Alien Hunter book/CD giveaway!

By Phil Plait | May 4, 2009 7:00 am

It’s time for a new BA Giveaway! And this time we have a twofer.

Seth Shostak giveaway items
Alien not included.

Seth Shostak is an astronomer who hunts for aliens… with SETI. He just wrote a book called Confessions of an Alien Hunter, and it’s wonderful. It’s a fun discussion of looking for other civilizations among the stars and Seth’s involvement with SETI. In my opinion this is his best book yet, and that’s saying something.

I also have a two-CD set of Seth’s podcast/radio show "Are We Alone". It has recordings of several episodes, including one with moi — I do a Skeptical Sunday bit with Seth called "Brains on Vacation".

Both the book and the CD are signed by Seth his own self, and I put my signature on the CD too (the book actually has an official "Are We Alone" sticker that Seth signed for me because I stupidly forgot to get him to sign the book directly when he was here in Boulder last month). These items will be given away separately. I may throw in extra junk I have lying around my office too.

So how do you win these fabulous things? Easy.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Just post something in the comments below, like "Phil rulez and Seth droolz" or something equally elegant. It doesn’t matter what you post as long as you post something. On Friday, May 8 at noon Mountain time (UTC – 6), I will generate a random number, and the person who leaves that number comment wins the book. I’ll then pick a second number, and that person wins the CD set. I’ll send the winners emails notifying them, and they’ll have until Monday May 11th at noon MT to get back to me. I’ll pick another commenter if I don’t hear back by then. That person will have until noon the next day to get back to me, and so one, until winners are chosen.

Here are some rules for you. READ THESE. Violate them and I’ll send your email address and IP to the ShamWOW guy.

1) Leave a comment ONLY ONCE. I trust you folks, but I feel I must make this warning: No matter how tempting it is to followup on someone else’s comment, don’t do it. Anyone caught doing that (or cheating in any way) not only won’t win the book, but your comment will simply be deleted. Be ye fairly warned, says I.

2) Make sure that you enter a valid email address in the form when you leave your comment. If you don’t, you won’t win, since email is how I will contact the winner. Since I’m busy and bore easily I won’t try to figure out your address; if there’s no valid email, I’ll simply pick another winner.

3) To be fair, if you’re an actual friend of mine IRL then please don’t apply. I’ll leave it up to your own judgment if you fall in that category or not.

4) Anyone else is eligible, including all you foreigner types.

Remember, you have until noon Friday! So comment away!

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Comments (840)

  1. Ian

    Will this book provide advice on how to convince your friends that Venus is a UFO?

  2. Reid Alsworth

    Free stuff? Gimme!

  3. Ambarussa

    Mola. Yo quiero uno.

  4. Tikifire

    You rock BA!

  5. Hurrah for Bad Astronomy giveaways!

  6. Cameron

    It seems that I should post later, because such a low number should be unlikely to randomly appear. However, that’s a stupid statement, because all posts are equally likely to be selected. Just a fun little look into my psyche.

    Oh, and gimme gimme gimme.

  7. Søren Mors

    Gratis ting er vejen frem

  8. I’m having a baby sometime in the next month. I think I need something good to listen to during labor.

  9. Yeah baby! Astronomy is sexy!! :)

  10. Mark

    I’m all up in your blog, leaving a comment for your contest.

  11. Tom

    I know a different “B. A.” who’s cuter, but she doesn’t have her own website. I figure you’re both equally awesome!

  12. /*insert witty comment here*/

  13. Hoonser

    Phil Plait is the greatest astronomer since Galileo.

  14. Adam

    I’m studying for the Florida Bar Exam. I’d like a distraction please!

  15. Matt

    That’s pretty cool. For some reason, alien hunting brings to mind some guy stalking through an alien planet with some fancy, futuristic blaster. Curse my over-active imagination!

  16. Raze

    Sweet. However, instead of whatever number comment this one is, I’d prefer my number in the drawing to be: Math.rand()*(sizeof 20090504_comments) 😀

  17. Jojo

    I’m hoping you do a post on the upcoming Wallops Island launch. Also hoping I wn.

  18. Liz

    S.end E.lizabeth T.oys I.mmediately (?)

  19. Kevin G

    I, like Cameron feel that a low number is never randomly generated, but I feel I am DESTINED to win this time.!!!

  20. pabell
  21. Eli

    Might a well give it a go

  22. CS

    I would love to win the book!

  23. Tom (H. Type)

    Daily BA Blog reader. Would like to be considered for the prize book.
    Love your Blog and Book.

  24. Bill

    I am an alien searching for intelligent life on Earth so I am getting a kick out of all these posts.

  25. Peter B

    Good old Collingwood for ever!

  26. Now to figure out how to impress a random number generator…

  27. Dave C

    This book on aliens will abduct my free time.

  28. Andy

    Very interesting stuff!!!

  29. Mark Hansen

    Phil rulez and Seth droolz and Carrey’z a fool

  30. Simone

    I’m a foreigner…and I would love the book, too!!!
    And 15 is my lucky number!

  31. Mat

    I’m throwing my hat into the mixer

  32. Star Girl

    I listen to “Are We Alone” as a podcast, and would love to win either of the prizes! Also, the BA rocks.

  33. Wonderfully insightful post ( fawning enough? 😉
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  34. Deb G.

    Astronomers (and alien overlords) are welcome at my house any time. :-) Breakfast provided with advanced warning.

  35. If you don’t give me the book or CD, the aliens will be very disappointed with you. :)

  36. Dirk

    Long, long ago I played a game called “Alien Hunter” on my Amiga.

  37. This will hopefully tell me how to keep the aliens from harvesting my seeds. They make it really hard to grow my pumpkins when all my seeds get taken.

  38. I can has kewl prizes?

  39. I would totally love some of this cool swag!

  40. Lledowyn

    Please make sure to send me the fabulous prizes to me post haste, since it is obvious that I shall win this contest… 😉 Well a guy can dream anyway right. :)

  41. Steven H

    Seth rulez!!! Are we alone is a great show. Everyone should check it out. Oh and as an aside, Phil’s OK too :-)

  42. K.

    I would very much like a book and/or CD, please :)

  43. Nathan

    Most excellent dudemeister. Gimmie some baby

  44. Trina

    Free Stuff. YAY!

  45. João

    I want BOTH items!

  46. BobK

    Very cool idea! Thanks in advance for the free book.

  47. John

    Target the high metallicity systems, FTW!

  48. Per Hultvqist

    I’ll never win anyway, RNG:s hate me…but that doesn’t stop me from trying…

  49. Last time, I tried to reverse engineer the pseudo-random number generator on your computer and it didn’t work out so well.

    This time, I contacted my buddy Xzch{click}rsbllt{click} (he’s from Zchblt 4, and they don’t have vowels there) to abduct the prize from your place. Shklyy said shklyy (they don’t have genders either) would try to get there, but had to make a crop circle outside a crazy person’s house first.

  50. Phillip

    Please be the random number!

  51. cope

    Those would be nice to own for sure. However, even if I fail to win, I will still make my multiple daily visits to your fine web log.

  52. CM

    Who needs this stuff? I have an alien in trapped in my pantry.

  53. mhofer

    Again, Central Control really wants these things off the market, so you should just send one (or another, or BOTH!) to me.


  54. Bryan

    I run Seti@home, so I would love to win this…

  55. Great contest! and thank you for allowing this for foreign fans :)

  56. madge

    Ooh Ooh Pick ME! Pick ME! and as an added suck up THANK YOU for the email Phil :)

  57. Phil droolz and Seth rulez! Wait, did I get that right?

  58. Chris

    Hope this is better than Death from the Skies……I kid, I kid….

  59. Flo

    I would prefer free BEER, but still:

    Einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul… (as ze Germans say)

  60. Night Janitor

    I first discovered the world of BA through listening to Are We Alone and for that I am very grateful.


  61. Lektu

    Seems like a very interesting book. Let’s try lady luck.

  62. Mike

    I have now posted something…anything.

  63. Joe Meils

    The chances of me winning this are the same as contacting the Vulcans.

  64. L Ron Hubbub

    How is babby formed?

  65. I was listening to Seth plugging his book on his podcast the other day so would love to get it.

  66. Monkey Deathcar

    I want to win a booook

  67. Paul Edwards

    Me want win book. Me want win CD. Win good, lose bad.

  68. Philip
  69. Shane Emmons
  70. Steve

    Please send me this information. My intergalactic friends will get a kick out of reading this.

