New BABlog contest: win "The Saucer Fleet"!

By Phil Plait | March 17, 2009 7:00 am

[Update: my spam filter thinks a lot of the comments being sent in are spam for some reason. If you get a automated note saying your comment is spam, don’t worry! I’ll make sure it gets in the list.]

It’s been a while since I’ve done a BABlog giveaway, so it’s way overdue. And this time I have another extremely cool (in the geeky sense) book to give away to one BABloggee: The Saucer Fleet, by Jack Hagerty and Jon Rogers (Jack is the author of the also way-cool Spaceship Handbook).

Click to embiggenate.

This book is so incredibly cool: it’s all about flying saucers in movies, including War of the Worlds, Forbidden Planet, This Island Earth, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and many more. It’s lavishly illustrated, phenomenally detailed, and is simply totally awesome. It also has a forward by some astronomer who loves old science fiction movies. Oh wait: it’s me. And there’s more: Jack will autograph the book to the winner, too!

So, you like flying saucer stuff? You want this book. Don’t believe me? Then listen to scifi author Robert Sawyer, or the Hive Overmind blog Science Not Fiction. If you like saucer movies, this book rocks.

So how do you win it? Actually, it’s pretty easy.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Just post something in the comments below, like "I’m a geek and I want this book!" It doesn’t matter what you post as long as you post something. On Friday, March 20 at noon Mountain time (UTC – 6), I will generate a random number, and the person who leaves that number comment wins the book. I’ll send the winner an email notifying them of their good fortune, and you’ll have until Monday at noon MT to get back to me. I’ll pick another commenter if I don’t hear back by then. That person will have until noon the next day to get back to me, and so one, until a winner is chosen.

Here are some rules for you. READ THESE. Violate them and you’re toast.

1) Leave a comment ONLY ONCE. I trust you folks, but I feel I must make this warning: No matter how tempting it is to followup on someone else’s comment, don’t do it. Anyone caught doing that (or cheating in any way) not only won’t win the book, but your comment will simply be deleted. Be ye fairly warned, says I.

2) Make sure that you enter a valid email address in the form when you leave your comment. If you don’t, you won’t win, since email is how I will contact the winner. I won’t try to figure out your address; if there’s no valid email, I’ll simply pick another winner.

3) Anyone is eligible. However, to be fair, if you’re an actual friend of mine IRL then please don’t leave a comment. I’ll leave it up to your own judgment if you fall in that category or not. I just wouldn’t feel right sending the book to a friend when the contest is open to anyone. Luckily, I have so few friends the odds are low anyway.

4) Once a winner is picked, I’ll forward their email to Jack Hagerty, who will send them a book. You can be anywhere in the world, so no restrictions there. Also, Jack has generously offered to give BABlog readers a 15% discount on the book: just go to Jack’s bookstore to order the book, enter "BABR" (for BABLog Reader) into the promotional code, and voila! A saucer will be on whizzing and whirring its way to your door.

Remember, you have until noon Friday!

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Comments (775)

  1. Charles Boyer

    This book would be a fine addition to any collection!

  2. Y

    Oh what the hell, I’ll give it a shot

  3. Starviking

    It must be mine! (Or maybe not…)

  4. Carl Cohen

    I heard about this book and would really like to read it! I am currently reading your “Death From the Skies” and can’t put it down!

  5. Ewen MacPherson

    My inner geek feels lucky..

  6. Mark DeSchepper

    This book looks like it truly rocks. I have been a sci-fi fan since way back (no age given), and the book would be a nice piece for my collection.

  7. Deepsix

    The figurines had better be included in the deal!

  8. I’ll throw my kevlar helmet into the ring. Can never have too many books. (Unless a stack topples over and crushes you.)

  9. Gary

    I wonder if the random number generator has a bias against low numbered posts?

  10. Mel Anderson

    I would like to win this!

    Loved Death from the Skies – bought for my 14-year-old son for Christmas this year, and he devoured it!


  11. Peter B

    Ooh. Pretty colours! *points excitedly*

  12. bobtheskepticalchristian

    when writing limericks as a geek
    you cannot be overly chic
    but by loving sci fi
    and hitching your pants up high
    into The Saucer Fleet you might take a peek!

  13. Bob L.

    I’ve been reading SF (Groff Conklin, anyone?) and watching it in the movies (Ming the Merciless, anyone?) and on TV (Captain Video, anyone?) since before most of you people were born. Therefore I deserve this book the most. Too bad my neediness doesn’t gain me any extra points.

    BTW – love the blog. (This is not just gratuitous sucking up.)

  14. Pieter Kok

    you mean “foreword”?

  15. Please, O Random Digit Generator, let it be mine.

  16. Ariane

    Ooh, sounds rad.
    (and so pretty, new and shiny!)

  17. the bug guy

    I hope it has the George Pal Martian War Machine, I need a good reference to build the scale model I recently purchased.

  18. Bob Portnell

    Count me in, Dr. B.A.

    (Why did I just hear “A-Team” music?)

  19. Joe Meils

    I need this book because I’ve lost the repair manual for my ship.

  20. Michelle

    Me wants!

  21. Jon

    Pick me! Pick me! (Oh random number generator)

  22. If you need any help with a ‘seed’ value for your random number generator, I know just the value :-)

    OK, so I am a computer geek more than an astronomy geek, I love good SciFi too (and a great blog)!


  23. Free stuff? Count me in!

  24. UmTutSut

    ::sigh:: Reminds me of the old saucer we used for family vacations….

  25. w_nightshde

    The cover is particularly awesome – reminiscent of old Tom Swift books.

  26. Togan
  27. Larry

    Hey, Mister Spaceman!
    Won’t you please take me along?
    I won’t do anything wrong!

  28. Bearguin

    I’m not a geek and I don’t want this book. :)

  29. Vernon Balbert

    Please, please, please, gimme, gimme, gimme!

  30. jokergirl

    Of course I want the book, don’t be silly.

    “If you have enough shelf space, I don’t want to talk to you.” -Terry Pratchett


  31. Can I be your friend after I win? Please?

  32. James

    “They came from Outer Space!”

  33. Nice fun contest idea. Great blog here, I’ve really been enjoying reading it.

  34. Klaatu barada nikto

  35. I’m so geeky I suspect this book may be rather too cool for me. I’ll live.

  36. Marty Stone

    I am not worthy of this prize, but will be happy to accept your most kind and generous offer on behalf of the entire Galactic Community of Astronomy Geeks (GCAG).

  37. Todd W.

    If only I had space for another book…guess I’ll need to make room.

  38. Tony

    Geek doesnt begin to cover it. I have all the star trek EVER on DVD (yes, that INCLUDES the animated series) as well as a damn fine collection of 50’s Sci Fi (even though they were all made 20 years before I was born).


  39. Taleteller

    gimme, gimme, gimme (© Andersson, Ulvaeus)

  40. CS

    I want it too!

  41. Blondin

    Assimilate me!

    (Please be gentle)

  42. AndymanEC
  43. Matt

    I’d rather have “Death From The Skies!” but I’ll settle for this :-)

  44. Jack Mitcham

    I thought your next giveaway would be one of those Galileoscopes. Books are cool too though. :-p

  45. Jay
  46. Kevin

    Bad Astronomy Rules!

  47. Brian

    The really geeky thing to do would be to look at seed values likely to be generated on Friday, and do a large-scale Monte Carlo analysis to see if any numbers have measurably-better-than-average odds of being selected. This I have done, and I have determined that the 17th post has, on average, better odds by 0.0000000001. So that’s why I’m posting now.

    … Doh!

  48. steve

    There we were, just the two of us, watching night fade into darkness. I was dying, but then you saved me, brought me back, just to say to me, “Whoa, there are asteroids that shine brighter than you ever will. There are humanoids who love money so much that they would kill.”

  49. pk1154

    I am married to someone who would appreciate this book…the person who gave me Death From the Skies! for Christmas…

  50. Greg

    Pretty, pretty please.

  51. Emily Horner

    I think I’m gonna win! I’m feelin’ pretty lucky today :) Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  52. cdorion
  53. Joe

    OK, I’ll bite. What will the final odds on this be, I wonder?

  54. Coleman Mulkerin

    You got me! This is my first post even though I’ve been reading your blog for a good while.

    I just loves me an old science fiction movie.

  55. Isernbreegen
  56. Steven

    I love those old cheesy sci-fi films.

  57. Karl

    I’m feeling lucky today…

  58. Tom C

    Great for reading to the grandkids. Certainly a major step up from Sponge Bob.

  59. Lledowyn

    The book… I must has it… the precious……….

  60. Don K

    I’m in Boulder, so if I win, you can save postage costs!

  61. Junx

    Few things are as cool as what can be seen outside our world when the lights go out.

  62. WarpedBoard

    No probing please, just the book!

  63. Jeff


    Me want book!

  64. Wait, a random number between 1 and… what number now?

  65. Brian

    I want! I want! I want!

  66. This is not the first post. Possibly not the last either.

  67. Defective Robot

    What I really want is an autographed first edition copy of Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica..

