I love teh interwebz

By Phil Plait | March 11, 2009 5:14 pm

Oh, how I love the future. How else would I be able to relive my past?

Quisp was my favorite cereal when I was a kid. It tastes like Cap’n Crunch, but doesn’t recreate the Battle of Hastings on the roof of your mouth. Years ago, when The Little Astronomer was very Little, we rediscovered Quisp at one of those box stores and I was able to convince her of its superiority to modern (that is, "stupid") cereals. But when we moved from Maryland, that was that. California is a vast wasteland of cereals. Hope was renewed when we moved to Boulder, as I heard that some Albertsons stores in the Denver area carry it. But they won’t return my calls, and the Quisp website is no help.

So. The other day I was researching something, and stumbled on the El Dorado of cereals on Amazon.com. Oh frabjous day! With free shipping (Amazon Prime, baby!) it doesn’t cost any more than buying other cereals at the store.

I hope you’ll pardon me now. I have something I must attend too. You can ignore the loud crunching sound.

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