  71. Mike

    If chess is just a game, then music is just noise.

  72. Anderson

    Hey, Phil, here my confession:
    I’d love to win this helluva great giveaway!

  73. Jeff

    Phil rulez and Seth droolz.

    Did I get that right?

  74. Lewknukem

    Phil droolz and Seth rulez.

    Did I get that right?

  75. Monkey

    Bring on the goodies!

  76. TBRP

    ooo ooo! Pick me! PICK ME!!! The odds look decent if you cut off all the applicants after me…

  77. Guysmiley

    I want to believe.

    That I can win a prize.

  78. Martin C

    mmmmm aliens.

  79. Dan

    hmm …. Free book or CD, I’m in! (I are Canadian foreigner to)

  80. Tim L

    I’m a foreigner type so I’m included.

  81. Magnus Björk

    Yes please! [something more witty here]

  82. Blenster

    Thanks for the contest and the kick-ass website… I’ve been reading off and on since finding the site to use in response to that idiotic FOX TV Moon Hoax show. I haven’t bothered to comment until bribed, though… 😉

  83. John K.

    Do pick me, kind sir.

  84. RichardS

    A competition – how exciting! Apologies to everyone else for reducing their odds 😛

  85. Donald

    I can’t think of anything funny to post, so I’m not gonna enter.

  86. R.W. Thomas

    Phil rulez and Seth droolz

  87. Orion Hunter

    She got the keys to my Ferrari, because aliens ate my Buick (ref. T. Dolby)

  88. Sheryl

    I would love to read his book. If I don’t win, I talk our local library into purchasing it. Just like I did your book so I could check it out. LOL.

  89. Brian

    I would have entered, but I didn’t know what to post…



  90. Bowman

    Its full of stars!

  91. Peter Eldergill

    Book gimmie to to me

    Me book read good!


  92. MDF

    I ran SETI@Home for years. Burned up a couple of computers doing it, too. Oh, the failure of overclocking just to post higher numbers….

  93. Ray

    Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!

  94. Sunner

    I suck at witty comments, I’ll just leave it at that :)

  95. Presence

    i love aliens.

  96. Would you ship to me over in Iraq, were I to win one?

  97. dargndorp
  98. Jamie Mueller
  99. Braxton Thomason


  100. Phil rulez, Seth droolz.

    Except I’m wondering now if Phil is actually a “Grody Jody,” instead.

  101. Mario

    All glory to the hypno toad.

  102. William

    Is it geeky of me to have named my WoW hunter pet Shostak?

  103. David Petticrew

    Free stuff. Yes please!

  104. SF Reader

    I *really* want to hear a pun-off between Phil and Seth. Molly has been catching up lately, too.


  105. Carver

    you should give stuff away more often

  106. Please pick me!!

  107. Vernon Balbert

    How was your mom’s birthday?

  108. Bobby Berry

    You are both interesting guys. Thanks.

  109. I hear books are like portable text files with a built-in gui!

  110. Erik Jeppsson

    This is the random number you’re looking for.
    *sweeping hand gesture*

  111. Huge fan of ‘Are We Alone’. That is a geat podcast.

  112. mike

    Aiight. I’m game.

  113. I will read to my kids at night.

  114. Phil, I’m not your friend (at least not in real life) so that makes be eligible.

  115. Kevino

    Highly amusing, Captain.

  116. TS

    Well let’s pack up the kids
    and take a break, get away
    leave the hustle and bustle
    of living from day to day
    and I know that the crime
    in the city is getting worse

    So I’m going on down to
    the gun sale at the church

  117. Grand Fromage
  118. olaan

    There is no spoon.

  119. I’m a foreigner type!

  120. Hypatia

    Count me on it!!!

  121. Penguins55

    Come on free stuff don’t fail me now

  122. rob

    i have never been happier to not be your friend Phil!

    hmm…friends or books, friends or books?

  123. I really should be studying right now.

  124. Bryce

    I wants ta winz!

  125. mindy

    sounds wonderful thanks for the giveaway

  126. Matt T

    doin’ my bit to reduce everyone’s chance of winning. you’re welcome.

  127. Carl Cohen

    Please send me this stuff! I want to know where I can find LGM!!

  128. angel

    what they said.

  129. StevoRaine

    Please BA, pick me!

    Pretty please with Eta Carinae going supernova on top! 😉

  130. level20monkey

    As an amateur skeptic and complete Book Nutter, I would love to add this to my collection!

  131. Davidlpf

    hey down here set you random generator to 135.

  132. Charles Boyer

    Calling occupants, of extraordinary interstellar craft.

  133. David L

    BAz da best!

  134. Randy Griffin

    Love the title; it’s almost as good as “Death from the Skies!”

    Seriously, these books will attract readers who would never glance at a “serious” science book. How devious of Phil and Seth. Way to go!

  135. Nunki

    Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

  136. Jenny T

    Looks cool. Doubt I’ll win though. Here is to making sure noone else has a good chance of winning:P

  137. christina

    please delete my above comment i was typing something else and posted in the wrong page.

  138. Giffy

    Sounds like some awesome stuff!

  139. hkmouse

    Fingers crossed… for a WEEK…

  140. Morten

    You can’t trust the random number generators, so just send it all to me.

  141. jh

    I never win anything. But, hey, it might happen :) Love the blog :)

  142. lis

    I was unaware BA ever did giveaways. I should pay attention, eh?

  143. ABR.

    Coconuts migrate by attaching themselves to the hands of wandering kuh-niggits and are not carried by swallows, as is commonly thought.

  144. Tyler West

    Very interesting stuff. Been lurking for a long time on BA, but this finally brought me out of the woodwork :)

  145. How nice, a contest eligible from Germany. I’m in!

  146. Throwing my hat in the ring :)

  147. The Meal

    Shipping would be cheap, Phil. I live in Longmont!

  148. Mark P

    Can you ship to Canada eh??

  149. Lightspeedecho

    love the Blog. free stuff…even better! Thanks BA.

  150. I’m an alien, and I’d like to use these items as examples to my people of your species’ ingenuity.

  151. Jeff

    Seth, Phil, and Michio all rule the night – coast to coast!

  152. Books! It’s been almost a week since my last Amazon shipment…gimme, gimme more!!!

  153. Junaid

    What people will do for free stuff..

  154. Ooh, excitement plus! Seth was on the SGU a couple of weeks ago talking about his book. I was going to buy it. I still will if I don’t win it. Thanks Phil.

  155. Jim

    I have a 50/50 chance of winning!!!! it will either happen, or not. WOOHOOO!!!!

  156. I’d probably end up buying it for someone (or me) anyway!

  157. Hakobus

    Kiitos, Phil!

  158. Christopher Ferro

    Contest? Post? Really?


  159. Ben

    I like winning things.

  160. Astronomynut

    I sooo need something new to read!

  161. TheWhitePhoenix

    There are two things I cannot get by without in the mornings, #1 My Bad Astronomer -Phil, which I look at “RELIGIOUSLY” every morning while I’m waiting for #2 My coffee to brew.

    Luv ya baby!

    p.s. I think my husband is getting jealous that I spend more time with Phil in the morning than him.


  162. Oskar Sundfeldt

    Great blog! After i heard Seth on The Sceptics Guide to the Universe i have to read his stuff!

  163. I’d love to win this book. BTW, I really enjoyed “Death From The Skies”!

  164. Holly

    Oooooh, love the book cover design!

  165. Vince Kenny

    BA ftw
    Looking forward to TAM London!

  166. John
  167. My 10 year old wishes that all humanity would get along-according to him, this is important -because than we can get together and battle all of the aliens…

  168. CoffeeCupContrails

    How come Seth looks like Dawkins? Is there a pattern there?

  169. Chris
  170. Paul

    Woo! This may be the first time I win a prize on teh interwebz!

  171. Gary T

    Thanks for being the voice of sanity!

  172. Redstar

    So you’re saying that people who are friends of yours have no chance of winning free stuff?

    Knowing that, I’ll never speak to you if ever we meet, just for fear of disqualifying myself.

  173. Mario

    I’ll just leave here the last verses of Katsumi’s “Chance Encouter” poem:
    I know that my true friend will appear after my death
    And my sweetheart died before I was born.

  174. Old Muley

    My horoscope says I have a good chance of winning!

  175. Scott Dexter

    I have a fairly long commute each day, something like this would be perfect for the train.

  176. Pro Libertate
  177. mattythreepwood

    Me me me i want them there goodies!!