    Or Archie and Jughead #168.

  68. Kevin

    All of my friends who are jealous of my flying saucer will really be jealous if I have this book.

    Not if. What is the word…. oh yeah.

    WHEN :)

  69. Jamie Mueller

    Have to put something right next to “Death from The Skies” on the bookshelf!

  70. Doc

    Pick me! [jump] Pick me! [backflip] Meeee! [jump] Pick me!

  71. BigBob

    I’m a goat and I want this book! Please.

  72. Dan

    I’m pretty sure that I don’t count as a personal friend of Phil Plait…

  73. I’m a geek, and I want this book! I’m also uncreative, but then I’ve been sick, what of it?

  74. Jake

    So does this “book” thing come with a charger, or a wi-fi adapter?

  75. Bill

    Perfect. This will be that last piece in my plan for world domination.

  76. Pascal

    Believe in UFOs? Why, I fly them!

  77. I have a copy of the “Spaceship Handbook” but this one sound even cooler.

  78. Woohoo. Free stuff!

  79. Book

    Did it work? I can’t wait to find out if woo works better than random chance.

  80. S-yor
  81. :: Sipping his Coffee, the tall man sat in front of his console as he has been doing it since 2 years ago. Opening his small notebook, he checked the log entries from the previous officer and quickly placed it back over his desk ::

    oO Another typical night in the glorious Nevada desert. Oo

    :: The something flashing caught his eye. A single and tiny white dot appeared on his screen. The man awaited until another cycle swept the area. The one dot appeared again, but in a different position. Raising an eyebrow, the man put his headsets on and opened a channel ::

    OFFICER: Unidentified craft, this is Outpust Delta 2-9. You have entered restricted air space. Identify yourself, over.

    :: The unidentified craft did not reply, instead it increased it speed moving directly toward the Outpost. The man tried one more time to get a response from the craft and after having none, he triggered the Alert System. His eyes pop out when suddenly tens of another dots appeared in his screen, following the previous one ::

    :: Another officer rushed into the equipment-filled room, breathing rapidly and his face as white as a Scandinavian ::

    2nd Officer: You… you… you got to see this!

    Officer: What? What is it! :: alarmed ::

    2nd Officer: It’s amazing! It’s… It’s THE SAUCER FLEET!



    Live long and prosper!

  82. Trevindor

    Take me to your leader.

  83. Pete
  84. Sion H

    Hey, I’m building one of those. No fair!

  85. Oggy

    OOOOOO, flying plates, saucers and other china.

  86. CJSF





  87. Gimme that damn book!

  88. Jean-Denis Muys

    Some day not too far from now, I’m gonna leave everything and endeavor to verify whether this planet of ours is really round and not flat.

    I’ll raise my sails and untie my lines and wave goodbye, and set sail to the west through the trade winds.

    Below deck, safe inside the lockers, hidden from the salt and wind and waves, there will be a few precious. Very few, as room permit. Among them all, not very far from the other kind, a Fleet of Saucers.

    So there.

    I’ll wait for them.

  89. mln84

    Me, too. Thanks!

  90. Oh, definitely sign me up for this contest.

  91. BILL7718

    All your book are belong to us!

  92. JCF

    Does the book talk about the form of propulsion and/or source of energy of the alleged flying saucers? I have the impression the ones from ‘The War of the Worlds’ (with Tom Cruise) used a steam engine!

  93. I want that frakkin’ book.

  94. Red McWilliams

    I’ll be your friend, Phil. I’ll even forego a chance at the book.

  95. nick

    pick me, randomizer!

  96. DPSisler

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Mr. Bad Astronomer, Mr. Bad Astronomer, pick me! pick me!

  97. This contest is all that’s standing between me and a geekgasm…

  98. sksutton

    I can haz sawzer buk now?

  99. highschoolphysics

    So a neutron walks in a bar and sits down. He asks the bartender “How much for a drink?” The bartender turns to him and says “Buddy, for you, no charge.” :-)

  100. Hypatia
  101. Gort
  102. zaardvark

    the truth is out there,
    somewhere beyond the sea,
    she’s there watching for me.
    if I could fly like birds on high,
    then straight to her arms I’d go sailing.

  103. If this was the comment I was going to make would it be the comment I would leave?

  104. I just got Death From the Skies from the Library, and I’m almost done reading it… Pick me, before the Earth is destroyed!

  105. Mandarb

    I wants it. I neeeeds it.


  106. robotsonic

    I want me some book!

  107. Fortunately, because computers do not generate truly random numbers, but only pseudo-random numbers, Phil has already given away the game: by simply calculating the random number that will be generated by the PRNG in the typical desktop computer at the draw time, I can calculate which comment I need to post in order to win.

    Unfortunately, it turns out it’s the guy above me.

  108. Linus

    Flying saucers… Do they contain soup?

  109. Søren Mors

    Looks like a way cool book, which I abviously want. There is still lingering doubt amongst my family members about wether I’m a total geek or not. Having this book will help them get rid of any misconceptions they might have.

  110. Hoonser

    I command you to give me that book!

  111. Eirik

    Please everyone, this discussion is over – no more comments!

  112. Mat

    I’d buy that for a dollar! (but free is always nicer) 😀

  113. IVAN3MAN

    Phil Plait:

    However, to be fair, if you’re an actual friend of mine IRL than please don’t leave a comment.

    Err… Phil, that should be then, not “than”.

    The term “than” is used in comparative statements to introduce the second element or clause of a comparison of inequality: Gateau is richer than cake.

    Whereas “then” means “at that time” or “next in time, space, or order”: I was a lot fitter then; If you want to do it, then tell him.


  114. Peter

    I’m a geek and I must have this book!

  115. Sparky

    I am using my powers of telepathy to influence Phil’s computer.

    Of course, with my powers, I suppose I could just apply for James Randi’s million dollars, and buy myself the book.

    But where’s the fun in that?

  116. Jean Russell

    This would be the perfect companion to the Spaceship Handbook that I gave to my husband for Christmas.

  117. Just a few more books and my library should finally reach critical mass and breech into L-space. Please give generously.

  118. The power of RNG be with me!

  119. Jeff

    I’m a geek and I want this book!

    Oh please, oh please.

  120. Sanity

    Ohhh, contests!
    I don’t think my geekage can survive NOT winning the book :(

  121. MDF
  122. jonesy


  123. Chris

    I love flying saucers and think the name syfy network is stupid. awesome! I hope I win!

  124. LibraryGuy

    The only thing better than getting that book if it were St. Patricks Day. It is? Hooray!

  125. Mario

    OMG! A Free book! What will be next? A dinner with the BA himself?

  126. MathMike

    Oh I love me some flying saucer goodness.

  127. Jarrod Henry

    Thanks for this offer, Mr. Bad Astronomer sir :)
    I’m in :)

  128. Brain.wav
  129. numsix

    My astrologer said: “It is time to enter the contest and there will be a winner”
    That has to be me right?
    My astrologer wouldn’t be obscure or misleading. :)

  130. TheBlackCat

    That book looks really cool! Me wants!

  131. DrFlimmer

    I want one, too!

    (Btw: It has been too long since your last live chat, too….)

  132. Dustin

    In Soviet Russia, saucers fly you (before giving you this awesome book)!

  133. we wants it, precious.

  134. sandswipe

    Come on, random number machine!

  135. Pro Libertate
  136. philippec

    Can a Facebook friend (bot not IRL) still try to win it, anyways?

  137. Alotar

    Well, I AM a geek, and I WANT this book.

  138. Ben

    Of course, we all know that computer generated random numbers are hardly random. This is why one should use, which uses atmospheric noise to create it’s numbers. Or roll a big die… I know you have one!

  139. Cory Meyer

    Let’s see how this goes. What can I say, I have such a bad track record winning things. No matter how good the odds, I always lose. Once, in high school, I was in an auditorium with 60 people (including myself). There was a raffle with 58 prizes. Lucky me, I lost. I’ve only won two raffles in my life, one prize of which was to have my eyebrows waxed. (Sheesh, I’m a dude, dude!)

  140. OtherRob

    I, for one, welcome our saucer overlords. :)

  141. BigBadSis

    Can relatives IRL play? If so, WANT.

  142. elgarak


    That’s all I say :)

  143. Hoping that the luck of the Irish is with me!

  144. Steve G.

    that book looks cool.

  145. Oh, I’d love to have this!

  146. Pineyman

    Klaatu barada nicto. Micheal Rennie version.

    When Worlds Collide. After Worlds Collide.

    Beowulf Schaeffer.

    Far Centaurus.

    Stanley G Weinbaum.

    My book. GIMME!

  147. rob

    free book? toss me into the random number pile!

  148. Flying space ship book
    With bright nebulous colors
    See it on my shelf.

  149. I plan on using my long-distance telekinetic powers to influence the random number generator in my favor. I can’t lose!

  150. Shawkat
  151. alfaniner

    There ARE no random numbers…

  152. Sceric

    the “everywhere in the world” was the last straw…let’s see if Fortuna or the Basic “randomize” command has me in her/its favour…

  153. @IVAN3MAN your grammar comments always crack me up. Esp. since I’m 100% sure Phil knows the difference between “than” and “then”, “it’s” and “its” or “you’re” and “your”.

