Randi speaks about TAM 7!

By Phil Plait | April 8, 2009 11:20 am

Hey! I know this guy!

I’m getting seriously excited about The Amaz!ng Meeting 7. Plans are going well, and we have a full schedule of awesomeness … in fact, given our enthusiastic community, there’s probably more stuff to do in Vegas that weekend (July 9 – 12) than there’s time for. Speakers, workshops, comedy, magic, parties, and more.

I’ve been to every single TAM, and I have to say that the support, the intelligent atmosphere, the attitudes of everyone… if I weren’t such a hardened skeptic, I might almost call it magical. It isn’t that, of course: it’s just the zeitgeist of a thousand critical thinkers all in one place, exchanging ideas, making friends, and having fun.

If you read this blog — and I’m guessing you do — then you want to be at TAM 7. Go check it out, then go register. You’ll love it. And I have evidence to support that claim.

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Comments (18)

  1. This is going to be my first time at TAM, and man am I looking forward to it!

  2. Austin L

    I’ll be there too. And after talking to some friends about it, I’ve convinced two other people to attend!

  3. Paul: cool.

    Austin: very cool. :)

  4. I wish I knew what my future held… :( I would sincerely love to go, but I don’t know if I will even have a job once I get back from this deployment.

  5. tarrkid

    I just saw Randi speak at Butler University on Monday night, and that was so much fun. I could listen to him talk for months on end.

    Unfortunately, TAM7 is out of the question. TAM8, though… My wife and I are already making plans!

  6. Brian

    Damn…going to be in Europe for my 30th birthday that weekend, otherwise I’d already be registered. I can’t believe I’m going to miss out on meeting three of my man-crushes: Phil, Adam, and Penn. I guess I’ll just have to wait for TAM 8 :(

  7. I am getting excite to attend TAM 7 as well! See you there! (I will be the one in the cowboy hat so people come say hi to me!)

  8. Isernbreegen

    Any word on when registration for TAM London starts? I have no idea if I can make it, but I’d love to.

  9. Jeff

    Some of these people are great in terms of critical thinking, Phil Plaitt, Randi.

    Shermer is not consistent. He is a good critical thinker on some topics, like UFOs, but makes assumptions he cannot on science when he isn’t a scientist. I’ve heard him in debates with people that I thought creamed him in the debates, I have no doubt.

    That is the rub with conference, they have too much variety in people.

  10. Sounds like it will be great time but I probably won’t be going.

  11. *sniff* We can’t go this year. I’d seriously love to go to the London TAM, too. But not going to happen this year, sadly. Maybe next year.

  12. Davros

    sounds like lots of fun but on the wrong side of the planet for me to attend
    when will it come “down under”

  13. LuanneO'Neill

    Any chance it will be coming east any time soon? Would love to attend but can’t afford (time or money) to come the Las Vegas. Hope you all have a great time…sounds wonderful!

  14. Siphoneuphoria

    Aw. I wish I could go.

    I haven’t been to an amazing meeting since TAM2! Much too long since I’ve tooled around Vegas with my fellow skeptics.

  15. Sandy L

    I wish I could afford to send my 24 year old son… He’s been trying to pull my feet back down to earth since the day he was born. Penn & Teller and Mythbusters are “simply the best” for him. Sigh – to be poor… well – not poor, but certainly middle class… TY for the notice. Hope you do something on the East Coast!

  16. Sili

    Does anyone know if the “Amazing Show” podcast has been superceeded by these videos?

  17. James F

    Looking forward to seeing you and Randi at Dragon*Con!

  18. Dana

    Hi – nervous about attending my first TAM. I keep hearing about all the socializing and I am a pretty bookish and quiet person. Has anyone had fun and NOT partied all night long with fellow skeptics?


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