  178. Jude

    This would be useful in my school library. Of course, since I have a total budget of roughly $2000 a year, anything would be useful in my school library.

  179. Jeff

    Random generator pick me!!

  180. BrianS

    no whammy no whammy no whammy STOP!!!

  181. brandon

    I love you, man!

  182. Rob P.

    commenting for a chance to win? I’m in.

  183. Come onnnnn… random number!

  184. Joe N.

    here’s to another attempt at winning a nifty book

  185. M.J.

    Humanity must harness the power of magnetars!

  186. C’mon….c’mon…

  187. numsix

    Need Alien hunter book (or alien oriented CD)
    Must fight aliens at work…..

    Or I could wake up and get on with my day.

  188. Never turn down free stuff!

  189. Kathi W

    I never win anything. Once I got a letter telling me I won a car but they sent me a green pebble instead and said sorry about the car.

  190. Mathew
  191. Matt

    *crosses fingers*

  192. Andy

    On back order at amazon here, would love a copy.

  193. Bob Portnell

    “Are we alone?” I almost kinda hope so. Humanity’s goofy enough to look at from the human perspective. I’d hate to think what we look like to a real outsider.

  194. Phil, you are a star and you rock….never heard of Seth, so I’ll look into that.

  195. John

    I feel lucky

  196. CMK

    I always support free stuff.

  197. Chris Mc

    This is my first comment on your wonderful blog. I hope it’s a lucky one!

  198. Kees

    Sign me up…

  199. Oh, absolutely

  200. The Goog

    Sounds like a fun read!

  201. Greg in Austin

    ˙ɹǝpɐǝl ɹıǝɥʇ sı ʇıɐld lıɥd puɐ ‘ǝɔɐds ɹǝʇno ɯoɹɟ suǝılɐ ǝɹɐ s,oɟn ‘ʎɹoǝɥʇ ɐ ʇsnɾ sʇı ‘sǝloɥ ɟo llnɟ sı uoıʇnloʌǝ ˙ʇuǝɔɹǝd ʎʇɟıɟ ǝq ʇsnɯ ƃuıuuıʍ ǝɯ ɟo ʎʇılıqɐqoɹd ǝɥʇ os ‘ʇ,uoʍ ı ɹo ‘uıʍ llıʍ ı ɹǝɥʇıǝ ˙ɹǝuuɐɯ lɐnsnun uɐ uı ʇı ʎɐs oʇ ǝsooɥɔ ı ‘ǝɹoɟǝɹǝɥʇ ˙ʇı ʎɐs ı ʍoɥ ɹǝʇʇɐɯ ʇou ʇsnɯ ʇı ‘ʎɐs ı ʇɐɥʍ ɹǝʇʇɐɯ ʇou sǝop ʇı ǝɔuıs


  202. David

    I am a foreigner.

  203. PaulM

    If you feel like sending a package to South Africa, let your randomiser choose me!

  204. PP

    I love these contests =)

  205. Eoghan

    I heard Seth on the SGU and Skepticality podcasts and his book sounds like it’s worth entering a contest for

  206. Tom

    Does an alien cookbook come with it?

  207. PAS

    This is my entry. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

  208. Malky

    wouldn’t mind winning.

  209. JohnB

    Nincs rajtam nadrag.

  210. Kesstra

    I won a dishwasher once but this would be way cooler!!!

  211. SMortimer

    If you put a good word in to that random number generator for me, I could make it worth your while. *nods towards Jewel Staite who is totally for reals standing right next to me*


  212. Poor students need free stuff!

  213. Rob

    N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL

  214. Adam
  215. FoxtrotCharlie

    Excellent Blog and Website. I find your nits on movies / TV shows Hilarious, you need to do more of these.

  216. IVAN3MAN

    Phil Plait, I think that you ought to have a “spot-the-grammatical-error” competition…

    That person will have until noon the next day to get back to me, and so one, until winners are chosen.


  217. Andy

    Take me Phil! I’m the only one who truly understands you.

  218. sandy

    this is so cool- thanks

  219. Gary Mussar

    As long as Blorg, the bounty hunter doesn’t find me.

  220. mus

    If you don’t allow people to win two things, please disregard this comment. I REALLY want that galileoscope you are going to give away 😀

    If you do allow people to win two things, I’m in!

  221. dWhisper

    I for one welcome our new alien overlords.

  222. uudale

    Cool stuff.


  223. Teej

    Gee, hope I win…

  224. Pat Montana

    I’m in for a win!

  225. Phill is a pill, but Seth is the betht.

  226. «bønez_brigade»
  227. Kyle

    Please sir may I have some free stuff, Phil rulez, even if he lives in the Republic of Boulder.

  228. Gary Eller

    Here’s hoping Seth one day discovers Xenu.

  229. Scott Fraser

    I love free stuff! Pick me please.

  230. Josh M

    I love this. Aliens are normally conspiracy theorists wet dreams, but you aren’t going that route, but the science route. Yes, you CAN dream of things and try to find the truth in these things… but its best to go the science route and get solid evidence!

  231. Bruce B

    I’m skeptical Phil is actually giving this stuff away, but what the hell, I’m in.

  232. Greg

    What the deuce?

  233. fizzyb

    …how about that Fermi paradox? :)

  234. LSandman24

    What if you’re an American servicemember serving overseas? Can you still win? It’s bad enough trying to order techno-devices from Amazon. I really need to replace my sweaty Zune armband, but I can’t because “that item is ineligible to ship overseas.” Bah!

  235. ddr

    Count me in. I have 2 of Phil’s books, both signed. I would be great to have one from Seth. I listen to his podcast all the time.

  236. elgarak

    Where does he get those wonderful things?

  237. Andy

    This is a comment.

  238. brie

    Hurray free stuff!

  239. Greg

    Go Seth. Go!

  240. Michelle


    Please, I’ll be good, Mr. BA guy dude!

  241. Matthew

    yay for SETI!!

  242. Jeff

    I like free things. MMmmmm free.

  243. Ithonicfury

    I was almost abducted by aliens once, but thank god I had my alien thought screen helmet from (tinfoil hats are what the aliens try to make you wear so that they can still affect you without you knowing…)
    So this book would really help. Jigoo!

  244. kingnor
  245. Daniel

    Yay, please let me win!

  246. Matt

    Hooray for free stuff!

  247. Gimme gimme gimme


  249. Spencer

    Phil is my new FSM

  250. Ites

    It would be interesting to get a look at SETI from the inside of the program.

  251. skeptiq

    A little bit offtopic: a funny discussion of geocentrism at DailyKos:

  252. zachary2142

    Please FSM, help me win this one! 😀

  253. I’m at home with a cold. Clearly, I deserve free stuff.

  254. zaardvark

    Sylvia Browne told me I was destined to win! I can’t lose, unless she’s a total fraud — which is highly unlikely!

    … Right?


  255. I don’t want any of that crap. NOT!

  256. Kris

    I have all your books, but my girlfriend makes me keep them in the study because she doesn’t like mixing fiction and non fiction. I’ll convince her Seth’s book is about actual aliens, and see if it makes it into the “fiction” section. 😛

  257. You folks are toast. My astrologer predicted this and he instructed me to leave a comment exactly after the preceeding one. I get the book. Thanks Phil.

  258. Dan

    Phil rulez and Seth droolz

  259. a different cameron

    book book book earthbook

  260. I hope I win! I listen to the SETI podcast AND the SGU every week! See, I’m a deserving fan!

  261. Brown

    Must celestial Plait select sum?

    (Yes, it’s a palindrome.)

  262. Daniel Gruss

    It would be nice…

  263. bigjohn756

    Here’s my post.

  264. BMurray

    That is some very fine layout on the cover of that book. Elegant in the extreme.

  265. I’d be more concerned about those that follow him.

    Like Camera Guy…. *Shudders*

  266. Grey

    Oh, this sounds like fun! Here’s hoping! *crosses fingers before realizing that good skeptics don’t cross their fingers*

  267. Seth

    Free Stuff..NOM NOM NOM…

  268. rasta013

    I want the winning number!

    And the stuff would be nice too… 😀

  269. Stu

    Pick me, I’m a foreign type!

  270. Gary

    OK, this ought to be fairly well down the list so that the supposedly random number generator (it’s got secret Gaussian tendencies, I tell ya) will have a better chance of picking this entry.

  271. Michael

    Ohh free swag. Can’t resist free alien goodness.