    I wonder when they gonna invent a “spellchecker” for that tho.

  154. Lewknukem

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  155. My… birthday present!

    … precious…

  156. Winter Solstice Man

    Doing my best Eddie Haskel imitation:

    Why you look lovely today Mr. Plait!

  157. Tony

    I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book

    Are you annoyed yet?

    I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book

  158. Bramblyspam

    … but do the saucers come with teacups?

  159. BrianA

    Klaatu barada nikto

  160. Joedog

    Count me in…….. Booooook….. booooooooook… must have booooook……

  161. Cool sounding book, I want it

  162. CoffeeCupContrails

    There really are NO truly random numbers… just misunderstood ones. 109 is my lucky number… i can feel it.

  163. Michael

    She saw her saucer deliver the saucier to the five star restaurant.

  164. NarishmaReborn

    I would like this book. It seems spiffy. :-]

  165. PH423R
  166. DouglasG
  167. I haven’t yet bought your book (can you throw one of those in too, if I win? :) ) but I love free books AND saucers.

  168. The one-post-only rule seems vulnerable to trolling. Will the other posters be able to resist biting? Therefore, I would like to say:

    Evolution is an atheistic lie. Where are the transitional fossils? Ooops… haven’t you found them yet?

    Vaccines are a form of child abuse. How is injecting a child with mercury and aborted fetuses meant to stop disease? But I suppose you Big Pharma shills won’t be happy until every little child has been poisoned.

    Alien spacecraft have been sighted, but you narrow-minded pseudo-skeptics are too stupid and arrogant to accept it. UFOs are real. Get used to it.

  169. My bookshelf will assimilate that book!

  170. Vin Petrol

    Puny Earthman, I demand you give me this book or I shall destroy your world!

  171. Chris G

    Ooh! Ooh! I love wibbly-wobbly spinney-winny saucery stuff!

    (Just had a nerdgasm…sorry!)

  172. smeared ink

    that book looks sweet

  173. !AstralProjectile

    Pick me and I promise I’ll read it before posting here again.

  174. DoctorandusWho
  175. Pick me, random number generator!

  176. Drnecropolis

    A fine specimen for any collection!

  177. nemohere

    Sounds like an interesting book.
    A book browsing mission to the local bookstore is in order.

  178. As a huge nerd, I would love this book!

  179. I’m impressed by the number of bad puns people have pulled off here. I’m not that creative when it’s still AM, so here’s a boring post.

  180. Looks like an amazing book count me in please Phil.


  181. Ala'a

    Oh, WOW! As a longtime fan of vintage science fiction – and a loyal BA fan – I’d love to read this book

  182. Greg23

    Me want book. Gimmie!

  183. BMcP

    Yes I do want this book because I a total geek, and look a Gorn too!

  184. TheWalruss

    Sounds like a good way to count active readers.
    I’m in!

    Errrr…. do you ship intercontinentally? I hear some grays run a half-hour intra-planetary courier service for only 300 credits per shipment, regardless of weight, as long as you bribe them with sufficient bovine anuses…

  185. definitely a want, if I do’t win will be adding it to my birthday list!

  186. Digital Cosmos

    Shiny! Me want!

  187. kkozoriz

    Cool. I didn’t know the Gorns flew saucers. But, since we never saw the ship I guess it’s possible.

    10.0 on the geek meter

  188. zachary

    Making comment to win the book.

  189. Gary Bogle

    All I want to know is if this is a book of streetlights.

  190. That looks like a pretty awesome book.

  191. Lyr

    I want this book!

  192. BoneheadFX

    I’m so there!

  193. This Guy


    Please can I have it?


  194. Ubergeek

    That book must be mine! Resistance is futile!

  195. Luanne O'Neill

    I have always fancied myself a geek…but I see from these posts that I pale by comparison.

    Thanks for the possibilities! :)

  196. Atticus05

    I want this book, it will go nicely with my tinfoil hat, and sci-fi movie collection. Also this way the next time I get abducted by aliens, I’ll at least know my way around the inside of their ship….

  197. Sundance

    I’m a huge science fiction geek, and it’s my birthday on sunday, so winning this would be just the thing for a hoopy frood.

  198. Cool book. I need it.

  199. Damian Elsen

    Take me to your leader!

  200. Bryon

    As it happens, my flying saucer is in need of repair. This book and its illustrations may be useful as I make repairs.

  201. J Earley

    Does it have the cool Vree saucers from B5?

  202. jd-f

    ooh yes please! I’ve never won anything either though…it’s a good idea giving one away though because the sense of loss will prompt many of us losers to BUY the book!

  203. Hendi

    As i’m a saucer repair person serving aliens from all over the galaxy, i absolutely need this.

  204. Andy Beaton

    I demand that I deserve this book!

  205. The Gorn seems a little disturbed by this deal.

  206. Oh, I’d love to win The saucer fleet!

  207. Hunter

    Ooh. This would look nice next to my Bad Astronomy books.

  208. angel

    Keeping my fingers crossed, saying a little prayer 😉

  209. Free stuff??? Yeah, I want this book.

  210. This would look good on the ol’bookshelf! (And maybe to read, too!)

  211. EddieG

    Long live the Saucers!

  212. feroxx

    Oh, that looks cool, really! 😀

  213. MarkW

    Lots and lots of comments by now. :(

    Still, I stand as much chance as anyone else!

  214. Cameron

    *fingers crossed*

  215. Bert Singels

    I really need this book, i love me some saucers 😉

  216. Sir Eccles

    Outbreak of autism amongst Somali immigrants in Minneapolis. Is it statistics or something more sinister. Anti vaccine groups have been campaigning hard to reduce vaccination rates in a population that frequently travel back to visit family in Somalia where measles is still killing children.

  217. Tiki_Idyll

    Expect the first book when the bell tolls one!

  218. someone

    Pick Meeeeeeeeeee!

  219. Jeff

    Random chance seems to have operated in our favor

  220. If I win this book I promise to photoraph it in a very very cool place.

  221. José

    One hundred and forty-fifth!

  222. Justin Higinbotham

    I’m a geek and I want this book!

  223. I’m interested as well.

    The LPOD had a reference to another “young adult” book at:

    It’s a short novel set on the moon that tries to get the backing science right.

    I’m not in the target audience, but so far it’s been interesting.

  224. thew

    I like any book about milk saucers!

  225. fcaccin

    Excellent moment to delurk, I suppose, since there is no other way I could get it in Italy. Ah, Sci-fi…

  226. jojo

    Long time reader, first time poster. Great site!

  227. Pierre

    I’m still trying to get through a long list of books, hopefully this once contains more illustrations than text!

  228. Topher

    You can’t win if you don’t play. I’m in.

  229. Jimmy

    Pick me, Phil! I’ll even re-read both of your books if I win.

  230. Grand Fromage

    Shiver me timbers.

  231. Greg

    Oooh, do I see This Island Earth?


  232. Billy Meier predicted I will win.

  233. Vicki
  234. I already own your books, Phil… but I still want this one!

  235. Chuck Hoagland

    Klaatu Barada Nicto.

  236. MJBUtah

    This would look awesome next to my copy of “Death From the Skies”…if my brother ever gives me back my copy.

    I honestly thought when I saw the headline you might be giving away a set of dishes. But only small useless ones that go under teacups.

  237. First!

    Oh, wait… Two hundred forty third! (Unless someone else posts in the meantime.)

    I know Bill Prady and Howard Wolowitz IRL, and you seem to keep running into Bill. But, having never met you anywhere other than here, I guess that doesn’t count. :-)

    Come on… Lucky 243!

  238. Trav in the lab

    I was abducted by aliens and I need this as proof!

  239. Bill Glaholt

    My geek cred cannot be denied
    I own a first-ed Monster Manual and a curly bowtie.

    I was soldering b0rked joysticks at the age of 10
    And re-memorized Holy Grail time and time again.

    I won the title “Computer Geek” in high school,
    And beat the chess captain also (*snarf*) isn’t that COOL?

    I was internetting in ’92, gopher was the bomb!
    I could read BOFH all day long.

    If y’all had to look that acronym up,
    then you ain’t got the cred I got.. word up!

    Me want book. 😀

  240. Chris Barber

    “A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he’s just as good as everybody else.”
    – Author John B. Keane

  241. André

    I am an alian and for my journey home in desperate need of a flying saucer.
    This book can come in handy in building my own.

    Translated from Ghyypoooiu to English with altavista bablefish.

  242. TheElkMechanic

    If I win this book,
    I will write a new haiku
    saying, “Thank you, Phil!”

  243. Jim

    Heck yeah I want this.

  244. The powers of the geek make this only possimpobile.

  245. John Nann

    I would absolutely love the book, please randomize me! (Joke, get it trying to force order on random, then again, how good is this random number generator . . . hmmm).

  246. PG

    This is for IVAN3MAN:


    I have a spelling checker.
    It came with my PC.
    It plane lee marks four my revue
    Miss steaks aye can knot sea.

