My Close Personal Doll (TM)

By Phil Plait | March 11, 2009 1:18 pm

Well, what can you say about this?

Croched Mythbusters dolls

Actually, I’m not sure what to say. Without the t-shirt I wouldn’t have recognized the one on the right as Adam, but the Wilfred Brimley one is obvious enough.


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  1. I recognized them right away. But that might only be because it was on your blog, so I was expecting something skeptic themed.

  2. jest

    Reminds me of a scene from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie, where Arthur hits the Improbability Drive button and they all turn into yarn dolls.

  3. Z-man

    I thought the one on the right was the Bad Astronomer himself. Jsut wearing a Mythbuster shirt.

  4. Lauren

    WANT. Oh my fsm, want.

  5. too much time on their hands….clever in an odd sort of way, flattering for those fellows, too. But I would be a little freaked out if I had a following that wanted to sculpt yarn dolls in my image.

  6. How odd. Why is Wilford Brimley wearing a yarmulke?

  7. Savino

    I say: No, thanks.

  8. Michelle

    ….Mommy… SAVE ME!

    I’m sure we’ll someday see these dolls in cheap B horror movies.

  9. Davidlpf

    They should have the dolls covered with dust, explosives dust.

  10. Bill

    I reject your knitting needles and substitute two of my own.

  11. Davidlpf

    possible mythbuster movies:
    The day the Mythbusters stood still
    The end of Mythbusters
    Return of Mythbusters
    Revenge of the Mythbusters
    The Wraith of Jaime
    The day after the Mythbusters
    The Search for Grant
    The last of the Mythbusters

  12. Mark

    Little Big Skeptics?

  13. ROFL!

    I recognized them instantly.

    Actually I’m having a hard time trying to contain the laughing while I’m in the office right now!

    Nice dolls!

  14. Mchl

    Davidlpf: as long as Kari stars in all of them, I will watch those.

  15. Mchl

    Oh… and I forgot my lament:

    It’s my birthday and they scrubbed the launch!!!

  16. Trebuchet

    Uh, someone needs to tell her it’s “Jamie”, not “Jaime”.

  17. MadScientist

    I still prefer Jamie – maybe because his personality matches mine better and Adam often seems goofy (but what do I know – I only see them on TV). Look at it this way: I’d let Jamie go through my workshop as he pleases, but Adam will have to be handcuffed, wear leg chains, and be escorted through the workshop for his own safety.

  18. It would look more like Adam if it had a widow’s peak. Or one eyebrow.

  19. Davidlpf

    If they made a one of Keri wouldn’t that be a doll of a doll.

  20. “I reject your knitting needles and substitute two of my own.”

    Bill: Well played, sir. Well played indeed!

  21. Jamie has a goatee?

  22. BA: Have you emailed this to your Close Personal Friend‚ĄĘ?

  23. Dave W

    When will we see the Official JREF action figures be released to go with these Randi & Plait dolls?

  24. blurayven

    all i have to say to this

    “i love the whole world,
    its such a wacky place.
    boom dee wadda
    bomm dee wadda
    doom dee wadda
    boom dee wadda”

  25. they are fabulous. easily recognizable. so far I just crochet Grim Reapers, this might be a fun way to branch out.

  26. eckitis

    I can has?

    They are too adorable!

  27. Larry

    If you see any resemblance between these so-called dolls and ANYone, I’d say that the BA is suffering from severe ‘para-doll-ia’… I mean, the anthropromorphization of a few pieces of string? Come on, now! ūüėČ

  28. Joe Meils

    Now all we need to do is give these dolls some well earned time off… let’s ship ’em over to the “Teddy Babes” factory for a little R&R…

  29. Walkiria

    I want one I want one I want one noooooooooooowwww!!!!!


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