  272. We are not alone, Aliens watch us!

  273. MHS

    According to Walter Wagner I have a 50 percent chance of winning this thing, so why not give it a try :).

  274. Lister

    Oprah is giving Jenny McCarthy her own talkshow! You should be her first guest!

  275. Better the ShamWOW guy than Billy Mays. At least I’ll love his nuts.

  276. I would love to get this!

  277. Matt

    No Death From The Skies! win for me, so I actually had to buy it…. Maybe luckier this time

  278. !AstralProjectile

    Sign me up. My friend gave me a tour of The OSU’s Big Ear IMO it was a good design; its’s two horns were connected differentially, and they could move along a track if it found an interesting signal. Each Siderial day he had to change the reflector by 0.5 Deg, but that goes with the territory of being an astronomer.

  279. Travis

    This is a comment.

  280. Derek

    Gimmie my stuff! (pretty please)

  281. Crap! I’m comment 213. There goes my chances… :(

  282. Alotar

    So, yeah, I’m posting comments here only on giveaways…

  283. GDwarf

    Heh, everyone loves lotteries that have free tickets.

  284. John Ham

    If Seth Shostak is an alien hunter, does that make him a Predator?

  285. The Annunakis are relatives of Anakin Skywalker! And those guys places the Moon around the Earth!

    Oh! And they said that the Moon is 9 billion years old!

    Ok… I hope that post about aliens would do!

    *summoning the ethereal power of the Annunakis*

  286. I am skeptical about the existence of James Randi.

  287. Jimmy

    Pick me!…Oh, pick me!

  288. Mark DeSchepper

    You are the only blog I read, BA rocks!

  289. Yay, free stuff! 😛

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    Yet another awesome distraction from study 😀

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    I love books! Free books are even better.

  292. Me! Me! Oooh, pick me! It sounds like a cool book…

  293. Sounds like an excellent book! Count me in! 😛

  294. Amy F.

    I want it, please give it me. :)

  295. MJBUtah

    I want to win because I just finished DftS and need something else to read to increase my science girl credibility. And maybe if I share it with my brother he will give me back my copy of DftS.

  296. Clair

    I toss my hat into the ring.

  297. MarshallDog

    If it’s free it’s for me.

  298. Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! I hope I have a chance :)

  299. free books are the best ones to review.

  300. SteveG

    I just read the rules. There sure are a lot of people who are not friends of Phil. Maybe we should start a club or something…

  301. Pietro Toniolo

    Here am I, from Italy!

  302. Pierre

    I already won “The Saucer Fleet” a few weeks ago right here on BA, but I’ll try again! I’m sure that if I win, people will call it a conspiracy. It’s not. Just luck.

    OT: Antivaxxers are stupid.

  303. kb

    Long-time listener, first-time caller.

  304. T-dogg

    Oh, glorious random number generator, please pick me!

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  307. L.C.
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  312. whydontyou
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    Kilroy Was Here.

  318. If I believed in “lucky numbers” I’d swear this post was it!

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    Hi Phil,

    LTRFTP here. Thanks for a little bit of sanity in an insane world

  320. John

    Yay free stuff! Love the blog!

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    Oook. I’ll bite, count me in!

  322. Falyne
  323. Manveet

    I love the Shamwow guy.

    I hope I win!

  324. RAF

    Me want book….

  325. Phil, your marketing genius is astounding! A brilliant way to promote interaction and the SETI program. My hat is off to you, sir.

    PS–I do hope you’ll come out to ISDC 2009 in Orlando!

  326. The Mutt

    I’ll either win or I won’t, so I’ve got a 50/50 chance! Woo hoo!

  327. BrianA

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    So I says to the guy I’m dancing with, “What the hell kind of party is this, anyway?”

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  330. Martin Watts

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  331. While I read every post, even the crazy sciencey stuff that’s over my head (ha!) I almost never comment. But I’ve hear some interviews with Seth and that would be some sweet swag to score! Come on, random number generator! Hook me up!

  332. Luanne O'Neill

    Phil Plait is the King of the Universe!

  333. JC

    Don’t drop acid! Take it pass/fail!

  334. Helioprogenus

    This time, by harnessing Tesla’s integral counter-magnetized reverse-polarized crustal scattered currents, I shall win at least one of these give-away items. Alright, in all seriousness, I really don’t mind contributing to BA’s peaking web traffic for whatever nefarious reasons that are behind these giveaways. I find that in this instance, the outcome justifies the means to obtain it.

  335. Randal

    I’d love to read this book.

  336. TheGuyWhoTalks

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  337. Pick me, pick me, pick me!

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  339. Tiara Diamond

    I’m an aspiring astrophysicist and NEED a good book on aliens!!! Go random number 252!!! :-)

  340. Phil, my name is Seth… join me, and together we will rule the galaxy!!!

    -Conversation overheard from Arecibo Radio Telescope

  341. Cathy

    Hey, Phil, Thanks for all you do for science, astronomy, and babies/children (re: vaccines). (P.S. I hope I win.)

  342. Scott

    As a friend of mine used to say: Your random is always better than my random. Let’s hope he’s right this time!

  343. Alan

    Something equally elegant. :)

  344. Nankay

    Pick me and I can pick it up in person at TAM! (saves you postage! woo-hoo)

  345. I would totally like to win. And I DO totally like to win!

  346. /roll
    Good luck to me!

  347. This is not a comment.

  348. David Va.
  349. Kris Knapp

    I’m really ‘sirius’! (quote: you)

  350. WarpedBoard

    Here’s hoping for one more random event in my life!

  351. Kris Knapp

    Are you ‘sirius’? Loved your book!

  352. Yes, of course I’d like some free stuff! Plus this blog rocks!

  353. Deb

    Woohoo! I want to win! Choose meeee! :-)

  354. J

    Bad Astronomy rocks!

  355. Well, I didn’t win the $200M lottery this week.

  356. Reggie

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  357. Eirik
  358. Moor

    Maybe I’ll get lucky for once.

  359. Al

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  360. Brian Schlosser

    I want the stuff! AND, since no one can rebut me: The world is 6000 years old! The Virgin and Jesus regularly appear in food stuffs, clouds and oil stains! Evil-oution is “just” a theory! PZ Meyers has a cooler website! Heh heh heh! :-)

  361. Chris

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  366. Whomever1

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  367. I’d love either of the freebies. Best of luck in getting the Skeptologists on the air!

  368. Guy who wants to win the book

    Does anybody know if SETI is involved in the search for Dyson Spheres ? I have heard that they are not involved in exobiology (same guys and gals who study extremophiles, I think). Based on my understanding of the science, this is the most likely way of detecting another civilisation that may or may not be trying to live quietly.

  369. Eric Madsen

    lucky number 267 : )

  370. dwardio

    268 is my lucky number!

  371. Random clever quote:

    Abel’s Law:
    Seek those that seek the truth. Run from those that have found it.

  372. Sili

    That is (again!) not the face I’d put on the voice. To be fair, I keep being surprised by how much he’s done – for how long – considering he sounds younger than Molly.

    But that picture? He looks like the doppelgänger of a young Richard Dawkins.

  373. free stuffs, do want.

    gratuitous inclusion of Fibonacci sequence:
    0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233 …

  374. Selasphorus

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  379. Bill

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  380. LtStorm

    Might as well throw my helmet into the truncated tetrahedron.

  381. Jay

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  382. Gavin Schofield

    Anecdotal evidence is the best form of evidence!

  383. Benevento

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  384. Carey

    I look forward to winning and reading this book.

  385. Tad

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  386. Santoki

    You’re doing us extraterrestrial human anthropologists a great disservice by exposing us like this, Phil. Thanks for nothing.

  387. Jared

    My random number is better than yours.

  388. Ovidiu
  389. Tom

    As you’ve foolishly forgotten to wear your tin hat, I’m beaming the order GIVE THIS GUY THE PRIZE at you.

    Rather surprising from someone who has so many interesting ideas on how to destroy the Earth.

  390. Matt

    I’ll make this one easy for you. Just pick me. Problem solved.

  391. Tometheus

    I like free stuff about SETi, can I play too?

  392. The good Doctor demands a prize!!!

  393. Neil

    Love the BA blog.

  394. Jeremy
  395. Wayne

    Pi to Square-root-of-negative-one: Get Real

    Square-root-of-negative-one to Pi: Be Rational

  396. Jean-Denis Muys

    My crystal ball says it’s my turn…

  397. Wut
  398. Mike P

    I don’t think the aliens have visited us, but I refuse to believe we’re alone in the universe!