    Eye ran this poem threw it,
    Your sure reel glad two no.
    Its vary polished inn it’s weigh.
    My checker tolled me sew.

    A checker is a bless sing,
    It freeze yew lodes of thyme.
    It helps me right awl stiles two reed,
    And aides me when aye rime.

    Each frays come posed up on my screen
    Eye trussed too bee a joule.
    The checker pours o’er every word
    To cheque sum spelling rule.

    Bee fore a veiling checkers
    Hour spelling mite decline,
    And if we’re lacks oar have a laps,
    We wood bee maid too wine.

    Butt now bee cause my spelling
    Is checked with such grate flare,
    Their are know faults with in my cite,
    Of nun eye am a wear.

    Now spelling does knot phase me,
    It does knot bring a tier.
    My pay purrs awl due glad den
    With wrapped words fare as hear.

    To rite with care is quite a feet
    Of witch won should bee proud,
    And wee mussed dew the best wee can,
    Sew flaws are knot aloud.

    Sow ewe can sea why aye dew prays
    Such soft wear four pea seas,
    And why eye brake in two averse
    Buy righting want too pleas.

    Jerry Zar, 29 June 1992

  247. JT

    I love winning blog contests! And I love geeky books!

  248. Victor

    That’s a lot of comments. A lot of entries. Well, let’s see if I have a shot at this.

  249. Espi

    Oooo! Pick me, pick me!!!!

  250. LifelessDead

    Yummy, The Sausage Fleet!

  251. Murff

    Phil is Cool!


  252. Bigfoot
  253. Lee S

    This will be great to share with my boys!

  254. Von Krieger

    I desire this book and wish to smite children with it.

  255. Rob

    A shot at a free geek book? Thank you for the opportunity!

  256. Wow, this is probably the most commented post ever! We all love free stuff! 😀

  257. ABR.

    My house hasn’t caved in yet from the weight of my book collection. I suppose it would be okay to add just one more thin wafer of a book. Sign me up!

  258. ddr

    Yep. Please count me in.

  259. furrot

    I <3 Bad Astronomy.

  260. FrankZA

    I would very much like to win!

  261. Geoffrey

    I am very excited for this contest!

  262. RManchego

    I want this book, I needs this book, I must have this book!

  263. I see the Gorn and the nice book, but what are those other things? Other than the carpet threads, of course.

  264. Chris Sham

    Hey everyone, just lowering your odds of winning a little.

  265. Tomorrow’s my best friend’s birthday. Not that it matters, because if I win the book, his birthday will be over and he’s not getting it anyway. Just thought I’d mention it.

  266. Mchl

    I need this, so that I can confirm it’s actually Venus that comes to me every second month (together with a bunch of short guys, who perform surgeries on me)

  267. Scott Fraser

    Ooh – pick me!

  268. Greg in Austin

    I’m a technerd, and I wanna win! So, Phil, which random number generator are you going to use? So many of them are pseudo-random, relying on a seed or key.

    @Zurack, so far, its not even close. We’ve had silly UFO discussions that had over 1,000 posts. But, this could top it.

    May the best (and most randomly selected) geek win!


  269. Tim G

    How gracious of Jack Hagerty!

  270. Chip

    Phil you want to Pick ME (Jedi Mind trick in play)! Does the Jedi Mind trick work on a random number generator…we will see.

  271. Proudly geeky. Gimme da book!

  272. Ray

    Cool! I must have this book.

  273. CameronP

    I’m a huge geek. May I have the book please?

  274. Michael

    For St. Patrick’s Day, and Irish blessing:

    May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.

    Hmm…. didn’t work. I want this book.

  275. Victor

    Hi , I’m a Romanian reading your blog on an iphone in Austria and I want the book :)

  276. Wendigo

    March 20 is my birthday! It would be an awesome gift for a sci-fi movie geek like me… :)

  277. Just remember that random numbers are too important to be left to chance 😉

  278. Send it to Spain!

    My crucifixes of green shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day will surely win me the book. Bwahaha.

  279. Spiv

    OMG, I’m a saucer nerd. Especially a forbidden planet saucer nerd.

  280. Beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity.
    -Boulder, CO

  281. John Powell

    Wow – late to the party, but I still hope to get the book!

  282. Ed

    I’m not a friend IRL, but would be happy to be!

  283. L Ron Hubbub

    Erin Go Bragh! Happy St. Pat’s Day.

    Sure and you should be sendin’ me the book now, boyo.

  284. Bryce

    I was tempted to just leave a “.” as my entry.
    There. I did it.

  285. Foster Disbelief

    My psychic powers are telling me that I will not win this book.

    So it’s really a win-win. Either I win the book, or I’m proven psychic and I get the million. Yes!

  286. Josh M

    I’d like this book, as I am a geek.

    Would also like a signed copy of your, book, too 😉

  287. You will be assimilated by the Borg if you do not give me this book.

  288. Oscar Ferro

    I’ve just ordered “Death from the skies” through a friend of mine that is at USA on vacation. That means: a few (more) bucks in your account PLUS this friend will also read the book during the return flight.

    And this person is a former Moonhoax believer, who was convinced out of that foolish belief by me, with the aid of Bad Astronomy (and Mythbusters, of course).

    Don’t I deserve something in return?

  289. I hereby slightly worsen the odds for each other contestant.

  290. ElHombre

    This book shall be mine. Unless I lose. In which case, I’ll re-read Death.

  291. Even if I don’t win the book, it was worth visiting this post to read “Click to embiggenate”!

  292. dwardio

    Oh yes, it will be mine.

  293. Ian

    Sounds like a cool book. I’ll toss my name in the hat.

  294. Trebuchet

    Looks like a fun book. Include me in.

  295. Jay

    Over here, random number generator!

  296. hank

    Looks like a cool book. I’ll probably buy it if i don’t win it.

  297. RichV

    This book must be mine!

  298. With this advanced tech, I’ll finally be able to take over the world. Or at least zip from here to there in hip fashion.

  299. Mikey

    Sold!! If I don’t win I’ll probably buy a copy anyway…

  300. Lister
  301. Daniel M

    gief book nao!

    I think I know what I want for xmas – this one and death from the skies :)

    so hey, gimme an early xmas present kthxplz :)

  302. QuantumLobster

    I must have this book, please!! Please…..?

  303. Mark Pacholkiw


  304. BigLee
  305. Per

    I am a geek and so is my girlfriend. If i winn I will winn double.

  306. John

    I would totally dig this. Fo’ reals.

  307. Stitch

    Does the winner get the cool action figures as well?

  308. Stonez

    You should send it to Bob Lazar of Area 51 fame for giggles…
    Or me.

  309. I’m a geek and I want this book! It’ll give me one more thing to use on my kids viz “When I was your age…”

  310. ricj

    I’m against books, all fact no heart. i am just going to sell it on ebay.

    -Not Really.

  311. Jane

    I love astronomy and I would adore this book. Thanks Phil!

  312. PJE

    Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

    Ok..I mean please gimmie


  313. bigjohn756

    Man, I’d really love to have that book!

  314. Jerry Conner

    Already one of 325, but hey, I’d love to have one.

  315. Randy Griffin

    I’ve been interested in astronomy and model rockets for years, and have several models of saucers that actually fly (briefly, at least). Why wouldn’t I want this book?

    Right now it looks like my odds are about 1 in 325, but getting worse!

  316. Grumpy Gator

    Choose Me! Choose Me!

    thank you

  317. Mark

    I always wanted to have a book about porcelain’s role in aeronautics. But I’d settle for flying saucers, too. :)

    Plus, you’d have to pay for international shipping. [evil] Muahahaha. [/evil]

  318. Pulse

    Well sign me up!

  319. BJN

    It’s interesting that a skeptical mind can simultaneously see the UFO belief culture as cultural mythology and enthusiastically embrace the fantasy of flying saucers in film and print.

    I keep hoping to see an image of Gort on a pancake…

  320. TravisM

    dang… lots of posts in here… hope i win!

  321. Ovidiu

    I’m from Romania, living in UK and I need that book because in Romania we don’t have flying soucers like in US, we still have MiG fighters

  322. Jim Beaver

    I am a HUGE geek! If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife, or my students, or my co-workers, or… I must have it!

  323. Caroline S.
  324. Klaas

    I got a gap on my bookshelf just the right size!

  325. Scott Lange

    Give me a book!

  326. I want this book added to our school science curriculum.

  327. juryjone

    I’m not trying to double-post, seriously! My internet connection dropped as I posted one a couple of minutes ago, and I’m not seeing it, so here we go again…

  328. Blizno

    I don’t remember any saucers in War of the Worlds. In the book and the 50s movie the Martians were fired out of enormous cannon from Mars and their ships were cylinders.
    The war machines in that movie might possible be called saucers but I wouldn’t use that description.
    In the last movie, the Martians traveled on some sort of energy beam into the buried war machines. The last movie got the war machines much closer to the book, gigantic mechanical structures lurching on legs.

