TAM 7 website now open for business!

By Phil Plait | February 25, 2009 7:21 pm

I am very pleased to announce that registration for The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 is now open!

TAMs are the premier conferences for critical thinkers across the globe. Hosted by the James Randi Education Foundation (JREF), it always features great speakers, good times, and a warm and wonderful community. TAM 7 will continue that tradition.

TAM 7 logo

This year, our keynote speaker is Bill Prady, the executive producer of The Big Bang Theory. Suh. Weet. We also have Randi, of course, My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage&#153, Jennifer Ouellette, Joe Nickell, Michael Shermer, Emily Rosa, and a passel of other great speakers. I guess that means me, too.

We have all sorts of plans for this one. We have workshops, paper presentations, magic shows, music (George Hrab! W00t!), and even… a talent show. Yes, really. Do skeptics have talent? We’ll see.

This is my first TAM as JREF President, and I want to see lots and lots of BABloggees there. Who’s with me? TAM 7 will be from July 9 – 12 at the South Point Hotel, Casino, & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. I hope to see you there!


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