  399. Zach

    What’s not to like about this? I love me some hard SciFi, and the stuff it’s based on is even better!

    Sometimes I wonder if I went into the wrong field…

  400. AlphaOrionis

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  401. stellar190

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  402. Chris

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  403. Jeffrey Cornish

    You know that you’ve always been my favorite blogging astronomer…

  404. Pratish

    Here’s to see if i strike gold…

  405. I’m guessing that having a mancrush on you does not violate rule #3? 😀

  406. Jarrad T

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  407. Matt S.
  408. Ami
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    Yay a big ol give away… i’ll either win or i wont win… ergo it’s a 50/50 chance!!! ha ha!!
    Cheers Phil love ya blog man!

  417. Siphoneuphoria

    I like cheese!

  418. killyosaur

    WEEEE! I’m totally not gonna win this! Figured I’d post anyway though.

  419. Nuno Lucas
  420. drow
  421. For hundreds of years, man believed the Moon was made of cheese. In 1969, man traveled to the Moon and learned it was made of rock. Man has not been back since. Behold the power of cheese.

  422. I want to believe….that I’ll win!

  423. Chad

    I might be an alien.

  424. Valdis Kletnieks

    A book from somebody hunting for alien intelligences. Yee-hah! I hope they find some soon, with all these anti-vaxxers and creationists and other anti-rationalists, I’m severely convinced that CM Kornbluth was right in The Marching Morons, and we’re in need of a king-sized intelligence transplant if we intend to remain a viable species. 😉

  425. Tahlmorra

    Round and round and round she goes..will I win? No-body knows..!!

  426. Mighty T

    Oh hi, Mr Phil.

  427. Akash Shah

    Great blog! Hoping for the best.

  428. JerWah

    If you’re name is Phil Plait and you are reading this message, I must have won… :-)!


  429. Nicholas Moline


  430. Brent

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  432. I am not a number

    …but i’ll accept free books.

  433. Rick Prairie

    Hi Phil. See you at the Amaz!ng Meeting 7.

  434. Bill Davidson

    Aliens? What aliens. You guys are the aliens. We’ve seen your TV and heard your radio. We have no desire to contact you. You’re idiots! SETI rules!

  435. Trebuchet

    I’ll bite. Do I also get the alien condiment bottle?

  436. Mrs Grimble

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  437. Navi

    ooooh father’s day pressie for my hubby if I wind sthing!

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  439. WT

    Not as cool as free Dr. Who stuff, but still worth it.

  440. Been a lurker for awhile. Love the site!

  441. Brandon

    I’m so far down the list! :(

  442. Zach

    Awesome, I loves me some SETI!

  443. oooo hope i win, even if i dont this is one more book i will add to me to read list

  444. we are totally alone.

  445. Enano Siniestro

    Been reading you for years. I’ll take an alien baby bottle and the rest of the stuff.

  446. JamesJones

    Astronomy is even cooler than pizza!!!

  447. mln84

    Posting to enter. Thanks!

  448. Mikael

    I’m a one of them foreigner types, so I’m eligible!! Hurray!

  449. Jeremy

    Do want. Yay yay.

  450. Benner

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  451. I am a big fan. Keep up the good work.

  452. Dave C

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  453. Emily Horner

    Victory is mine!!!! (hopefully)

  454. John

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  455. Layman

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  456. Leon

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  457. dre
  458. highschoolphysics

    I hope I’m not discriminated against because I’m Canadian…

  459. DrFlimmer

    Wow. Is this the thread with the most comments ever?

  460. Tarmo

    OK… just giving a try posting here… Although, I am skeptical about E.T. theories, I do not have anything against SETI. After all, if we were really the only ones(and given the size of Universe – we may never know,), we would be dealing with an astronomical waste of space.

    Nevertheless, I enjoy the site, keep up the good work!

  461. omar

    Gimmie the gold, I want the gold!

  462. Tom

    I win! I win! Whopee! I love BA!

    (just in case)

  463. BMcP

    I want to believe! 😀

  464. Noam Zur

    Seeing how I can’t just hop across the pond for the talk in Denver I thought I would try this one out… With my luck I will be chosen but offline for the weekend 😉

  465. TuckerK

    Ce n’est pas un commentaire

  466. davery

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  467. w_nightshde

    My son would love that alien bottle. And I would love the rest. 😀

  468. Bandon D.

    Wow, those sound brilliant. I’d love to have either.

  469. Neil

    Feeling lucky…come on, random number generator! Generate me a winnah!

  470. Alex

    “The Brightest Stars Look At Me With Your Eyes”

  471. JackC


    Oh wait… wrong thread. Nevermind.


  472. (Ears perk up) Joanne lifts head from final exam she is creating….”Science book? did someone say science book?”

  473. Brad

    I just read Death From the Skies! I loved it. Want more space books…

  474. LibraryGuy

    If I win the book I promise to add it to the library collection…
    …personal library….

  475. Michael

    This site rocks!

  476. Bob

    waffles lots of waffles
    I would love to have this…
    pick me!

  477. Joe Fausnight

    Hunting aliens? I am there!

  478. spurge

    I hope I win!

  479. Kassul

    wooo, been a fan of the idea of aliens for ages. Good old Carl Sagan’s explanation of the Drake equation in Cosmos was rather inspiring, though I felt quite a bit of “what? Why did you pick that number? Seems rather arbitrary!”

    Look forward to reading the book/listening to the CD! (If I win :P)

  480. Mark

    Free swag? And better yet, free science-y swag! Sign me up!

  481. Frost

    This seems like an excellent point to briefly pop my head above the surface… Free books always appreciated!

  482. Adam

    Interesting. I wouldn’t mind reading this book.

  483. nichole

    <3 BA <3

    and p.s. thx for coming to CT!

  484. Tan Coul

    What’s so improbable about tossing a coin? Random sampling to reflect the broad flow of the material universe. Astral Jung…

  485. The book sounds interesting.

  486. Stephen

    Pick me pseudo-random number

  487. Tim G

    Phil Plait and Seth Shostak are my two favorite astronomers.

  488. Nemo

    This would make a fine day-late birthday present for me.

    And yeah, he sure does look like Richard Dawkins in that picture. And a bit like an alien himself.

  489. Josh B.

    touchdown Clemson!

  490. Michkov
  491. Jon B

    Posting something. I suppose, since it’s random-ish, I don’t need to post anything else.

  492. tjm220

    I thank you in advance for my prize.

  493. Velok

    Yay. Free stuff :)

  494. As a foreigner from a country that’s as good as bankrupt after the economy crisis, I’d love the book, or the CD or whatever.

  495. Veovis

    Ah, and what a joy t’would be to win!
    Even though my chances may be slim,
    I’ll post this anyways on a whim.
    Thanks Phil, you’re a real gentleman.

  496. Daniel

    That alien water bottle would make a good tattoo, wouldn’t it?

  497. Jason

    Dear lord there are alot of comments here already!

  498. jeff

    oooo, i can learn me some science!

  499. Joe

    Sign me up for the free stuff!

  500. Brian

    Harrrrrrdy har har! Here is my post!

    ps I love my new iMac

  501. Hannah

    All your prize are belong to me.

  502. Pick me!

    I like books! And CDs! And astronomy and science! And various other things too!

  503. Brian

    rubber bands?

  504. Mig

    If I don’t win, I’m okay with that… but, If Oprah wins… if Oprah wins… if Opra… oooooh! I will NOT be very happy. Not very happy, at all.

  505. Jim Beaver

    Hunting aliens is fun!

  506. Oooh! Me me me me! I want it!

  507. orogeny

    Pick me! Pick meeee!

  508. dzman

    Phil schoolz

  509. Thomas Kilgour
  510. Adam

    Thanks for the great blog and throwing some swag our way.

  511. unquiet_mind

    “Phil rulez and Seth droolz”

  512. JZ

    I wanna win! I wanna win!

  513. Hamlet

    How much energy in a Kelvin? It’s 50/50. :)

  514. Robert Lewis

    Good gods that’s a lot of posts. I’m going to have to hurt the people who taught me probabilities when I was a child.

  515. Roy Batty

    I’m a Grey (Marfanoid).

  516. Carolyn

    Just finished ‘Phase Space’ by Stephen Baxter – don’t remember hearing about the Fermi paradox before. Obviously I don’t know enough about SETI. 😉

  517. my uncanny power to predict the future tells me I’m going to win this prize.

