Open Lab 2008

By Phil Plait | March 5, 2009 10:00 am
Open Lab 2008 Cover

The new Open Lab 2008 is here!

This book is a collection of 52 essays representing some of the best science blog writing from 2008. It includes essays from a lot of the usual suspects, plus others I bet you don’t know. My own post about WR 104, a potential nearby gamma-ray burst progenitor, is in there too.

Open Lab 2008 is on sale at for $15.50, or you can download a PDF for $7.50.

I have both Open Labs 2006 and 2007, and they are wonderful book full of good science, skepticism, anti-antiscience, and just plain old good stuff. I really recommend getting a copy. My congrats to Bora, Jennifer Rohn, and everyone else who worked so hard on this.


Comments (5)


    It would not be worth buying if it did not have at least one post by you, Phil, in it!

  2. Todd W.


    Umm…you have a little something on your nose…just there…

  3. The new Open Lab 2009 is here!

    Great. Phil’s broken spacetime. Again.

  4. fos

    Lulu is an excellent publisher. I have purchased academic books from them at a fraction of the price they would have cost from a major publishing house. Their quality is excellent.

  5. @ fos:

    Yes, indeed. And Lulu’s fictional selections are most excellent, too. Most excellent.

    Worth checking out, definitely.

    Very definitely.



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