By Phil Plait | March 26, 2009 8:42 am
Web comic Overcompensation

I had not heard of the web comic Overcopmpensation until my BATweep Peter McChicken sent me this one. I think it’s obvious why. Click the panel to see the whole thing. I laughed for a long, long time.

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  1. Is it true that the Amish “don’t have autism”?

  2. Mount

    I wanna know where the Dr. Monkey got his cool Galactica clipboard.

  3. José

    @Ken B
    It’s not true. But then it’s not even true that the Amish don’t vaccinate, although their vaccination rates are lower than in the general population.

  4. Brian Schlosser, Lurker

    A small correction, Dr. Plait, the site is “Overcompensating”, not “Overcopmpensation” :-)

    One of my daily stops alongside BA! It’s a small, small Intertoobs, ain’t it?

  5. Ha, the caption underneath and the mouse-over text made it extra-extra-funny ūüėÄ

  6. Saw it coming a million miles away (if only because you linked it) and still laughed.

    Hey Phil, maybe you should start a blogroll dedicated exclusively to all the webcomics we should apparently be reading. (Or (not to derail the thread or anything) maybe we can just start naming them here in the comments.) I like phdcomics.

  7. Ed

    A good rebuttal of the urban myth that the Amish 1) don’t vaccinate and 2) don’t have autism can be found here:

  8. Brian Gefrich

    I guess I was late on this one, Phil.

  9. Brandon

    I love it when the blogs I read come together. Overcomensating is a hilarious webcomic that pokes fun at anti-science quite frequently. I heartily recommend.

  10. Peter McCafferty(McChicken)

    Oh my gosh! I made the website! This is really thrilling haha. (Maybe I should lead a more exciting life? haha)

  11. JC


    Clearly, if the Amish DO vaccinate and they DO have autism, then that just proves the antivaxxers right!

    OMG! We’re all gonna DIE! Aiieeee!!!


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