  518. Kaleider

    i just got a celestron first scope, 3″ dobsonian, 2 eye pieces, under $50 i can’t wait to see what i can see…

  519. Red McWilliams
  520. NormW

    Keep Up The Good Work Phil !

  521. Breklor

    When I grow up I want to be an alien astronaut!

  522. Awesome. As always the Bad Astronomer is just too good (and right, and skeptical, and Randi-like) to ignore!

    (Too much? 😉 )

  523. Paul

    Free Stuff!! Woo-hoo!

  524. fracai

    It’s been a long time since the aliens have talked to me. Hopefully this book will include the right contact details.

  525. Rikaja

    Looks interesting :)

  526. Cairnos

    I can has free stuff plz?

  527. Nicolas Conti

    That book sounds intresting. Hope i win.

  528. JWhite

    Seth shostak!!

    Phil Plait!!!


  529. Wendy


  530. Josh

    Heard an interview with him recently, sounds like a good book!

  531. Arno

    Dont want the cd, but am very interested in the book.

  532. James

    “Of similar elegance” indeed…


  533. Alice

    Hey, neato. I like winning stuff. Bring it on!

  534. Knight of L-sama

    Oooh, I am captivated by the shinyness of the CDs. (Starts imploring the Random Number Gods)

  535. Joshua

    I’m deaf and illerate, and would like both book and CD.

  536. Michael from MA

    These are not the aliens you are looking for…

    You will aware free stuff to me…

    May the fourth be with you.

  537. Sabrina

    The truth is out there.

  538. Chip

    “a comment”

  539. Harry

    Bom chikka wow wow!

  540. Julia

    Beam me down a prize!

  541. Michael W
  542. NJB

    Hmmmm….. so it just needs a comment, any comment, and your number could come up? Well, here’s my comment. I’ve been a Bad Astronomy reader since before Bad Astronomy came to Discover Magazine, but this is the first time I’ve commented. What does that say about me? Maybe just that I’d rather listen than offer my own uninformed opinion!

  543. eskwayrd

    Nice. Should I win, I’ll enjoy the item(s) and then pass them on to our local library.

  544. Charlie Young

    Awright!Free Stuff!

  545. Michael Suttkus, II

    Bwa ha ha ha! Victory is mine! I know this because I have lost many, many, many similar contests, so the law of averages demands that I win this one! Behold the power of advanced mathematics!

  546. It ain’t cheap but love is free.

  547. Procyan

    Papa needs a new pair of shoes…

  548. What better place for Jenny Mccarthy Body Count

    I want to start seeing that link come up first on google searches for Jenny + Mccarthy. Right know it’s number one for Jenny + Mccarthy + Death

  549. Tiggerbone

    Maná maná
    Do doo do do do!

  550. Alien


  551. Dounk

    I’d like to read about my friends.

  552. É nóis na fita mano!

  553. WJM

    Woozle wuzzle!

  554. So you’re saying there’s a chance…

  555. Caleb

    Sup, y’all.

  556. The Old Man
  557. SiMPel MYnd

    Gotta’ love the free stuff.

    Oh, yeah, and that other stuff about Phil drooling on Seth’s rulers…

  558. Identity 4

    Ooooh contest! goody goody!

  559. Mechman

    what a great idea…I loves contests!!

  560. Mark Craig

    May the 4th be with you!

    (OK, I’m making this comment on May 5th, but who could resist an opportunity to slip in a Star Wars reference?)

  561. ARE WE ALONE!!??!??

  562. IAmMarauder

    I can’t think of anything witty to post, so this will have to do 😛

  563. Brad

    A winner is me.

  564. Brian Anderson

    the divergence of the magnetic field doesn’t equal zero.


  565. Savino

    I don´t know what to post!

  566. Bronwen

    I like free things

  567. Miranda
  568. Apyllon

    I like stuff… and also things.

  569. Crudely Wrott

    If I am lucky enough to win some cool stuff, then I am also lucky enough to give to it to my grandsons who will then be lucky enough to get some cool stuff and learn some cool stuff.

    *izzat cool or what?*

  570. NathRuss

    Please send me free stuff Phil, the postage to Australia isn’t too expensive.

  571. Paul M.

    Listen to me very carefully, I’ll say zis only vunce.

  572. Amir Z

    WOW signal….. really!!

  573. Michael Foerster

    Any truth in the rumor that Seth is an alien living amongst us? Does he have green blood?

  574. Avi

    Here I am! Did I win?

  575. Ryan

    You say you’ll generate a random number but what guarantee do we have that the number will be in > 0 and <= number of comments? Of all the random numbers out there only an infinitesimally tiny fraction meet that criteria.

  576. John Lushbough
  577. Horace D.
  578. bassmanpete

    Wow, 555 comments! At least you’ll get an idea of how many lurkers you have.

  579. TravisM

    I’m due. lol 😉

  580. Kimpatsu

    Phil’s presence on this planet is evidence that we are not alone!
    Now I won’t win, will I…?

  581. Barry

    Gimme gimme gimme! Please.

  582. BenL

    Here’s hoping I win!

  583. duffytvs

    I love the blog and Seth’s show! As an English teacher, I also appreciate the great puns (if a great pun is possible) both Phil and Seth come up with!

  584. Mark P

    It all started with a Big Bang !!

  585. Lisa

    First time leaving comment on this blog! I doubt I’ll be the Chosen One, since I am one out of about 600 at the time I am typing this.

  586. josh paynter
  587. ThinCritter

    Great Podcast great Blog, from the coolest Astronomers. Science would be poorer without them.

  588. Mick

    Really? Free?

  589. John Keller

    Stop the antivaxxers

  590. Michael

    Free stuff? Sign me up!

    Keep up all the great posts, Phil!

  591. McK

    I’ve heard Seth speak on a few podcasts, and I’d enjoy reading his book. If I don’t win it, I’ll probably buy it — right after I buy Death From the Skies.

  592. Mount

    I am proud to say that I am not your friend IRL!

  593. Scott

    Greetings from Australia! (From the better half – the west)

  594. Robert L

    Woo hoo, sign me up…

    Astronomy rules, but being a skeptic wins!


  595. cletus

    I usually have something clever to say but I can’t be clever on command.

  596. JonMcSkeptic

    I am Spartacus

  597. Alien hunter made me think of “The Doctor Trap” but that’s probably because I just finished reading it. Also, free stuff!

  598. John

    Seth rulez!

    …but Phil rulez more! Rule on, Phil.

  599. Tom M

    I was kidnapped by aliens the other day. “Give us stuff or else ” was there message. You better send me stuff to give them “or else”.

  600. maccski

    BTW, how’s the search for terrestrial intelligence going?

  601. Ryan

    the Drake Equation
    Solve for N
    N=R * fp * ne * fl * fi * fc * fL

    Does N= 1.25?
    or 6.25? or .0125? Or something else?
    What do you think?

  602. Lisa

    I just like winning cool stuff.

  603. darius

    Mmmm, drool. =]

  604. KiwiBrian

    Just watched a DVD on SETI last week. The book would be good.

  605. TexMark

    Fee-uhl roo-ells!

  606. James McCann
  607. Rowan Bulpit

    Great way to get people to comment! goes..

    Purple monkey dishwasher!

  608. Awesome

    If I win, I’m not going to wash my hands for a year, hooray!

  609. DemetriusOfPharos

    Im in your contest, winning your swag!

  610. There once was a fencer from Fisk
    Whose thrust was exceedingly brisk;
    So fast was his action
    The Lorentz Contraction
    Turned his rapier into a disk!

  611. Simon C.

    SETI might be our best chance ever to find proof of extraterrestrial civilisations. Can you imagine how cool that would be? Astronomy rocks!

  612. Sidra

    Tasty, tasty aliens.

  613. Ubi Dubium

    I can haz prizes?

  614. Well, since us foreigners can apply as well… here I am!

  615. Chris

    Across the gulf of space, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded our planet with envious eyes and slowly, and surely, drew their plans against us.

  616. grbiersema

    hurrays for give-aways!

  617. Jack Mitcham

    So I’ll have a 1 in 500 chance instead of a 1 in 1000?

    Sounds good to me, I guess.

  618. Madge

    I’d make something impressive but apparently content does not affect the result.

    I’m an AWA listener though 😀

  619. Digital Cosmos

    Keep up the good work BA!

  620. Earl

    My hat’s in the ring.

  621. Michael

    Figured I’d give it a shot. I have a small shot.