  329. Knurl

    A flying saucer walks into a bar…

  330. Fizzle

    I want this book!

  331. Helioprogenus

    This is when all the fans come out of the woodwork. When people want something, you can’t get them to stay away, but it’s good to know the following this could generate.

    Do I need to break the fourth wall? Can you do that in a post to try to win a book? Will the new Star Trek movie be as good as anticipated?

    I just saw watchmen and I’m still thinking about it 3 days later. Must go back to see it again. Now I know the Comedian isn’t the most sympathetic character, and yes, he’s got major flaws, you know, as a rapist and cold blooded murderer. Yet, what is it about the character that doesn’t make you hate the guy? It would have been nice to see the younger Silk Spectre naked more often.

  332. Zclone

    Sweet! Hope I win.

  333. JC

    That would look good on the living room bookcase! Or the office bookcase, or the bedroom bookcase…

    I want to win three times, but I’ll settle for once!

  334. TheMagician

    Finland = Winland, can’t lose 😀

  335. Prophet Zarquon

    Not only do the odds of winning decrease as the posts pile up, there will also be an increasing chance that two exactly identical posts appear. Still, the book looks too awesome enough not to give this a try.

  336. Phoca
  337. Caleb

    Just great Phil, you had to go and quantumly entangle all of us from now until Friday, March 20 at noon Mountain time (UTC – 6). Schrödinger would be proud.

  338. Braxton Thomason

    I’m a geek and I want this book!

  339. That Neil Guy

    Send me book please.

  340. tarrkid


  341. gila

    Sounds fun. I’m in.

  342. Jordan Dean

    What’s better than “This Island Earth”?

    The MST3K movie of “This Island Earth”

  343. Noah

    I actually have two flying saucers in my garage.

  344. Francesco

    Sounds good. I’m in.

  345. I refuse to participate in such a clearly-biased and ridiculous contest!

  346. It must be mine (for my b-day is Saturday and it would rock as a present)


  347. Mark

    Pick me! Pick me! Ohhhhh, pick me!

  348. Bryan

    I would like to be entered into the drawing for this book, please.

  349. 01000100 01100101 01100001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01000110 01110010 01101111 01101101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01010011 01101011 01101001 01100101 01110011 00100000 01101000 01100001 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101101 01101111 01110011 01110100 00100000 01100101 01101110 01110100 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100001 01101001 01101110 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100100 01100101 01110011 01100011 01110010 01101001 01110000 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100001 01110000 01101111 01100011 01100001 01101100 01111001 01110000 01110011 01100101 00100000 01001001 00100111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01100101 01110100 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100 00101110 00100000 01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 01110011 00100001

  350. Mount

    I’m meditating with my energy crystals to affect the product of your random number generator. since you don’t believe in that kind of stuff, you’ll never be able to prove I cheated!


  351. Mike

    By posting here, I have only a slightly higher probability of winning than if I didn’t post at all.

  352. Mike Anderson
  353. Seagull
  354. I’m a geek and I want this book…

  355. Jim Atkins

    Forbidden Planet is about the coolest flying saucer movie ever, even if you don’t count the essential hotness of Anne Francis- PLEEZ PLEEZ PLEEZ!!!!

  356. MJKelleher

    When I get this book, it might be the final impetus to get bookcases so I can get all the stray books off the floor.

  357. Gustavo

    My litle sister want’s that book! So, give to me!

  358. Austin L

    My religious beliefs prevent me from entering this. But I will gladly accept the book should Xenu not deny me this opportunity.

  359. PWBrian

    Contest entered.

  360. HRuthK

    I’ve never really liked flying saucers, let’s see if this book will change my mind

  361. Roger

    I have my casio keyboard ready to welcome any alien visitors

  362. Internationally aware giveaway FTW!

  363. Thanks for mentioning the books. I’ll be reading both of them, I expect, even if I don’t win.

  364. TS

    Listen carefully, I will say zis only once!

  365. CR

    I wonder if the authors will point out that the Martian war machines in the 1950’s War of the Worlds were actually NOT flying saucers, but were in fact supported by three ‘legs’ of energy? (An upgrade of HG Wells’ tripods, see?) They’re visible in the first few shots of the machines rising up, and throughout the film are implied by the sparks they leave on the ground as they move.

    Well, OK, the models used in the film were actually supported by wires from the studio catwalks, but y’all knew what I was getting at.

    Here’s hoping they mention that, and that I win this book! (If not, I’ll have to actually BUY the thing!)

  366. Ah, I’ve been awaiting this book ever since my Flying Saucer Overlords left me on this planet.
    Maybe I can identify my mothership.
    Please and thank you!

  367. I never win these things.

  368. I’m feeling lucky

  369. Johan P

    Nitpick: Isn’t this a lottery rather than a contest?

    Love the blog.

  370. Hello! I love free things and I love your blog. Pick me! Pick me!

  371. whb03

    I’m a geek and I want this book! Is there a 12-step program for this sort of thing?

  372. Paul L

    Well, ya can’t win if you don’t post so here goes.

  373. Chris T.

    I too would love to bask in the awesomeness that is that book.

  374. Nearly 400 comments already.

    The book does look pretty cool though. :)

  375. Another Eric

    I wish Phil was my best friend, but since we don’t know each other, I guess that makes me eligible, and I really want this book!

  376. I’d love to take a gander at this book. Sounds really cool!

    Thank you for the generous offer (to Dr. Plait, Jack Hagerty and Jon Rogers).

  377. brad grant

    “I’m a geek and I want this book!”

  378. Travis

    Does the book include schematics for how to build the things?

  379. timur


  380. A Tom

    Yes, I am willing to spend the keystrokes to acquire objects at no cost.

  381. Wilf Wilson

    I would sure like myself some tasty UFO book!

  382. DavidHW

    I want to believe. :-)

  383. Bill

    Wow. Look at all the lurkers coming out of the woodwork!

    Oh, yeah…and I’d love a copy of the book!

  384. Malachi Constant

    I already own the Star Trek Technical Manual, so having this wouldn’t make me any more a a dork.

  385. Brie

    I like to read.

  386. Doris B.

    Oh yes, I really would be more than pleased to win. Thanks for the chance.

  387. I’m a science fiction fan and I endorse this message.

  388. Josh K

    Nerd? Big Time!

  389. Nate

    This would look good on my coffee table next to “The Big Book of Alien Autopsies”.

  390. Adrian Lopez

    “Du du du du du du du du.” – UFO

  391. Peter Backus

    Oh, please, please, please, pick me!

  392. Oded

    Would like to have it!

  393. John Hulls

    add another geek to the list

  394. chaboyax

    its my birthday on 18/03 had a bad week so i deserve this book so just give me it NOW !!!!!!!

  395. ennui

    Chance of winning now 0.25% and falling…

  396. Spunk-Monkey

    I never win anything, but maybe if i promise to use it in my efforts to geekify my daughters…?

  397. Madd1

    My son (I will not be shamless and promote his autism…oops, I just did!) loves science and sci-fi. Whatever keeps him reading and learning!

  398. Karl Withakay

    Right now, the odds are 1 in 394 of winning; you can’t find better odds of winning something this cool!

  399. chaboyax

    are you allowed to post twice?

  400. Andrew

    Pick me! Me me me! Go on, go on, go on.

  401. Daniel J. Andrews

    The Forbidden Planet was one of my favourites and the invisible monster scared me when I was young. When I rewatched it about 10 years ago I was surprised to see Leslie Nielson was the commander. After having seen all those Naked Gun movies and Airplane, I kept expecting him to make some wisecrack, or accidentally fry something or someone with a gun. Made for a bit of a surreal watching.

  402. Yoshi_3up

    Oh boy, geek literature! Count me in!

  403. Justin

    Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Me! Pick me! Oooh! Oooh!

  404. American Voyager

    You bet I want that book. Especially with the cool Jupiter 2 on the bottom cover. What a great flying saucer!

  405. Selasphorus

    Sounds fun to me!

  406. Darn you, you and your worthwhile prizes! You forced me to comment!

  407. John

    Random chance means I have about as good a shot here as I do in a NCAA pool.

  408. Glenn

    I can only hope that the random number generator picks me. Here’s hoping I get lucky this time.

  409. This book looks awesome!

  410. Whoa! How totally awesome! Count me in!

  411. Davidlpf

    throw my name in as well

  412. Kirk Pierce

    I, for one, welcome our new Saucer Fleet Overlords.

  413. Robin

    I have the perfect spot for this book–next to the lego flying saucer my son built!

  414. UFO’s aren’t real?

  415. jotrry

    Did I win? Did I? Huh?

  416. sir_gigi

    nice book, heres the perfect place for it:)

  417. i love flying saucers! i want this book

  418. Brady

    I would leave a witty comment, but with currently over 400 comments, I doubt anyone will read it. Not even me.

  419. JackRyan

    What the hey. I’ll give it a go.

  420. Hakobus

    Yarr, here be a comment.

  421. Mitchell Atlas

    Gimme gimme gimme!

