George Hrab is FAR

By Phil Plait | February 12, 2009 2:01 pm

George Hrab’s 365 Days of Astronomy full-length video is up on YouTube!

The best part, of course, is 33 seconds in.

George Hrab and my book

Thesaurus? Fine by me!

The video was done as part of the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast, in turn as part of the International Year of Astronomy.

And, of course, it’s made of awesome, because that’s how Geo rolls.


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  1. Why oh why does Uncle Sam think that YouTube needs to be blocked?

    Oh yeah, I suppose Uncle Sam would like for me to actually do some work. ūüėõ

  2. We’ve been cheated! George Hrab promised 365 days of Astronomy and that video is only three minutes long!


    Larian LeQuella, because you would not get any work done! ūüėõ

  4. James

    Ok that was cool…

  5. Yay, awesome! *watches again*


    P.S. I forgot to emphasize the word “any”!

  7. Yes. Checked your email?

  8. gr8googlymoogly

    That George Hrab dude rocks!!!

  9. Thanny

    I like the bit of scrolling text that wasn’t the lyrics, just to see if we were paying attention.

  10. OK, I admit it… I shot beer out of my nose when Jamie Farr popped up.

  11. w00t! good stuff. an excellent Darwin day present :)

  12. Stephen James

    George Hrab doeth rock. See his geologic podcast. It too rocketh.

  13. ‘Far” out….


  14. James

    This is just as good with the sound down…the visual is great stuff.

  15. Best home made, or at least low budget, music vid I’ve seen. Excellent stuff George.

  16. Heh…

    SEXtant or PROtractor…

  17. George rocks. Great video too.
    Very TMBG. In a good way.

  18. angel

    I liked “George Precision HARB” lol.

    Uncle Sam tries to block Youtube for me, but if I use the right proxy server, I can watch embedded videos, but can’t go to the site. So I still have the ability to not get work done, I just have to work a little harder at it.

  19. Joe Meils

    Fun video… not much real information on how far this stuff really is…

    So, he’s saying what, exactly? That it’s far away?

  20. Sili

    Lovely hat.

    But I don’t like narrow ties.

  21. BethK

    Go listen to the podcasts at

    Each ten minute or so episode is about astronomy. One per day by a variety of people on a variety of topics. And you can hear George’s theme song that’s a 25 second version of the video chorus. Or fast forward over it if it’s the sixth podcast in a row. Stop at about 1 minute into the podcast.

    Great fun in the video.

  22. This video totally just made my day. ūüėÄ

  23. William

    The bowler really suits him.

  24. Wendy

    Awesome!!! Favourited! :)


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