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By Phil Plait | March 20, 2009 2:45 pm

Just a quick note that My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage&#153 was interviewed on the podcast Geek Dads, and it’s pretty funny. They talk Battlestar, geekinees, and of course Mythbusters. I even get a name check! I promise I won’t kick him in the face, but Hubble’s resolution on the Moon is about 200 meters. That’s OK, because the point he was trying to make (about 23 minutes in) was legit. If you listen, that’ll make sense. Promise.

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  1. In my continuing job hunt, my daughter keeps telling me that I am nothing to her if I don’t manage to get a job on Mythbusters… It’s hard to be a dad sometimes!

  2. Davidlpf

    Just had to bring up Battlestar didn’t you. Thats salt into the wound. I will not be able to watch Battlestar for another 9 hours thanks to my job. Hopes there is enough room on the hard drive.

  3. rickb

    It’s funny, when I saw the subject, I thought you were referring to this podcast:

    I was wondering what in the world you were going to be doing on that. :)

  4. Davidlpf:

    Your boss didn’t give you the day off!?

  5. Davidlpf

    I was going to take vacation day but I have other uses for those.

  6. Beelzebud

    Next time you talk to your buddy Penn Jillette you should ask him why he lends his name to a lunatic like Glenn Beck. If you’ve seen the Glenn Beck show on Fox News lately, you’d see why I question what a self-proclaimed skeptic would be doing on a show like that, pushing conspiracy theories about the end of the world, the NAFTA superhighway conspiracy theory, and the conspiracy theory they were discussing; how the government is labeling 3rd party members as terrorists.

    For a skeptic Jillette certainly seems pretty far out in woo woo land lately.

    Maybe the libertarianism finally rotted his brain.

  7. Sili

    What rickb said.

  8. John
  9. John

    Beelzebud, you are condemning Penn Jillette for something that someone he knows believes? Jesus, if I was to be implicated in everything my friend’s believed, then I would need to be locked up. I am assuming you don’t agree with everything all of your friends (or acquaintances) believe, too.

    (Not sure why libertarianism got mentioned either, but it seems being skeptical of supernatural and non-science claims might fit with someone who is skeptical of government as well.)

  10. Beelzebud

    I’m not condemning him for appearing on a show of a guy who believes in Jesus. Have you watched Glenn Beck’s show? It’s like Militia Group End Times Hour. The guy is a fear-monger, and it amazes me someone that is usually fairly rational is lending his name to a show that is full of irrational fear-mongering nonsense.


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