  422. Charles

    I am a alien from another planet, let’s say Mars. Bring me to your leader or at leat give me that damned book – please

  423. James

    Heres my commment, hope I win. If so random chance will have operated in my favor. In plain non Vulcan English, I will have been lucky!

  424. MarkH

    w00t #426
    I wonder if that means anything???

  425. Beelzebud
  426. Buzz Parsec
  427. Michael92071

    I NEED that book.

  428. Matt

    I’m a geek and I want… Oh, you get the idea. :-)

  429. ShaneC

    OK yes I’ll be number 442 and this is my only comment.

  430. IAmMarauder

    Here’s hoping the random number generator has a preference for large integers (depending on the number of comments after mine maybe not too large).

  431. Tom

    I promise not to drool on the book. I’ll wear a bib.

  432. Tim Kerr

    Please pick this number, oh nameless machine!

  433. spurge



  434. Books to the ceiling,
    Books to the sky,
    My pile of books is a mile high.
    How I love them! How I need them!
    I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them.
    Arnold Lobel

  435. Teri

    I really need another book I don’t have time to read, but my geekiness will prevail so I will read this one.


  436. Jeff J

    Sounds like an awesome book, I’d love to add it to my collection, sitting next to DEATH! and Bad Astronomy, of course!

  437. James

    Do you think this is the most-commented post on Bad Astronomy yet?

  438. Mark Hansen

    [terminator voice]
    Your books. Giff dem to me.
    [/terminator voice]

  439. Joe N.

    I’m praying to the coding gods that I get randomly picked. Also, who are you calling geek? :p

  440. Are there recipes?

  441. The Other Ian

    I’ll be using my psychic powers to make sure this post gets picked, woot!

  442. Carlos

    A really fine addition to my collection, lets find all the UFO that I can remember. Thanks

  443. Apocalypse Cow

    Go get em, Gort!

  444. Wes

    Im in yr commint thred, ganna win yr bukz.

  445. My husband likes Flying Saucers so much that he posted this pretending to be his own wife. Confused? Maybe he’ll get lucky with this – because he certainly won’t get lucky with me if I find out he’s pretending to be me just to win a stupid book.

    (And no, he’s not double-posting – he just decided to pretend to be his wife instead of posting his real name because he vaguely knows Phil – like well enough that Phil would remember him, but not well enough that Phil would let him drive his car. Phil’s car – not his car.)

  446. aptain swoop

    Me me me !

  447. Peter E.

    How very cool to get the master list of geeks.

  448. I’m always tempted to pronounce carbocations “carbokayshuns”. I don’t know why.

  449. David

    I want to go to the moon.

  450. Chet Twarog

    If chosen, O’Mighty Phil, I’ll donate it to my wife’s six grade science class to wonder: “Are there other civilizations out there?”
    If not, I’ll purchase one.

  451. EC

    Wow 450 comments already! Count me in!

  452. dre

    Hmm… I’m a little skeptical due to the involvement of certain trouble-making foreword-writers, but I’d be interested in getting my hands on a copy of that book for my perusal.

  453. TaoMacGuy

    OMG! A free book! For MeeEEE? Woo Hoo!

    Ooh. Ooh!

    Me. Me. Me. Over here!!!


  454. Jhill

    Oh man, where did all these people come from?

  455. I’m a lonely geek and I need this book!

  456. Daniel

    Oooh!!! Me want!



    I’m feeling that the number 457 or so is a good lucky one. My alien visitors told me so!

  458. Tom

    Oh hell yeah! Count me in!

  459. DL Sharp

    w00t! Pure geekiness!

  460. GEEK! GEEK! GEEK! Want!

  461. Pat

    I’m a geek! (oh wait you probably figured that already…)

    I’d still like a copy of the book.

  462. Jon B

    Randomness rocks. But damn is it crowded in here.

  463. Big Tex

    I can’t read but I still want the book. I assume it has lots of pretty pictures.

  464. Nifty looking book. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. If I don’t win, I’ll likely buy a copy.

  465. Worth a try. Can’t win if I don’t play.

  466. Nashville Bill

    MMMM … saucers bring pies … I like pie ….

  467. Please Sir, can I have a book?

  468. Angus Burnett

    Klaatu barada nikto

  469. DTdNav


    Back to lurk mode.

  470. I can’t believe Phil Plait is advocating flying saucers! What next? Images of Mary on a piece of toast? 😉

  471. Gooooooo lucky 47-something!

  472. Brownian

    A book just may encourage me to switch my allegiance in the PZ Myers vs. Phil Plait rivalry. Plus, your tweets are so much more interesting than his…. *twirls curls and bats eyes*

    Also, I plan to use it to bean Gary Goodyear in the noggin. Don’t worry; I’ll have read it first and put my name and phone number in crayon on the front inside cover so he’ll know who to return it to. Oh, and if suggesting that I might use that book to, er, ‘lobby’ a politician invalidates me for the contest, then please ignore this entire paragraph.

  473. O Bad Astronomer, I’d love to win
    A copy of that book The Saucer Fleet.
    It’s partly ’cause of you that I have been
    A-pondering these things lately. That sweet
    Abduction lamp that is your avatar
    Means I’ve got saucers fully on the brain.
    Not that I would ever go so far
    As to place blame; that would be quite insane!
    A churlish way to say “Oh, choose me please!”
    I was brought up to better style than that
    By the same Mom who hooked by degrees
    On science fiction, space and such. No brat
    Am I. Consider this, my humble plea:
    Will you assign a good number to me?

  474. Stefan

    I like jelly donuts.

  475. Joe

    Shiny! My son (and I) would love to have that book!

  476. I would love this.


  477. Miri

    Forbidden Planet is on my Top 10 Movies of All Time list! I’d love this book. =]

    Also, it’s “a lot” not “alot.”

  478. Digital Apprentice

    I’m a geek and I want this book!

  479. Bruce Nobles

    I’m a geek and I want this book!

  480. I’d love this book.

  481. Go on then, I’ll have a gander.

  482. Middleman

    If it helps grease the random wheels.. If I get this book I will buy a new copy of “Death from the Skies!” for myself, my wife and my boss.

  483. missytas


  484. Kevin G.

    Vintage science fiction, and the Bad Astronomer a must have for my bookshelf.


  485. Steve

    I want it, as long as owning it doesn’t put me on some sort of government list!

  486. Rick In TX

    I win! I win! I win!


    Oh … Okay … I’ll wait until he draws my number before I celebrate.

  487. Oooh! I will friend you on Facebook if I win! Wait.. already there….

    I will follow you on Twitter… wait, already there too (@marquis66)…. Aww, dreck.

  488. RevChas

    I managed to get out to Spacefest, but I couldn’t get away from work to see the BA talk. A snazzy book would be just the thing to balance this injustice.

  489. Alan S.

    Mine Mine mine mine….

  490. Roy Batty

    Cool give-away!

  491. Ryan
  492. Rikaja

    Well, i am really interested…. :)

  493. I’m a geek and I want this book!

    My 13 year old is a geek, too, and I’m sure he’d want it if he were allowed to randomly peruse blogs.

  494. Jeremy

    No Whammies, No Whammies, No Whammies … STOP!

  495. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine…

  496. dWhisper

    Does it make me a geek if I wanted the book badly enough to post this comment on my iPhone?

  497. K.

    I want I want I need I need! (Please.)

  498. Looks like it would be a fun read and hey, if I win it’s free. 😀

  499. Lakafaith

    A book on real flying saucers (not those make believe UFO things)… swoon…

  500. Hamish

    here’s hoping – I’m still waiting for “Death from the Skies!” to make it to the bookshops down here in the South Pacific. Heck, even “Bad Astronomy” is a special order in New Zealand.

  501. This is an incredibly popular post! Come on lucky #491!

  502. beagledad

    Oh, that would just be cool.

  503. Frank

    I love the cover art.

  504. Kade S.

    Book please! It would have a lovely new home on my bookshelf.

  505. Thanny

    I’m always looking for new reading material.

  506. g0atb0y37

    i feel like my chances of winning are monotonically decreasing…

  507. Josh
  508. Al

    Me geek! Me want freebie!

  509. orogeny

    Looks like something I’d really enjoy, geek that I am.

  510. Sarah

    I would love this book, and it looks like a lot of other people would too.

  511. davery

    I’m a geek, and I want this book! Literal interpretation of the contest.

  512. Ibeechu

    So hoping I win this. It’d be of great use when brainstorming my next short film!

    Also, I’m a nerdgeek, want book, etc, etc.

  513. Ater

    Anything for a chance to expand my library of geekery!

  514. explodingalice

    Ooooh, shiny. I like shiny.

  515. Want, but would rather be friends with BA IRL!

  516. Neil

    It would make a fine addition to the collection. Winnah winnah chicken dinnah!

  517. “I’m a geek and I want this book!”

  518. Michkov
  519. Wendy
  520. Chris

    Even though my chances are slim to none, my inner geek commands me to attempt to win.

  521. Siguy

    DO NOT WANT! Err… I mean DO WANT! Worth a try to play!

  522. Colin Rafferty

    I would love this book. I’ll probably even buy it if I don’t get it for free.