  622. Fyrebird

    I’m pretty random, so you don’t have to bother with a random number generator, just pick me 😛

    SETI is very cool and I’m very interested to see this book, I might have to go buy it even if I don’t win it. Many people don’t think of it as serious science and lump it in the same field as UFO hunting and pyschic phenomena, but I know differently. There’s a real chance to see something strange and wonderful here without chasing after swamp gas…

    I’ve always wanted to travel among the stars… well, that may not be possible but getting a message from the stars would be the next best thing. I hope L is a very large number so I can see a message from an extraterrestrial civilization in MY lifetime! 😛

  623. Moo cows go moo.

    *goes back to hating on anti-vaxxers*

    As you can see, they’re slowly but surely destroying my mind.

  624. Hena

    Look at me, Im commenting!! Woot!

  625. Mark M

    I need something to read after I finish DftS!

  626. Phil d

    Nerd-boy likes his booky-wooks! Gimme 😛

  627. will

    Five-hundred and eighty-seventh!

  628. Greg

    Pick me! I’m a foreigner!

  629. Free stuff? Sign me up. I do not have swine flu, and I ensure that all my kids are fully vaccinated.

  630. llewelly

    I can’t believe you’re stooping to this kind of cheap bribery, Phil.

    I had thought better of you.

  631. Joanna

    vi rules emacs drools!

  632. Bart

    If I win, donate the book to the TAM7 auction.

  633. Davros

    will you be traveling to Australia to give out the prize
    It is about time you Visit the Land down under
    (that is if you have not already)

  634. James

    Give me the prize and I’ll convince my alien friends not to pull the plug on our computer simulated existence.

  635. Phil, I will see you at TamLondon.

  636. hi

    i kind of wish you’d write more about space and less about vaccinations. only cause this is an astronomy blog

  637. Zed

    I am always down for some free stuff.

  638. Jens Rydholm

    It’s life Jim, but not as we know it

  639. Athefitz

    No autographs from Molly Bentley??? WTH?

  640. Ohio Mike

    This is my post. There are many like it but this one is mine. My post is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my post is useless. Without my post I am…uh, you get the idea.

  641. MaF

    This comment intentionally left almost blank

  642. Chelsea

    Hey, mom, there’s something in the backroom. I hope it’s not the creature from above.

  643. timmyk

    “They’re not trespassing, they were invited!”

  644. Roger G

    Pick me . . . I’m an Alien!

  645. ColonelFazackerley

    gimme free stuff!

  646. Darrin

    Time to add another book to my Phil Plait worship shrine…

  647. Yay! I get to enter this one!

    – Jack

  648. Citizen of the Cosmos

    Free book by Shostak? Sounds great.

  649. bjgger

    Phil rulez and Seth droolz

  650. I want to participate as well.

  651. Ken

    I’ll collect the prizes at TAM London 😉

  652. JohanL

    Please, Pretty Please, I really desire this.

  653. deatkin

    Dwight: “I heard beer makes you stupid.”
    Fry: “No I’m… doesn’t.”

  654. Francois

    You going to ship to South Africa? Nice… Oh and goats make good cheese.

  655. It’s an interesting way to get an estimate of how many regular readers you have. I feel like I should at least make a token effort. After all, free stuff is free, no matter the odds, and I am a student, so I can’t pass it up and still feel good about myself.

  656. chaboyax

    im a “foreigner type” but i can still enter ooohhh joy thanks

  657. Brian G

    I come to comment and (hopefully) win a prize

  658. Kevin P

    Gimme the prize! :-)

  659. RobM

    got to be in it!

  660. Vin Petrol

    I would be interested to read why you puny humans have failed to hear my many attempts to communicate with you…

  661. Emma

    Foreigner types rule the comment thread at this hour.

  662. André

    I’m feeling lucky

  663. Lexcarter

    I like Buses

  664. Torsten

    According to my astrology advisor I have a sure chance to win if I post JUST NOW!

  665. DoctorandusWho

    I am Zim!

    Also, I am terribly afraid of extraterrestrials. I blame my father :D.

  666. 672 comments already! You greedy, greedy people.


  667. Luke

    Greetings, exalted one.

  668. prunde

    You should offer a couple of ShamWOW’s just for playing.

  669. Count me in… 673

  670. Matt

    Chance would be a fine thing. Love reading the BA blog

  671. Sarah

    Mad love for Bad astronomy and there amazing give aways!

  672. RickWeimer

    To be honest, what I’d like to get is a copy of “Death from the skies” – signed by the author, of course :)

  673. Adam P

    I’m willing to hit Jenny McCarthy with a bus.

  674. Retry

    I want that ;D

  675. Jeff

    I L-O-V-E Phil’s books! Does anyone have any reading recommendations that would complement his work?

  676. anthrobabe

    To put it like the Pointer Sisters did — “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it, i’m about to loose control and I think I like it.” Thank you for another great give-away.

  677. Want. (Eloquently.)

  678. Maybe I get lucky this time. If I do, I hope the book is as good as DFTS!

  679. Dan

    Yay! I usually don’t win, but if I do it’s usually a book ^^

  680. Nigel Depledge

    Yes please, Dr BA.

  681. Bernd

    Hey, it’s me…

  682. Dori

    OOOOO! OOOOOOOO! Pickmepickmepickme!

  683. Kevin Palm

    Vibraphone!! Oh, wait! That’s for the OTHER bald guy!! ;-D

  684. Phill

    Using my powers of divination I have travelled forward in time and seen that this comment will possess the winning number.

    (Accuracy rate of 0.023%)

  685. tarrkid

    pick me! pick me!

  686. JBY

    You gotta love free and valuable stuff. George Carlin said we can’t have enough stuff and I agree. Love B.A.!

  687. SionH

    Dear Random Number Generator,
    I know we’ve had our differences in the past and that it has been some months since we last spoke, ever since that incident when you went with 4 while I wanted to go with 7. I realise now that you were right and that I was wrong. 4 was the only valid choice. What was I thinking? I like to think that I am a wiser, more open person these days, can’t we let bygones be bygones? Will you help an old friend?

  688. A post for a giveaway, chosen by a random number generator. Shouldn’t that really be a pseudo-random number generator?

  689. Bobby

    Looks like a really interesting book.

  690. Brian

    Bad As! Tronomy!

  691. TenaciousMT

    Trying to get free stuff when I should be working…

  692. Bramblyspam

    Into the drawing we go!

  693. Sandy L

    I purchased your last book – and I would be very happy to get these things for free… LOL. I’m just an average, middle-aged woman and I adore your blog! I have always been fascinated with astronomy and you have taught me more than I thought I would ever know. TY from the bottom of my rather large and encompassing heart. Oh – and you ROCK!

  694. Jeof Vita

    Big fan of both BA and AWA podcast. WANT. FREE. STUFF!

  695. Chris

    If i do not win this book, i will more than likely purchase it now thanks to this post.

  696. Alpha beta gamma delta. Worth a shot.

  697. Steve

    Here’s my entry…

  698. Chris

    Always love a chance for free stuffs.

  699. Don

    Awesome column always, and we get Are We Alone on the local NPR station — also awesome. Keep up the good work!

  700. matt

    sounds like an interesting read

  701. Patrick L

    What’s up Phil?! Love your stuff!

  702. Looks like a great book. I’m always looking for new astronomy books to feed my brain.

  703. ArtO7

    I am here for my swag.

  704. João

    Give me the prize please.

  705. ivo

    Greetings from Croatia! Now give it to me 😀

  706. Oscar Ferro

    Thanks, Phil. Count me in.

  707. Max

    show me the MON-EYYYYYYYYYYYYY(well book but you knew what i meant).

  708. Scott McLean

    How come you don’t have an official rank, like Colonel Awesome for instane?

  709. Nick Gaston

    So this post leaves me wondering what your opinions are on the existence of extraterrestrial life, and if they could ever make contact with our civilization.

  710. Tom

    What a fine random number generator, I’m sure it is the best random number generator ever made. I would even say that the random number generator used for this contest is the sexiest random number generator in the history of random number generators.

  711. Andy Beaton

    MeMeMeMeMeMeMe! Give the prizes to me!

  712. Arrgh!
    Me likes me some loot!

  713. Jason

    Phil Rulez, thanks for the chance

  714. DaveS

    Please, no Sham-Wow guy!

