Still yet again even more reviews of DEATH

By Phil Plait | March 28, 2009 5:14 pm

What? Some folks still haven’t read my book about all the awesome ways the Universe can snuff us out like a candle in a hurricane?

C’mon, folks, these books won’t read themselves.

Or maybe you need yet even still more convincing… so why not this review by The Astroguyz, or this one at Kitty Sneezes, or this one at Sky Information?

How many glowing reviews of a book that tells you how you’ll glow yourself from a nearby GRB do you need?

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  1. Hopefully, you won’t have something like this happen when promoting DftS:



  2. I just found a copy of DftS at a local bookstore, during a party for a local author’s new book. I bought it.
    I went in with $90, I came out with $7. Doing my part to help the economy!

  3. Am I safe to admit that until today, I didn’t even know your book existed? ::eek:: Sorry – nothing personal; I just like living in my own little world, apparently.

    Anyway, I run a nonfiction book review site, and just finished writing up a review of your book “Bad Astronomy” (apparently I’m only 7 years behind the times. That means that I’ll be reading Death from the Skies in oh…2016 or so.) If you’re interested in my (mostly) glowing review of “Bad Astronomy” check it out here. It’s set’s to publish tomorrow morning.

    Btw, I haveput “Death from the Skies” on hold at my library (did it this afternoon) so there’s a better than average chance that I’ll be reviewing it before 2016. No promises though…


  4. Jake

    When I start astronomy in august, I will lend the instructor my copy, to spread the love.

  5. Whomever1

    I was pleased and surprised to learn that an actual “Death from the Skies” event happened during recent history–which I wouldn’t have picked up on without having read your book. I’m now reading The Sun Kings: the Unexpected Tragedy of Richard Carrington and the Tale of How Modern Astronomy Began (Clark), in hopes of finding more juicy details of the Carrington Event of 1859. Which was apparently a coronal mass ejection, but was a little too early to wipe out civilization–just telegraph operators.

  6. Toguxsa

    Just picked up a copy at my local Borders yesterday. So far, it’s an interesting read.

  7. Matt

    So, when’s the movie comin’ out?

  8. In hindsight, I should have held up one of these glowing reviews so I could read the book during Earth Hour!

    Actually I don’t think it’s been released in Australia anyway, so pooh to Viking.

  9. Sir Struggle

    Phil, I’m sure you’ll love this story. I would, had I written the book that it was based upon….

    During my small break for Christmas vacation I looked feverishly while I was in a large city (I live in BFE, MS It rhymes, if you say it out loud) for your book and every bookstore could order it but none were in stock. The salespeople were REALLY eager to order it for me, but I always held out hope and just thought it might be in the next place. I went to at least 7 or 8 different places (I had to do something while the women were shopping.) Alas I made do with something inferior.

    I was getting my tires changed a few days ago, so I had 2-3 hours time to blow and no way to get anywhere interesting other than the K-roger and the local book megamart (books- a-hundred thou or so.) Since I never ordered it (not that you haven’t tried your hardest to make me) I made the purpose of my visit the search for BA’s book.

    My search began in the science section, at the same bookstore that I had bought your first book years ago. Apparently it moved across the store, between the kids section and the periodicals. I searched through the horribly arranged and categorized books for a good 20 minutes or so and gave up. I ordered another latte at the coffee place (they must make more off coffee than books at these joints) and sat down.

    I then decided to see if I could go find any good Uncle John’s books or Dave Barry in the humor section. I spent about 15 minutes and found a few that didn’t look bad, but what did I see out of the corner of my eye, in the HUMOR section (you’re very funny mind you, especially in the book but… really) …Death from the Skies. 2 copies side by side!! (between a book apparently about pop-tarts being healthy and another about redneck weddings….oh, and a shelf below the 30 latest mad-libs books)

    After debating for a second about whether or not to harass the book nerd on-duty about his horribly organized store, I digressed (as usual) and bought the book, which easily kept me entertained until the tire guys were done (and afterward of course.)

    Long boring story……… I know, but Phil might appreciate it so that’s why I posted it.

  10. flawedprefect

    Hey Phil, I’m still looking for a local bookstore (Am in Sydney Australia) which stocks this, before I resort to spending my weakening dollar on Amazon – which I will most gladly do in the hope the book arrives at my doorstep before certain cosmic death.

  11. flawedprefect: you’ll only find imported hardbacks at $45-$60 each, so it’s either wait for the $US to be hit by a solar flare, or wait for a PB edition to be issued here

  12. J. Greer

    It will be nice when it becomes available on the Kindle!

  13. sailor

    Yes, I bought it from Amazon and read it. It is interesting, fun and I learned lots of new stuff. OK?

  14. unquiet_mind

    I’m actually reading it right now. Fascinating as expected.

    Having just finished chap 7 ‘death of the sun,’ however, Phil, i must say your faith in the long-term survival of the human species is curious. Wouldn’t have pegged you such a “starry-eyed” (heh) optimist!

    Myself, I believe we will have self-destructed long, long (long) before the sun gets its chance to anihilate (sp?) us…

  15. tsig

    Just checked it out of the library.

  16. Lisa

    I was pimping both your books today at a neighbor’s kid’s birthday party. Not to the kids, just the parents.

  17. I got your book. I love your book. However, I had such a bad time when I had to convert from Imperial to Metric (I grew with metric and can’t understand Imperial). Except for that, your book was perfect. As a matter of fact, it is not only a part of my personal library: I bought a second copy and my friends have been reading it and passing it one to another. Glad I got a hardcover.

  18. MadScientist

    BA, Michael Shermer’s got a great ad for his books – maybe you can get him to produce such an ad for your books. ūüėČ

  19. coolstar

    The only review of this book that is relevant is:
    “Steal from one author and it’s plagiarism; steal from many and it’s research.” ‚ÄĒ Wilson Mizner

  20. Chris

    When IS the book going to be released in Australia?? I asked for it for Christmas (Sorry – not available). Asked for it for my birthday – April – Happy Birthday to me! (Sorry – still can’t get it).
    You had me convinced from the start. Loved Bad Astronomy and can’t wait to read this one, but I can’t get it! All this book promotion is driving me crazy!!!

  21. I really love the book, I just bought it last week. If for only the incredibly detailed descriptions of the scope and magnitude of it all. You really bring home the enormity of a dinosaur killer asteroid when you tell reader’s that when it hits the ocean floor, it’s still sticking out of the atmosphere.

  22. I looked at the Amazon UK site and couldn’t determine if the UK had a different edition to the UK. The UK is only half-heartedly metric (roads and speeds are still in imperial) so maybe they took the US edition.

    I guess Australia will have to wait for Phil to check the metric conversions in an international English edition as we’d hate to have all that heavenly death compounded with space-lander crashes ūüėČ


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