Lying deep in the heart of Texas

By Phil Plait | March 19, 2009 7:00 am

Y’know, those folks on the Texas State Board of Education (you know which ones I mean) love to talk about how they only want to allow educators in their state the freedom to teach what needs to be taught, to allow them the freedom to use outside materials for the classroom, the freedom to teach the controversy, that they would never try to force religion in the classroom.

But you know what? I’m starting to suspect that maybe those claims aren’t as close to the truth as they could be.

The Texas Freedom Network has the poop on these, well, poopers. Don McLeroy, the staunchly creationist head of the State BoE, recently endorsed a book that basically says they want to replace science with literal Bible interpretation in the classroom. You need to read this to believe it; as I’ve said before, the creationists on the BoE will say anything or do anything to indoctrinate children into their false realm of the 6000 year old Earth.

So go read the TFN blog, go read Sam’s post on Skepchick, and go do something. Make your voice heard.


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