Slate and the Big Bang Theory

By Phil Plait | February 11, 2009 3:00 pm

Regular readers know of my love for the TV show "The Big Bang Theory". A few months ago, I did an interview with reporter Paul Collins for Slate magazine about it, and his analysis of the program is now online. It’s pretty good, and jibes well with what I learned from the TBBT panel at Comic Con.

And how cool is it that the show’s Executive Producer Bill Prady and I are quoted in the same article, given that he’s the keynote speaker at TAM 7? Answer: pretty frakking cool.


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  1. Davidlpf

    The characters do remind me of myself and others, maybe a little too much.

  2. James

    Great show, and Christine Baranski as Leonards mom the other night was classic. Soon to come: Leonard and Sheldon’s mothers meet. Matter and anti matter, should be good to watch.

  3. Ah, I missed it, I’ll see if I can catch up on hulu.

    Nope, not available. I can however, watch episodes of Medium. *Blech*

  4. Man, I miss TBBT here in Qatar! :( I hope that my wife remembers to DVR them all for me while I am gone!

    Wish I could make TAM7 too. Just have to see what the job market does for me, eh?

  5. You were also mentioned on Slate’s podcast. Ah, fame!

  6. Called it!!! I was at an Autism/Asperger’s conference a year ago, and the keynote speaker kept showing clips from the show to illustrate points she was making.

  7. Man, I miss TBBT here in Qatar!

    My experience is that there’s usually a one season delay for new episodes over there.

    I’ve been waiting for an explanation for why we can’t just access TV channels online. There’s so much potential for regionally specific commercials and broad audiences. There is definitely a way to make money off of it all. Hell, you even remove a lot of the incentive to pirate the product.

    Seriously, anyone know what kind of barriers are in the way of this?

  8. @The Chemist

    Well, I am betting most of the big wigs at TV Stations and the like think that the Internet is still a series of tubes. No matter how well we explain it to them, they won’t “get it”. And that’s why places like Pirate Bay are still around.

    To answer your question: Corporate Stupidity!

  9. Summer Glau is going to be playing herself on an upcoming episode of TBBT too.

  10. Davidlpf

    @Larian and The Chemists
    Warner Brothers will not allow the show to be seen over the internet because the think it will cut into the mini the can make off of the show. Also there are the difference in copyright laws in different parts of the world so that is another reason people outside the US won’t see it there.

    that will be a geek dream come true.

  11. Grinspoon

    This was a show that at first I thought i’d hate, but i quite like it.

    People should check out The IT Crowd, it’s a British show about more just general every day geeks. Not the rocket scientist types. Personally I like it more because the characters are more grounded and real, while being in quite a surreal sitcom at times.
    Like TBBT it can be off putting initially, but the second and third seasons especially are extremely good.

  12. Monkey's Uncle

    I fell about laughing in the first series when Sheldon points out that they had a BSG dvd to watch, and when pointed out that it had been watched already, he replied ”not with commentary” !

    That is SO like me that my wife said ”I guess you’ll be watching the whole series of this then”…I do relate to the characters so much it’s scary. I am like Leonard with his collectibles, and I would have KILLED to get the Time Machine and certainly not regretted it afterwards!

    I missed the start of the second series due something called ‘reality’ and ‘work’, but I’ll be buying the dvd…and hopefully there will be commentary to listen to!

  13. Monkey's Uncle

    Oh, whilst I’m on….
    How would you pronounce Penny’s real name Kaley Cuoco? (uber hot BTW)
    Is it cue-o-co, or kwo-co or something else?

    Just wondering :-)

  14. Love this show. Can’t stand the intro!

  15. Greg Post

    If the big bang theory says that everything is expanding how is it that we have seen the same stars in the same positions for at least the past 2500 years?

  16. And I’ve lost interest in the fan of The Big Bang Theory. I crashed and burned for about a week I watched every episode and just loved it up. Still it’s not entirely my fault, the show just isn’t as good as season two or one.


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