In the black

By Phil Plait | February 20, 2009 12:00 pm

This is for serious Firefly fans… though I reckon a lot of folks will enjoy Marian Call’s dulcet tones, whether they’re set to Firefly clips or not. But Eron Garcia did an outstanding job putting this together.

Marian is some kinda gal, and her voice is simply astonishing. She’s a Browncoat, in case you didn’t know, so the song’s relation to Mal’s ship — and his predicaments — is no coincidence. Also, I love the double meanings in many of her songs; "in the black" means to be out of debt, but in Firefly it means being deep in space. Many times, that’s where safety lies. But that’s not what Serenity was built for.

Oh: Marian is coming to Colorado, too. I’ll have more info on that when it comes in. But a BABloggee/BATweetup may have to be in the works.

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  1. Serious Firefly fans will also surely visit NASA site to vote for a name for Node 3.
    ‘Serenity’ is in the lead, but the more votes, the better 😉
    (click my nick for link)

  2. Julia

    This makes me want to watch the series again :)

  3. Thanks Dr Plait, and you too Mchl! At least I am able to get to this stuff when I leave the bat cave and get my real connection.

  4. Huron

    I second Mchl, we need to make sure Node 3 is named ‘Serenity.’

  5. Gnat

    Serenity is already at 86% of the vote (with 5% to the rest)…shoe-in? Personally, I would rather have a ship named “Serenity”, but considering her luck on the show, maybe that’s not such a good idea! :)

  6. Serenity was at 92% when I spotted the page… so the trend is not how we would like it to be… 😛

    And hey, Star Trek fans got their shuttle… although it never went into space.

  7. Kevin

    Wow, Serenity was leading by 95% earlier. I put the word out to some of the Browncoats to go and vote.

    Hey Phil, PZ is coming to my town next month. Should I be worried? :)

  8. I chucked my vote in there, still at 85% but that’s the lowwest yet. We need to mobilise some kind of Whedon army…

  9. Christine P.

    Lovely song and great video editing. Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Charles Boyer

    I voted and will again when I get home and on my laptop there.

    Take my love, take my land
    Take me where I cannot stand
    I don’t care, I’m still free
    You can’t take the sky from me
    Take me out to the black
    Tell them I ain’t comin’ back
    Burn the land and boil the sea
    You can’t take the sky from me
    There’s no place I can be
    Since I found Serenity

  11. Paul M.

    It doesn’t say how many people have voted – Serenity is at 84% now

  12. Daniel J. Andrew

    Video no longer available. :(

  13. Daniel J. Andrew

    Video back again. :)

  14. StevoR

    Greatsong &clip. THX BA

    Thanks too to Mchl for posting that link & news (well news to me anyhow.) 😉

    I’ll vote in “Serenity’s” favour.

    I loved the ‘Firefly’ TV show & think its been too under-rated for too long. Yeah, it was a Space Western but there’s a lot more to it than is sometimes thought – some very clever dialogue and imaginative yet quite plausible~ish world creation. Great characters, great action, great humour, good ideas, good use of Chinese! One very Shiny show! 😉

    Oh & the movie really kicked A too! 😀

    If anyone here hasn’t yet seen ‘Firefly’ or the ‘Serenity’ movie, I’d certainly recomend that you do!

    It’s right behind ‘Babylon-5’ on my all-time SF-TV faves list.

  15. StevoR

    Okay thanks again Mchl I’ve just voted. :-)

    As of now, its :

    ‘Serenity’ on 83 % leading by mega parsecs from

    ‘Earthrise’ on 7 %


    ‘Legacy’ on 6%

    (Yuk! That sounds like part of a will or legal document to me! 😉 )

    ‘Venture’ on 5 %

    The vote may be dropping marginally but I think us Firefly fans still have it by a long way! 😉

    Mchl also noted :

    “… hey, Star Trek fans got their shuttle… although it never went into space.

    True. Whatever did happen to the old ‘Enterprise’ shuttle & how come it never flew in space?

  16. She has a lovely voice! Great song and the video editing was quite well done, too.

  17. Ray

    The Enterprise shuttle was basically an engineering mule. It was never meant to go to space, although when it was retired some bits were taken off and put on the other shuttles. Enterprise today is on display at the Smithsonian.

  18. Some sources say that Enterprise was meant to be refurbished into a space worthy vessel at first, but after it’s atmospheric tests, it was discovered that there was need for very serious changes into shuttle’s construction. It was decided, that it was too costly (surprise!) to do so. The idea was under consideration once more after Challenger’s disaster, but the decision was to build Endeavour from spare parts.

    In other news: Serenity is at 81% now. According contest rules you can vote each day!

  19. Gary Ansorge

    Dang, I miss Firefly,,,

    That is the best rendition of “In the Black” I’ve ever heard. MArion has a world class voice and delivery. She should be singing for DeadHeads,,,

    Gary 7

  20. StevoR

    Thanks Ray & Mchl for that info. – Twice in Mchl‘s case! :-)

    @ Gary Ansorge Seconded.

  21. Just vote dagian & its still’Serenity’ 82% over 7 % ‘Earthrise’. Go you brownshirts! 😀

    BTW. If SLC (think that the person’s tag) who asked about the difference bewteen giants and supergiants on the T Leporis thread here is still out there somewhere – Well I’ve answered your question both at length and in a nutshell (& with corrections too!) on the “wonder-twins-telescope-sees-stars-dying-gasps” thread – click my name to read it.

  22. Shivers down my spine. Love that song :)


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