public with that person again), but if i have an option i go with pibbage or dr. pepper. I will say that Coke at McDonalds is good. They must put crack in it or something.

  29. Davidlpf

    @ sir struggle
    I am the kind of coke drinker if confronted with a place that serves only pepsi products, I just ask for mountain dew.

  30. Joanne

    NSFW language? Grow up, they’re words.

  31. Mighty T

    Link to the Pepsi ad company design document or whatever that is. It puts that joke in context and also gives us lowly consumers hilarious insights into the ahem…

    DNA and heritage of the Pepsi company, looking to the future by… uhm… oh god, just read it yourself. It’s crap like I’ve never seen before.

  32. T.E.L.


    Would you rather have Mountain Dew or a delicious Crab Juice?

  33. Davidlpf

    Do not know, I have never had crab juice.

  34. but if i have an option i go with pibbage or dr. pepper. I will say that Coke at McDonalds is good. They must put crack in it or something.

    First of all, I have to say I prefer Dr. Pepper to Mr. Pibb. I don’t know, maybe I just like a beverage that’s gone to grad/medical school.

    I do have to agree that McDonald’s is doing something to the coke. They have perfected the syrup to CO2 ratio or something. I live in the home of Coca-Cola, so Pepsi is a little harder to come by vending machine wise.

  35. Sir Struggle

    lol @ the dr. pepper vs. pibb comment

    Growing up, Dr. Pepper was my fave. I still love Dr. Pepper but it doesn’t mix well with alcohol (except capt. morgan) hence my switch to Pepsi.

  36. Glad you liked it Phil! ūüėÄ

  37. Glad you liked it Phil!

  38. @Joanne Hey, there’s another Joanne? Actually, the Cell and Developmental Biology Department here at U of Illinois has three! Names all spelled differently, of course.

    Coke all the way. In high school, I had coke, candy bar and ice cream bar for lunch and both breaks. I should have diabetes or be obese. (oh yeah, sugared cereals for breakfast…Mom was a big believer in that)

    In college, I ate giant packs of powdered donuts and, ugh, Pepsi while studying since that was all they sold. Again, no diabetes and still trim.

    Our movie theaters in town serve Pepsi :-(

    Diet stuff….now that tastes like detergent. Like the coke in europe with the real sugar instead of hfcs…..not the price, though.

  39. I mean three professors named Joanne.

  40. I have good teeth, too, they didn’t rot from the sugar.

  41. Gimmee a C&C Cola any day. I don’t think that’s even made anymore.

    The new Pepsi logo looks like someone took one of the old logos, crumpled it into a ball, threw it at a wastepaper basket, and missed. And somebody else looked at it on the ground and said, “Hey, that’s brilliant! That’s IT!”

    Still wondering if the design document that this is spoofing might actually be a hoax.

  42. Quiet Desperation

    Bleah. Coke tastes like malted battery acid

    Why do you hate America?

  43. American Voyager

    Lest we forget the “Pepsi Challenge” comercials, that was proof they know they are #2. If you are #1, you never try comparing yourself to someone else. No need to.

  44. Tom Ogletree

    There is some very Vulgar stuff on that page Phil. Coke would never allow some one to use that kinda language.

  45. Ray

    Sir Struggle,

    Dr Pepper goes well with bourbon. I prefer it with JD.

  46. alfaniner

    I saw a billboard with the new logo and thought someone was trying to rip off either the Nike or the Pepsi logo. The ad didn’t say what it was for.

    Don’t like it — the other one was nicely symmetrical. This one looks like an old logo for a San Diego bank.

  47. Grant

    I’m a high school teacher on my lunchbreak. Are the words still ok?
    It’s not our sensibilities at issue. It’s the sensibilities of the puritanical dipwads that pay our salaries. ūüėõ

  48. Coleman Mulkerin

    Much more important to me then the Pepsi logo is the atrocity that is the Mountain Dew logo. At least the Pepsi is simple and clear, the mountain dew bottle now looks like those lame designs on generic brands that try to make the drink look eXtreme!… The old design seemed to me to be the perfect balance of incorporating the old logo with modern design.

    Well, not like I’m actually going to switch to Mellow Yellow….


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