Oh, Hrab!

By Phil Plait | April 24, 2009 7:03 am

Say the title in a Laura Petrie voice to understand.

Anyway, since I’m pimpin’ podcasts, I figure I’ll scoot you over to George Hrab’s 112th episode of The Geologic Podcast since he lies throughout the whole thing saying nice things about me. George’s ‘cast is one of my favorites, and so you should listen and subscribe and send him toenail clippings in the mail.

Incidentally, some anagrams for GEORGE HRAB are:





So there.

P.S. His story about climbing two to three stories is something of an exaggeration. The party was on the second floor. It was still cool what he did.

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Comments (12)

    Sounds like someone ran out of toilet paper.

    And to clarify, in the US the first floor is the ground floor right? So the second floor is actually the first floor and not the second which is actually the third which would have been quite an achievment… or something.

  2. I was behind a week in my podcast listening and heard the last 2 podcasts while walking the dog through the fields behind the house.
    I laughed out loud when he did a word play on my name.
    Prolly scared all the bunny rabbits shirtless but they’ll get over it.

  3. Did you mean to spell out BEHE? Am I missing a joke?

    At my university, almost every building has the “first” floor marked as floor 3. This is in upstate new york. In many cases you could easily jump ou the 3rd floor window and be just fine.

  4. I curious to know who the inappropriate drunk guy was/was victimizing.

  5. JackC

    It’s kind of upsetting me now that the guy that I almost thought was you while waiting to actually see you – was George. I had only seen him a few times from images posted here… sigh. I need to get out more.

    No wonder everyone else seemed to know him.


  6. AndyD

    Psst, that would be “storeys”, not “stories” – or at least, that’s how we spell it here in OZ. Do Americans spell both the same way?

  7. Jason Dick

    Yes, Shane, in the US, “first floor = ground floor”, as opposed to the “first floor = first floor up from ground” you see in Europe. And in case you think the US method is illogical, just consider that in the US, you can be sitting in the second floor of a two-floor building, whereas in Europe a two-floor building stops at the first floor.

  8. Shane, and our skyscrapers do not have a 13th floor! In many of them, it goes from12 to 14.

  9. Jesse

    It only took me one episode to become thoroughly addicted to his podcasts; now I’m trying to push them on all my friends. I’ve got it bad. I even ordered Bill Bruford’s autobiography.

  10. Japhy

    I believe George has taken over the role of top man crush when you’re now spending your time playing with his name.

  11. Oh, dear. Out of curiosity, I decided to see what “Phil C. Plait” anagrams to. :O


    “Cat Hip Pill” was a nice clean one, though. :X

    Of course my name anagrams to “Mad Cardinal Shirr.” Maybe I can get in on a Monty Python sketch. It also comes out to “Acrid Mandril Rash,” and I’m not quite sure what to make of that!

  12. Victimized I was.
    Also, I´m in the picture.

    OMG, half my face is on Phil´s Blog. It was all worth it.


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