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By Phil Plait | April 2, 2009 3:09 pm
De-Constructing Sackboy

Remember the anatomy of a gummi bear?

Well, Jason Freeny has done it again: he’s created De-Constructing Sackboy, one of the characters from the addicting video game Little Big Planet. The Little Astronomer is a huge fan of the game (and not just because über-skeptic Stephen Fry narrates it) and I have to admit it’s one of the best video games I have ever seen. So this drawing really cracks me up. Not sure how TLA will take it, but she’s a scientist and skeptic at heart. I think she’ll like it.

Tip o’ the virtual scalpel to Geekologie.

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  1. I didn’t know Stephen Fry is the narrator! Now I gotta go buy it.

    I’m such an easily-manipulated consumer.

  2. One would think that a zipper would be a poor survival trait, unless innards NEED to be accessed easily. :) Very cute though!

  3. James

    I suspect that the zipper is either vestigial, or part of the reproductive system.

  4. Pieter Kok

    James, check out the anatomy in the link: The zipper is definitely not part of the reproductive system…

  5. I didn’t know Stephen Fry was a skeptic. He goes to a reflexologist. Although to be fair, his statement on it was, ” To be honest, not sure if I buy the whole reflexology shtick, but I do love a damned good footrub..”

  6. SionH

    Hmm, well Fry ain’t as skeptical as he should be. He does like his reiki massages a little too much (and tweets about them). I’ve tweeted him about it several times, but I doubt he’s read my tweets amongst the thousands he must get daily. Perhaps a concerted effort on all our parts next time he does it…?

  7. Simon Richard Clarkstone

    *grin* at the dual meaning of “De-constructing”.

    It is a pity the artist just went for a plain mammalian body plan, rather than something more exotic that one would expect of a creature made of wool.

  8. XxSackboyxX88

    now if only we could insert that into LBP


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