  715. William

    Have you ever had that boyish compellation to be the first on Mars, even if it meant you wouldn’t ever come back? There in that less than elusive bit of lobe that conveys your ceaseless wonder at the mechanisms that make reality possible. That bit of lobe that thinks; If you did meet some form of life, would it be as xenophobic as we are…would it bequeath some status quo…would it listen to every whim and folly of its peers…or perhaps, perhaps, in some singular moment it might be as you: One of the few of its race that actually cared and thought and pursued the realm of science…and for that very instant in both of you- the universe would come together with meaning…and all your questions would go unanswered without native tongue. Then, you come back to the start and wonder to yourself; Is being unable to ask the questions that plague you a fate worse than death.

  716. sophia8

    I can’t think of anything clever. Just gimme the free stuff.

  717. smittypap
  718. Gradzoople Bonk


    Can I still enter if I’m an extraterrestrial alien? Will you ship off planet?

    And how do I win that little statue of myself?

    Thanks loads!!!


  719. ATGreat

    I hope I win the book. :)

  720. John

    -“Workers of the earth! I bring… good tidings of peanuts! And beer!”

  721. Gary Crowell

    I never win anything.

  722. Bruce

    So, will you reveal what random number generator you use?
    Scrutiny and all, y’know…

  723. Dan

    I always wonder why we sign up to get free stuff, even if we don’t really need it…

  724. Democritus

    You know the extraterrestrials are probably laughing at us.

  725. Steve P

    Did I win yet?

  726. Chris T.

    Live long and probe wisely.

  727. Bend

    I would love to read that book, I have always found him very interesting and engaging…

  728. John P

    Does the office junk come signed?

  729. flynjack

    Cant be a winner if you dont play, so how about a chance at a cool book or CD?

  730. Caffeine Rage

    Sounds like an interestng book.

  731. favvr

    eligible foreigner type

  732. This is why we can’t find the aliens. Stupid inch to centimeter conversion errors.

  733. sublunary

    Ooh, I need some reading material for the summer. I feel the need to stuff my brain with non-law information before starting law school in the fall…

  734. I have been reading this blog for a while and have enjoyed every minute. Thanks.

  735. Since yesterday was my birthday, I am applying for the job of ownership of book, CD and/or alien squeezebottle today, because I never win anything on my birthday. Only aliens do.

  736. Jordan C

    Looks like a good book.

  737. Craig Rosenzweig

    WilW follows more people on Twitter than you. You’ll catch up someday.

  738. Rodrigo

    I find these cheap attempts at comment-herding to be vapid and diminishing. As are the people who are only commenting to get the prize. Like me.

  739. Lisa

    Do I get my Skeptic pass revoked if I admit I have a soft spot for Stanton Friedman?

  740. Der Klempner

    Thanks for thinking of your readers, Phil. BA is the only blog I read on a regular basis, and there’s a reason for that.

  741. Chris
  742. Jim Shaver

    Love ya, Phil! (Love Seth, too!)

  743. Larry Bell

    Alien Hunters?
    I thought Jenny McCarthy WAS a alien!!

  744. CameronP

    The BA blog rocks.

  745. Better late than never I suppose.
    Isn’t it amazing that you seem to get the greatest number of responses when you give away free stuff. Who says you can’t buy friends?

  746. Jeff W
  747. darth_borehd

    Me! (raises hand)

  748. Anne

    What a great way to count readers!

  749. Ryan C

    Thanks BA! I’m pretty sure you were my intro to skepticism.
    (My birthday’s in a week – this would make a nice gift!)

  750. Daryl

    Cool giveaway Phil, cheers from Canada :)

  751. Blooper

    Going to see Trek’ on Saturday. Live long and prosper!

  752. Stark

    Count me in please. :)

  753. Heard Seth Shostak a couple of times and he’s a good speaker. Also have his previous book and I wouldn’t mind getting his newest one; thanks!

  754. Paul Mundy
  755. Flemmit

    I want a punching Phil puppet. He’s the best!

  756. Why don’t people like Seth ever show up on ridiculous shows like UFO Hunter; provide a little much-needed sanity to them?

  757. Sandra K321

    My Sister-in-law is giving my brother-in-law a surprise 50th birthday party. They never do anything conventional so the theme of the party? Aliens! I would love to win this for them.

  758. kim v

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  759. DeWeese

    Longtime fan, Phil. Keep up the good work. And get yourself on Oprah

  760. ctcoker

    ;IDL is teh uber!

  761. Michael

    Brilliant idea Phil! Now… i will telepathically communicate with you…


    Is it working?

  762. Tamsin

    New Zealand. Ewe should come, Phil.

  763. Carmen Jimenez

    Wow! thanks for this great opportunity .. I hope to have a chance to be a winner … I´m crossing my fingers already

  764. Tara

    Awesome, I hope I win.

  765. Mike Baker
  766. Miles

    I stopped running SETI@Home on my computer years ago. Sometimes, I still feel guilty that I’m not still doing it.

  767. Alyssa

    This is shiny!

  768. Like Shrodinger’s cat I won’t know that I did or did not win until I see the name of the winner posted.

  769. sarah martens

    we used to run seti in our house years ago.
    my older brother had it running constantly. i was young and used to worry that by him having this on his computer, aliens would come to our house and abduct us. the idea of looking for intelligent life and possibly finding something made me less scared and i used to watch it for hours waiting for something.

    BA = love!

  770. Manvir Clair

    Phil and the Bad astronomer.How do you two ever get along?? Ok, now i want the book to be sent over to India, i already have all AWA podcast on cds.

  771. Aliens contacted me. Choose me and I’ll tell you what they said!

  772. Simon

    Me please. Better odds that the lotto at least!

  773. Belinda

    This sounds interesting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  774. Hi there :)

    Nearly 800 comments… wow

    Still much better than the odds of winning in the lotto… or death by asteroid impact 😉

  775. JC

    Phil rulez and Seth droolz

  776. Me win? Me? Please? Thanks Phil.


  777. I can haz astro book?

  778. I love Bad Astronomy giveaways!

  779. Bryan

    I hear aliens don’t believe in vaccines!

  780. Chris_R

    G’day Phil. Got the book (Amazon is my friend). Loved it – especially the last chapter.
    Peter B, are you sure you’re not Eddie M using a false name??

  781. FuzzyBuns

    If I don’t win, I will immediately question your random number generator.

  782. Joseph Williams

    The Truth Is Out There.

  783. HawekeyeMD

    I want free stuff! I vaccinate children for a living!

  784. Bryan Scherrer

    Oh man, free alien stuff. Want!

  785. russ cargill

    Auuugh! Must… have…. alien…. baby….. BOTTLE!!!

  786. Dan J

    As always, Phil, you are the awesomest!

  787. JHill
  788. drboogie

    I have my tinfoil hat ready for the invasion.

  789. jole
  790. Andrew MW

    OMG, 816 responses already!

  791. Sathish

    817th Reply.. Bad astronomy rocks..
    Thanks Phil

  792. Alan K.

    I love a gamble Mr BA!

    *goes “all-in”*

  793. Richard Paez

    I just want that water bottle for my night table. That way I can freak out every time I wake up in the middle of the night: “Baby! Baby! Wake up! We’re being visited by a tiny alien!”

  794. Jaz

    Giveaway? Where?

  795. Roll those dice! Daddy wants a new pair of shoes!

  796. Bhavin S.

    I love Bad Astronomy.

  797. Cassandra D
  798. McAwesome

    I love how the first time I comment one of your blogs, it’s only because there’s a prize being offered. But to be honest, it’s because I’m intimidated by the intelligence of you and the others that comment. Anyway~ You’re pretty awesome.

  799. Ed_CO

    I like aliens.

  800. Michael Kingsley

    I wish I was able to see more of Seth Shostak when he was Science Guest of Honor at Minicon last month.

  801. Emily

    I love the AWA radio show. It’s made of awesome.

  802. DTdNav
  803. Pocket Nerd

    Did I mention that I love DftS? Of course, I know this won’t prejudice you in any way… 😉

  804. Grant A

    I will do science to it.

  805. TheBlackCat

    I can’t think of anything interesting to write.

  806. Ian "Fluff" Cummings

    Wow!! What a great giveaway from a great website… Cheers Phil!!

  807. Aspies rule.

    Vaccines are cool.

  808. Nevy C

    I actually had my eye on that plastic alien, but I guess either of the other two giveaways is ok too!

  809. 835 responses… and I just got email that *I* won the book.

    So… (i) YAY! and (ii) not looking good for my karma balance on that grant application, huh? :)

  810. John Cosper

    never won anything……

  811. sachin

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