Shuttle launch delayed until March 15 at least

By Phil Plait | March 12, 2009 9:30 am
Space Shuttle hydrogen pump
A hydrogen vent line to the Shuttle, the source
of a leak delaying the launch.

The STS-119 mission launch has been delayed at least a few days due to a hydrogen leak in a vent line. The Shuttle is in no danger according to NASA, but things like this bedevil the complicated launch process, and they want to make sure everything is OK. A team of inspectors will take a look this afternoon to assess what’s what.

It’ll be 19:43 (Eastern time) on March 15th at the earliest for the next launch, and historically leaks like this take a while to sort out, so that target time and date may be optimistic. We’ll know better later today or tomorrow.


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  1. Nothing that a little duct tape can’t fix, right?

  2. cameron

    That thing looks complicated.

  3. MacGyver can fix it with some bubble gum. Or maybe MacGruber.

  4. Brian

    Of course, MacGyver doesn’t get hauled before the Senate when the shuttle explodes during re-entry.

  5. Quiet_Desperation

    They’re still launching those things, huh?

  6. a hydrogen leak in a vent line

    Oh, what a coincidence. This is the excuse I gave my boss when I called in sick this morning.

  7. The Ides of March?

    good sign!



  8. Gnat

    I had NASA TV on this morning before work, and in between the stuff about the launch, they were talking about Mission Madness – Vote for the best missions from the past, present, and future. Looks like a lot of fun!

    So this was sorta related to this post! :)

  9. Gonzo

    Hydrogen leaks seem extremely dangerous to me, isn’t “no danger” a bit of an understatement.

  10. Angela

    Amen! to Naked Bunny.
    I was telling my parents when the launch was set for and my mom promptly stated “when it’s suppooooosed to launch but they’ll find ‘something wrong’ and put it off until someone remembers how much money NASA spends and they’ll have to start doing something media worthy again.” HAHA

  11. The BA Says: “they want to make sure everything is OK. A”

    Isn’t that supposed to be “A.OK”?

    – Jack


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