  523. I’ve never won anything. Please Random Number Generator Gods, pick me!

  524. Glen

    What about the Gorn figure, is that included??? Sign me up!

  525. DaveS

    Okay, gimme a number.

    If I win, I’ll drive to your place and pick it up. :-)

  526. Olav S.
  527. Natale Rueschman

    I want in. Thanks for the chance (and the picture of Saturn and 4 moons;-)

  528. Friday happens to be my 60th birthday, so maybe I’ll get lucky. Planning to do a century (100 mile) bike ride over the weekend to celebrate. Keep up the great work.

  529. The Jigsaw man

    “If you have enough shelf space, I don’t want to talk to you.” -Terry Pratchett

    That is a wonderful line. Now, add my name to the drawing.

  530. Davide

    Can’t wait to practice my pooor English reading this great book!

  531. RoaldFalcon

    I want you to harvest my e-mail for your BASpamBot!

    Also, I would like a book on movie flying saucers, please.

  532. David D.G.

    Okay, put me down for one raffle ticket for this awesome-looking book. And thanks to you, Phil, and to Jack Hagerty for the wonderful offer!

    ~David D.G.

  533. Cairnos

    Hmmm, I think every possible joke has been used already…..but I still want the book :-)

  534. jole

    A dingo stole my alien.

  535. Tommy Duchesne
  536. Treat

    Runner, runner, quads… suck it aces full.

  537. I’m a bit of a sci-fi geek who never wins anything, I really need that book.

  538. Sarah Langford

    If I were fortunate enough to win this book I would read and admire it before giving it to my brother for his birthday.

  539. SteveJ

    This would go great next to my Jayne knitted hat!

  540. With this book I will once and for all prove that I’ve never seen anything like anything in this book.

  541. Joerg Mosthaf

    Looks cool :) It must be mine!

  542. Sarafan

    me no english good.

  543. Merbrat

    Hi, all!
    That would *so* look awesome in my collection of Rockets and Rayguns!

    Love ya, Phil!

  544. Manuel

    I’m a geek and I want this book!

  545. Eugene
  546. Hi Phil!! I’d prefer win a copy of “Death from the Skies”, but this one looks interesting.

  547. That book would be awesome in my collection.

  548. Lee
  549. Ans
  550. Casey

    If I had sufficient ability to influence the cosmic rays hitting the randomizing computer, I would be able to influence the entropy generated and so, manipulate the outcome of the random number generator.

    Do I have sufficient ability? Time will tell. But my doomsday cosmic ray device is nearing completion. Not even the Bad Astronomer will be able to stop my 10 TeV protons of PAIN! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  551. insanecarbonbasedlifeform

    Hmm, that’s where my repair manual got to. Please give it back so I can fix my craft and get off this wet and smelly rock.

  552. Matt

    *posts just in case*

  553. jrpb

    I want it! OMG!!111!!!!oneone!

  554. stu

    yay ! boooooooks.

  555. Kimpatsu

    I insist that a copy be sent to PZ Myers for examination…

  556. Electro

    of course the the great BA will get it signed by the authors beside his own John Henry

  557. Christian Hagner

    I love astronomy

  558. Geek me up! Looks like a fun book!

  559. Are UFO real? Of course I want this book! Want want want want want!

  560. Pete

    Take me to your leader!

    And give me that book! :->

  561. Yea! The equinox & Saucers all in one week. :)

  562. Trucker Doug

    Oooo.. freebies! And a cool one at that!

    C’mon, random number generator!

  563. I would love this book! Oh random chance, smile on me, and I will claim it was fate…

  564. Dounk

    I’m hoping this’ll help me build my own saucer…

  565. Oh, and then maybe you can sign it as well at TAM? 😀

    PS: I am forcing the RNG to pick me with my awesome psychic powers. When I win, also include JREF check for <Dr. Evil>One million dollars!</Dr. Evil> 😉

  566. Travis Bear

    If I win I will sell it on ebay to pay off my mortgage and with the remainder provide an endowment to the local arts.

  567. KiwiBrian

    I like Sci-Fi movies. This book will be handy in keeping track of all the designs from all those yaers ago.

  568. Koy

    Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

  569. digitalastro

    I have the Spaceship Handbook. This would complete my set.

  570. sweet :crossing figers:

  571. Laura

    This would be a cool read. Then I could pass it on to somebody else on a contest on my own blog…

  572. David Vanderschel

    I’ll give it a try.

  573. Nik

    Ooh! Better odds than a regular lottery and way cooler prize.

  574. John_T

    I hope Phil is going to pick a really big random number and take the result modulo (number of comments). “Otherwise we know he’ll ust pick #7 and then where would we be?


    I also hope the comments are renumbered from 0, or that I’m not the last commenter. (No offence to Deepsix)

  575. MigG

    Actual CNN headline: ‘Making Your Own Luck– A Scientific Approach’ …uh, I didn’t actually read it. Do you think that’s unlucky?

  576. Ooooooh, make a guy from New Zealand very happy and randomly select me!

  577. I for one, welcome the alien armada!

  578. David B

    Yep it is me the one who won.

  579. Robert Welch

    Make me day. Pretty please.

  580. Christi

    Oooh, shiny! In more ways than one.

  581. MB

    “I’m a geek and I want this book!”

  582. Stevo Raine

    Many thanks to Dr Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer for giving us all this chance! :-)

    A superluminous (ie beyond mere brilliant!) idea & much appreciated – even if I don’t win though o’course I hope the long odds do fall in my favour! 😉 8)

  583. avataru

    It would be nice to win this!

  584. Kevin Wakley

    Flying sauces… come to me!

  585. David

    I must have this book – PLEASE!! :)

  586. John
  587. Magnus Björk

    Oh, please give a cool book to a poor computer scientist!

  588. Jeff Fite
  589. Robert Barron

    I wouldn’t say no to this book


  590. Tad

    I’m a geek and I like books.

  591. MattFunke

    Flying saucers. Awes0me.

  592. Cait

    This is awesome!! <3

  593. Bron

    I like free books.

  594. Sabrina Purswani

    I am soniced up!

  595. Jesse
  596. Charybdis

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!

    See? That’s all it took to get me to stop lurking.

  597. Andy

    Want want want want want want…

  598. Steve Miller

    Very cool. I’m reading your Bad Astronomy book now with Death From The Skies waiting in the wings. A very enjoyable read. Thanks.

  599. Ambarussa

    ¡Moooola! ¡Yo tambien quiero!
    Poca gente escribe en español por aquí, parece…

  600. Arnold Martin

    Bad Astronomy rules!

  601. Brandon

    Pretty good odds.

  602. Geomaniac

    Me. Want. Flying. Saucer. Book. BAD!

  603. Dan

    I’m an alien… I’m searching for my flying saucer… I need this book!

  604. I am also a geek and would totally enjoy that book.

  605. Gary Eller

    I, for one, welcome the pending e-mail from Nigerian princes.

  606. Mike

    I have “Death” but have not yet read it. That won’t disqualify me will it?

  607. Hutch

    Hooray free geeky stuff!

  608. Wayne

    Consider this a placeholder for some really witty comment that I would have written if I’d had more time.

  609. Spike

    I like books, me.

  610. CJ Sevilla

    I would love this book. Trying my luck!

  611. fransisco4

    Let’s se if i am lucky.

  612. Baraktimus_Prime

    I’m having a nerdgasm just thinking about getting that book in my hands!

  613. Feldspar88

    I needs me some Saucer Fleet

  614. Jeff

    As dirty Harry says “Do you feel lucky?”

    As my lottery friend says “It don’t pay if you don’t play”

    Lets see if this roll of the dice works

  615. Chris

    I guess this is the closest thing to a third Plait book.

  616. Brian Schlosser, Lurker

    me want book, me hungry for saucers nom nom nom!

  617. Paul Popernack
  618. Chris M

    Gee, sure I’d love a free book about saucers!

  619. Big Al
  620. Colin J

    Ohohohohoh pick me!

  621. CKevinW

    If not me, then I hope the limerick writer wins, that’s funny!

  622. darth_borehd

    I’d like to get it!

  623. That’s a lot of comments. Come on, lucky number six hundred-something!

  624. Heck, I figure if I own War of the Worlds (George Pal version) on LaserDisc, then I am geeky enough to want this book. (Does it come with the toys pictured?)

  625. Tim

    That sounds awesome. I’ll probably pick this up even if I don’t win.

  626. Nunki

    Free book for me?

  627. CelticMinstrel

    …Well, I might as well make a post. The book sounded interesting when you mentioned it in an earlier entry.

  628. jackd

    I’m curious how you’re going to generate a random number between 1 and 654. Inclusive. So far.

  629. KC

    Me likey likey Flying Saucer Book!

  630. Markus Hirsch

    I feel kind of dirty making this my first post. Long time reader, but I usually lack the astronomy knowledge to comment. Anyway, do you send the book everywhere, or did I miss the usual “Only Americans and Canadians need apply”?

  631. Noam

    WOW – I am glad I decided to check out what’s been added to your blog over the last few days… I would have kicked myself if I had read about this too late!

