How to Kill a Planet

By Phil Plait | April 23, 2009 9:01 am

Tonight at 8:00 p.m (though check your local listings) the show "Naked Science " on the National Geographic channel will have an episode called "How to Kill a Planet". Someone you know and read will be on it. Here’s a preview (an ad plays for 18 seconds).

The opening few seconds are funny; that must be the tail end of the Niagara Falls footage we shot, and they put it in the clip because of the voiceover segue. We filmed that in November, and it was about -8 Celsius outside… and the first thing in the morning we did: a helicopter ride. Standing on Canadian ground at 08:00 in subfreezing weather with a 60 kph wind in my face from the rotor chop was a tad unpleasant, but the I’m hoping the footage we got was worth it.

I actually have lots of other footage I shot myself (hmmm, literally in one case) I’ll post soon with some back story. I’ve done a few standup documentary interviews before, but this was easily the coolest and most fun I’ve had doing one. I can’t wait to see the show tonight! [Update: Hey, Clifford is in the show too! Cool.]

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