Yet even again more reviews of DEATH

By Phil Plait | March 12, 2009 1:45 pm

A few more reviews of my book have surfaced…

If you read just one review of Death from the Skies!, let it be this one. You’ll see why.

You can also read ones from the Apex Book Company (not to be confused with the Susquehanna Hat Company), World of Weird Things (true enough), and Austroscepticus.

Of course, if you read the book, you can write your own review and I’ll link to it here.

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Comments (12)

  1. kebsis

    ”My advice is to buy the book”

    Sounds like a good review to me!

  2. Hmm, I should write a review just for the fun of it! :) Although I have so many other projects sitting on the back burner right now…

  3. Davidlpf

    You wrote a book.
    (you know somebody was going to say it.)

  4. Todd W.


    You got it wrong. You’re supposed to end the sentence with a question mark. tsk tsk.

  5. Supernova

    Wow, that QA review rocked! That kid has a bright future indeed.

  6. MadScientist

    Isn’t there a danger the book would be reviewed to death?

    I wish reviews counted as citations; that might encourage me to write a book. :)

    OK, now to go check out that review that has BA raving.

  7. Karl Withakay

    Will there be an opportunity to get the book signed at TAM in July?
    I finally ordered a copy from JREF when I booked TAM the other day, along with Neil Tyson’s latest.

  8. Dave

    I want this book, but its not out in the UK.

    Phil you got any idea when/if it will be??

  9. Dave, are you sure it’s not at AmazonUK? I thought several bloggers here got their copies that way.

    I have my signed JREF version, and I love it. It’s my precious! Sadly I am stuck at the office, so I can’t reach my blog to write right now. :(

  10. Dave

    You know I didn’t quite think of that (altho I prefer going to a book shop) and it is on the UK site, looks like a birthday present ūüėõ

    Thanks for the link Arensb. ūüėČ


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