Guiding skeptically to the Universe

By Phil Plait | March 24, 2009 10:02 am

For some reason, the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe crew decided they needed more cowbell Phil, so they had me on this week to talk about TAM, eclipses, gravitational geoids, and probably other stuff. I don’t know, I never pay attention during interviews. Except when Rebecca talks, but only so I can ignore her even harder.

Evidently they have pretty sharp listeners, some of whom are women who think talking about ion drives is cool. Awesome. I knew there was a reason I like doing podcast interviews.

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Comments (11)

  1. Mchl

    Phil: Somehow you seemed like you didn’t get the Twin Ion Engine reference ūüėõ

  2. Ryan

    “Except when Rebecca talks, but only so I can ignore her even harder. ”

    I just laughed. A lot.

  3. gopher65

    For some reason I haven’t been able to hit the SGU website for a couple days now. I keep getting a 503 internal server error. Has this been constant, or is it just happening at the few times I’ve tried to access the site?

  4. Mchl

    I have no problems accessing SGU site. I have been however locked out from their forums (as well as anything hosted on for several months now :(

  5. Here comes the Bad Astronomer bump…

    Thanks, Phil.

  6. Anna Velichko

    I love it when they have you !

  7. fil

    This was a great episode!
    Does Phil hold the record for most SGU interviews?

  8. SGU rocks! I can’t wait to listen to this one.

  9. Was in fact a great episode.

    You certainly do have a tendency to sound a lot more excited about Science than the stereotypical tv-role Scientist.

    Phil Plate for Science Minister

  10. Daniel J. Andrews

    I just heard you on last year’s Astronomy Cast with Dr. Grey. Nicely done. An interesting episode.

  11. Daniel J. Andrews

    Oops. That’s Dr. Gay. Sorry. She’s and Fraser are great too.


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