  632. Andre Vienne

    Oooh. I’m glad I decided to check this out. I’ll have to get the companion rocket book sometime, as well. So cool.

  633. Job Kootte

    I’m already building a new bookshelf just for this one!

  634. Mark

    A book about flying saucers? I’m interested in filling up bookshelf space with such a read. Though, I would like to know about the book about flying teacups to go along with it.

  635. DS

    Beware of bounds errors on your random number algorithm!

  636. Monkey's Uncle

    Yes! Yes! Yes! please……

  637. Dread Polack

    I’d love a copy of the book. :)

  638. SF Reader

    Of *course* I want this book!


  639. Peku

    “I want to belive!”

    No. Wait… Wrong reference.

    I want the book! :-)

  640. TPO

    637 comments sofar…Damn! A lot of people want this book. Count me in! Sounds like an interesting read…

  641. Marty Fuchs

    I’m eligible because I’m not a friend – but I am a big fan! I’d love the book. -Marty

  642. J. D. Mack

    How is babby formed?

    J. D.

  643. I am a geek, a friend to cephalopods, and I want to win this book :)

  644. KO

    Phil, you are a (moon)rock star man.

  645. Ryan H.

    If for no other reason than the fact that it includes “This Island Earth” I want that book. 😀

  646. Andrei Mouravski

    Sounds like an awesome book. Unfortunately I’m at the mercy of the RNG.

  647. Candace Manning

    A free book you say.

  648. fheywood

    Oh, yes, random number… pick me!

  649. James Morasco

    This book is a perfect example of @BadAstronomy doing good for the world.

  650. Please select me as the winner of The Saucer Fleet. If I win I promise to tweet and retweet “Phil Plait is way cooler than Rebecca Watson” (or other way cool skeptic of your choice). I’ll be watching for the UPS guy to arrive. Thanks!

  651. thinkdaddy

    Please sir . . . may I have a book?

  652. StephenM

    Woo hoo! Winning this book would be so cool!

  653. frankiemouse

    aiz needz da coapy of dis buuk dat iz kurantly in ur poezeshun. kthnxbai.

  654. QuarkSpin

    Since the book cover prominently features United Planets Cruiser C-57D, it’s a must have!

  655. Richtpt

    I LOVED these movies as a kid – and still do! I hope I win!! :)

  656. Bobryuu

    He plays the violin
    He tucks it right under his chin
    and he bows, oh he bows
    for he knows, how he knows
    That it’s hi hi hi diddle diddle
    It’s my heart, Tom and his fiddle
    My strings are unstrung
    Hi hi hiiii
    I am undone

  657. itdirector

    i need something to read during my next autopsy.

  658. I’m a huge nerd, I mean sci fi enthusiast and love flying saucers. In fact, I have a flying saucer sitting on my desk at work. A miniature replica of the “Lost In Space” saucer. As a member of The Mars Society, I dream of going to Mars in one. Not only that, I built a ship for my sock puppets. Hows that for undeniable geekdom and intellectual superiority?

  659. aarrgghh

    Major Sci-Fi and Forbidden Planet fan. Want.

  660. Ed

    Mars needs more flying saucer instruction manuals!

  661. Ed

    Would love to have the book!

  662. I need readin’ between shifts at McSwiney’s.

  663. Need… book… please? :)

  664. favvr

    Do I feel lucky? Do I?

  665. I have to admit, that I’m interested in the book. Sign me up.

  666. Mike Baker

    Hey Phil, I just ordered your latest book on Amazon. That should give me a leg up, right?

  667. So, what *do* you do with all the info you collect about your readers with these contests?

  668. Wow, I just read this, and it’s not too late… What are the odds that the last number will be chosen? Oh, the same as any other, that’s good :)

    My birthday is in seven days, and if I can’t get DftS for it, well… Perhaps this works.

  669. Hey Phil, would love to have this book so I can set it on the shelf next to my autographed copy of The Pluto Files!

  670. Patrick G Till

    I am a geek in a geek-less country, Please send this poor South African a small little bit of geek.

  671. Gebo

    Right now I’m listening to the interview with the authors on The Space Show ( It runs for almost two hours and is a very entertaining program. I’d love to have this book!

  672. Riku Lehtimäki

    Who what? A contest with no restrictions on country/region/anything? And the prize is an interesting book?

    Who could resist?

  673. TDL


  674. NorthGuy

    I’m too old for that sort of thing…


  675. Oh, please, pick me!

  676. She blinded me with science!

  677. I do not like my chances here.

  678. Oh, I do so hope I win this great book on dinnerware.

  679. Gonzo

    The odds are slim now. Maybe if I look up long enough . . . naaaaahhh.

  680. mhofer

    Sure, I’d like the book. My alien masters insist on removing it from circulation.

  681. I want that book… Must be mine… :-)

  682. mocular

    P(Free Book)->0

  683. Brendan White

    This is my super creative entry.

  684. Chad

    A perfect idea for summer reading. Love the blog.

  685. bvberry

    I love your blog. Very cool stories.

  686. I can always use a free book

  687. pat

    Ooo, I need a book about the frisbee armada. 😉

  688. TBRP

    I loves me some flying saucers! And it looks like my odds of winning are about 18000 times better than winning the lottery! Woo hoo.

  689. This book looks awesome, I already have a space on my bookshelves cleared out for it

  690. Jacob H.

    I am not at all a friend of the Bad Astronomer, but I think we’d get along well in real life if we did know each other. Hopefully the random number generator generates the number which corresponds to this reply!

  691. Halibut
  692. jslstuehrmann

    Wow a guide book to all those alien crafts whilst watching all those alien crafts.

  693. Mike Moyer

    Anything to increase my library.

  694. Alan French

    The only real flying saucers are in movies (and books), so I really want this book!

    Clear skies, Alan

  695. John Tyler

    The Saucer people told me to post right here and right now!

  696. Claire

    I work at a book store, but a free book beats my employee discount.

  697. R. Weller

    I like my chances here.

  698. Yayyy, I’m a geek, and a regular reader and commenter, so I may as well throw my name (and valid e-mail address) in the hat!

  699. Darren

    Does this book contain as many atrocious puns as Death from the Skies? If so, I definitely want it.

  700. Fnord

    I would like that *fictional* book, please.

  701. Jared Webb

    Here’s to fate.

  702. Tom Woolf

    If truth is stranger than fiction, does that make the author of DftS stranger than these authors?

  703. well, the book looks absolutely sweet, so I’m gonna try and see if I’m lucky :)

  704. PP

    Somehow I missed this blog post, thanks for posting a reminder!

    And what Claire said a few comments above =)

  705. GG

    I enjoy free books best.

  706. Meh

    Good relations with the Wookiees, I have.

  707. Meh

    ffs. wrong thread 😉

  708. Looks like a fun book! I want a copy!!

  709. GFE

    I’m a saucer nut and would love a copy

  710. RaptorJedi

    Woo. Free stuff! Good luck everyone.

  711. Mike

    Super karate monkey death car!

  712. WayneLW

    I would welcome a chance to read the propaganda of our new alien masters.

  713. Brown

    I’m entering. As is my custom, I wait until there’s almost no time remaining for a task to be accomplished….

  714. jbalthaser
  715. Toquoquoe

    I’m a geek and I want this book!

  716. Mike M

    Just finished Death, very enjoyable. I need a new book to read.

  717. Tom Phillips

    Me too, I want it.

  718. Oliver

    I’m a winner already! I think.

  719. Michael

    Yes! I am a geek and I want this book!

  720. Geostyce Swerved

    Frakkin shiny! Can you throw in a thermin as well for some ethereal mood music to read it by?


  721. Wouter

    I seem to have missed the original post.
    And I think I am really close before the deadline…
    Let’s hope!

  722. Ed_CO

    I love me some free stuff!

  723. Kyle

    May I have some book please?

    I am in the Mountain Time zone also. Thank you for your consideration.

  724. Draeko
  725. Robert MacDonald

    Dear Phil,

    You’re a great guy who I will continue to read and learn from in the future, a future only imperceptibly dimmed by my not being likely to win the book.

    Robert MacDonald

  726. Maybeman

    May I also have the book please?

  727. J

    Sounds like a very interesting book!

  728. JoJo

    I am an ubergeek and I would really really like this book….!!!please Mr BA…!!!

  729. P2WIGuy

    The book looks pretty interesting, I’m game!

  730. Gimme da book if you know what’s good for you. I know where you live.

  731. wow. Someone wrote it in binary 😛
    Ahem: quiero el libro.

  732. Jonthan Hill

    Cool book. Cool site.

  733. I bet some of those would make great scale subjects for my model rocket collection.

  734. JG

    I’m in it to win it!

  735. This sure is a long comment thread.

  736. greg wilson

    If only I had the algorithm for your pseudorandom number generator, I could be assured of winning this book and keeping my saucer friends’ plans for world domination safe. Ha, ha, ha….Keep it up BA—love the skeptic twist to your posts/emails.

  737. Check out This Video on youtube on how to Download Youtube videos for free


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