Bad Astronomy picked as one of's 25 Best Blogs of 2009

By Phil Plait | February 17, 2009 8:47 am
Time Best Blog of 2009 has announced its picks for Best Blogs of 2009, and I am very honored that Bad Astronomy — hey, that’s here! — is one of them.

They seemed to like the idea of a skeptical blog, which is probably what I like most about what they wrote. It’s very gratifying indeed to know that people out there appreciate a reality-based opinion. One of my overarching goals is to avoid dogma and bias and use only factual evidence on which to base my opinions. I know some people will disagree with this, but in general I think that’s because they don’t like the conclusions I reach. But I have found over the years that the hardest thing to accept as a skeptic is that the Universe doesn’t care what you think is true, it only cares about what is true.

There’s a big difference, sometimes.

So I’m thrilled and honored to be on the list, especially with such great company like Boing Boing, Metafilter, Life Hacker, Mashable, and Google. I swear I will use this award only for good, and not to pimp out my book or my Twitter stream. Except for just then. Or maybe in the future.

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