Astronomy talk at Fiske Planetarium Feb. 27

By Phil Plait | February 24, 2009 12:00 pm
Spitzer/Hubble/Chandra picture of the spiral galaxy M101

If you’re in the Boulder, Colorado area on February 27, then I highly recommend heading to the Fiske Planetarium, where my friend Luisa Rebull will be talking about star formation and the Spitzer Space Telescope. Her talk is centered around this way cool image of the spiral galaxy M101, so if you get the chance you really should attend. Luisa’s pretty cool, and I know her talk will be a lot of fun. I’ll be there!

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Comments (6)


    That’s a combination image made with images from HST, Spitzer and Chandra.

  2. not in regards to the blog post, but there are banner/side bar ads promoting the 2012 nonsense showing up thanks to google. seems a tad in appropriate!


    Cool picture! I’ve downloaded the FULL resolution from the Hubble web-site.

  4. Corey

    This sounded really cool, I got an email about it not too long ago. And considering that Fiske is ten minutes away if I walked, I suppose I have little excuse not to go.

  5. I wish there were such observatories here near Vancouver.

  6. Speaking of Vancouver… Phil, any chance of you coming up here? Even if it is for an Alaskan cruise, I will accost you at the dock and force you to autograph my bald head… and I promise never to wash it again! :)


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